Summer of 8 Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Carter Jenkins Movie

Summer of 8 Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Carter Jenkins Movie

– If any of us want to bank on some more sexual experience before college, it has to be today! We are all young, you know? And we’re curious, and we’re sexual, and we just want to investigate and explore and rip off and unzip and explode everywhere. – What would make this day perfect? Talking about a perfect day, what would it look like? – We’re going to college for four years. At least. (laughter) – We have to get out of here, and start all over. – We’re all a whole bunch of scared, confused kids in a random world. Oh yeah, let’s make sure they’re totally alone. – I wish it didn’t have to end. – This doesn’t have to. – She’s really happy. – Is it boring enough for you? – You follow that heart of yours, it’ll tell you when you find your match. – So, – So? – What do we do, now that we’ve done the thing we spent our entire life doing? – I guess we do the next thing we’ll spend our entire life doing.

63 thoughts on “Summer of 8 Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Carter Jenkins Movie

  1. This movie has exposed the mind of 8 friends and their beautiful friendship in a pathetic and romantic direction. Nice one.!

  2. where's the diversity? just a bunch of white kids on a beach talking about life and college. but on the plus side my mom, Shelley is in it XD

  3. My god. When did Dawson's Creek get optioned for a movie?

    The mind at this stage has stage has absorbed more information than it can practically apply to any useful function.
    I swear, most people are more intelligent at ten than they are eighteen.

  4. امنيتي الكه ترجمه اهذا الفيلم امنيتي اشوفه ???
    my dream is find the translate for Arabic language of this movie ???

  5. i highly doubt that's how high school graduates spend their time before college………. but it does look really interesting

  6. I love how it reminds me of my bestfriends and how i miss them so bad. Its inspiring, deep and meaningful. You have to treasure those memories you made and just look at how beautiful life is when you're with them. Its about the spirit of friendship that will forever exist. You may walk on different ways as you grow but that spirit, memories and the feeling with them wont fade. I recommend this movie to those who see things deeper than usual and appreciates the value of friendship ❤️

  7. this movie makes you feel good and sure gives you chill vibes, and its a also a reminder of how you should enjoy the present and not worry about tomorrow that much, because thats tomorrow.

  8. A little spoiler for TW season 6b!!!!! (nothing really important for average viewers who have already seen 6×10!!!!
    Sorry for OT!


    This is exactly the time when Teen Wolf season 6 part B will take place…. right before they leave for college…. but it will take them about 10 episodes :)) And I'm sure they won't spend it on the beach haha ♥

  9. I just watched it and I loved it! Took me back to my summer after high school..and that was a long time ago. Those were the best days of my life. Great memories!

  10. This movie is so boring, there's no plot and they have the same stupid conversations about growing up and going to collage about 100 times. It got so cringy and cliche by the end that I had to just stop watching it. ugh what a waist of time

  11. This was just one of those feel good movies, no plots or anything like that..
    It honestly wasn't as bad as the comments make it out to be.

  12. All of the people slamming this movie due to its lack of ethnic diversity are lame. There movies out now where the lead is a black bisexual guy dating a transgender Asian non-binary person. Not every move has to fit your snowflake safe space. BTW, I'm a gay POC, so there.

  13. Yo, idiots in the comment, this isn't just a movie about white kids parting ways for college, dumbasses. This movie is so much more than just a stupid clichéd movies about dumb idiots. This one here is special, utterly relatable.Whoever made the trailer is the one to blame. I mean this coulda sold more if the trailer wasn't trashy

  14. This movie was so fuckin bad I had to turn it off right in the middle…which is sad bc I really really wanted to like it…it looked right up my alley but it was unbearable… :((((

  15. After seeing Age of Summer 3 times, i just don't think I can watch this. It looks like it's nothing with no point

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