Summer on Stance v5 – Fastworksmedia

Summer on Stance v5 – Fastworksmedia

I’m Thiago Calixto, i came from Brazil Santos, São Paulo Directly to the Summer on stance I already knew the event since the first edition I have some Portuguese friends of the time of an old portuguese fórum And then the friendship of the forum went to Facebook And now this friendship is going to real life I came to meet the guys I was talking to, on the internet. Summer on stance is something … All the cars that are here have something to show So there is something relevant to show and the event takes note ten F#ck#n# had to pass a mosquito just in time There is nothing to talk about … huh? This is not good F#ck# what I’m talking about … … Stance is posture, I have posture NO… you do not have… … Summer for me briefly it’s FAMILY Look … the beer is falling on my feet… drink… Do not drop the whole glass I leave a big hug here, for the people of Portugal Same as we say in Brazil Come and see this event It’s an event with great quality If you want to know my channel, it’s Also follow fastworksmedia he does a very good job here in Portugal I was already a fan a long time ago and it’s a pleasure to be giving this interview See you next time Maybe next year I’m back… Greetings

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  1. Fiquei tão maravilhado com o vídeo, que nem lembrei-me de comentar à época da publicação ???.
    André, és grande meu amigo já era fã do seu trabalho há algum tempo. Foram anos a assistir teus vídeos aqui no BR e nunca imaginei que um dia faria parte disto. Obrigado e Parabéns!

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