Summer ‘Peasto’ Frittata | Jamie Oliver

Summer ‘Peasto’ Frittata | Jamie Oliver

Word up Food tubers. Hope you’re well, Jamie
Oliver here. Today I’m going to show you the perfect fritatta, frittata being the Italian
style omelette. It’s quick, it’s delicious so let me show you how to do it.
Let’s start off with the eggs, so just crack in the eggs. I’ve got 6 eggs going in there.
3 eggs per person is more than enough. A basic pinch of salt and pepper is always good.
Give it a little whip up, some people like to whip it well, some people like to just
break it up a little bit so you get streaks of kind of lovely red yolks and whites as
well. Let’s talk about flavour, like an omlette,
like a pizza, like risotto you can do whatever flavour you want. I’m just going to smash
up peas and broad beans and make like a kind of pesto. Sort of a peasto, call it a peasto.
Broad beanso, don’t work. I’m going to put a little bit of salt in there and I’m just
going to smash that up. I’m going to put a little bit of mint in there, into the story.
This is going to be super, super tasty. See I’m just lightly smashing up the peas, lemon
zest has to be in there. Some lemon juice, just to set off the flavours to me. Damn right,
delicious. Half a lemon just goes straight in. You want to add about two tablespoons
of good extra virgin olive oil. So I’m going to take a bit of Parmesan, have a bit of salty
fat in there. Yum. Happy with that. I got my asparagus tips here, just going to
cut them down, put a bit of olive oil in here, into the pan. Often I use a little knob of
butter but I haven’t got any not today. I’m just going to fry those asparagus for a second.
The eggs here. What I’m going to do is put a little spoon into my mix. Just to kind of
get that whipped into it. Look at that, it just kind of turns the eggs a nice green kind
of colour, which i like. Now go straight into the eggs, and then going
to go in with little blobs of my beautiful peas and just for like 35 seconds whilst the
fritatta’s starting to set. Put these bombs in. You can see the egg starting to firm up.
This is the great thing, you can come home, start it, finish it ina couple of minutes.
See how it’s starting to cook like am omelette. you can see those little sheets, it gives
it like a cute little internal texture which is nice. I’m going to go round the edge and
crumble in a bit of feta. And a little bit of Parmesan. And that will cook a treat. I’m
going to put it in the top of the oven, it’s quite nice to get a bit of colour. You know,
you can undercook it and have it. You can just cook it but really most fritatta’s I’ve
eaten around Italy, and I’ve had a lot and they’re kind of cooked through. Whack it in
the oven and cook it until it’s cooked through and a little bit golden on the top. While
that’s cooking I’m going to put a really, simple basic salad together with some pea
shoots, some rocket, raw peas which I love in salads. You can nick a few tomatoes if
you want, beautiful. The other half of the lemon, a little seasoning, bit of olive oil.
Very nice, very simple little salad. Come with me, you can see if you have a look in
there see how the fritatta has doubled in size.
Let’s take it out of there. Turn the oven off. Look, at, that! Just get in there and
push it out like that. Have fun with it, there you go my friends. That is, a beautiful fritatta.
Super quick. Share it with your buddies. I hope you enjoy it, lot’s of love from Mister
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video you know. Take care, love you lots, big love to the Food Tube posse.

100 thoughts on “Summer ‘Peasto’ Frittata | Jamie Oliver

  1. Just tried the 'peasto' as a filling for some chicken breast rolls, tasted delicious and refreshing! Next time I'll try the frittata!

  2. this looks really interesting… i can't eat eggs so i usually use asparagas, onion, rosemary, cumin, mustard seed and pepper in a farinata batter (with cilantro and parsley).

  3. JAMIE TELL GORDAN TO GO TO SHIT IN THE TOILET NOT ON AN INTERVIEW.  YOU ARE THE GREAT, love your down to earth style, keeping it real and bringing in the creativity!   Not everyone likes the chef that dresses to impress, at least I dont! Keep it up!!!!

  4. Looks delicious … never thought of using peas before, I've only ever used red pepper and onion so this will be a change for me! Thanks for the idea!!

  5. I didn't follow this recipe exactly, but used the brilliant ideas of crushing the peas and adding lemon zest — the results were fantastic.

  6. Looks delicious.  I love how Jamie creates such wonderful dishes.  So many inspired by specific dishes or by cultural styles. YUMMY!

  7. Lovely recipe, fresh, healthy and easy to make. And to the wannabe Italian cuisine "experts", if your ancestors would have been so narrow minded like you, food have never evolved. How do you think all these recipes came to exist? From generations of people adding something and changing something. Cooking at home should be fun, if you can't make a move without checking a recipe book, cooking would be totally boring. I'll make this at home, but I will also give it a personal touch 🙂

  8. the song that's playing in the background is swedish? it took me like two minutes until i realised the were singing in my language

  9. Is it ok to use a none stick pan in the oven? The internet says no, but Jamie seems to be ok with it. Anybody try it?

  10. your cooking is always good i tried this recipe and its so good;) 
    you are very Gennaro by using lemon alwayys which makes your cooking even more yummy

  11. Does anyone know what brand/model pan Jamie is using here? I really need a light, smaller pan, and would like a deep one, this one seems perfect! Have joint problems, can barely lift my other pans. Open for tips about similar ones in stainless steel also, preferably not expensive ones though… Thanks a lot! 🙂

  12. Hi Jamie.  Can't wait to try this frittata.  How long does it need to be in the oven for and at what temperature please?  Thank you for sharing the recipe. Lisa Xx

  13. I actually come and watch Italian dishes made by non Italians only to read comments by native Italians saying arrogantly that it's not the way it should be cooked, no matter how you cook it hahahaha

  14. Hearty wholesome breakfast. It has such a refreshing taste and is so tasty!! Just the right thing to eat for a Sunday lazy brunch!

  15. For any cheese to be called Parmesan, you need animal rennet (enzymes taken from calf belly), so…Parmesan, not really vegetarian

  16. Scared the absolute crap out of me when he swung that pan at the start as I looked up at the screen lmao ?

  17. Oh, Mr O,  this is so good for a summer brunch – tasty, gourmet, and gorgeous, and feta is fast becoming my favourite food to add to vegies.

  18. mom used to make me frittatas in El Salvador with loroco a sort of flower and fresh cheese. Love Jamie's version too.

  19. I just want to share my recipe of Frittata:
    1. Dice half red & yellow pepper.
    2. Heat a pan and stir fry pepper.
    3. Add salt n pepper and oregano.
    4. Add baby spinach & toss it up with lil splash of Apple cider.
    5. Whisk 4-5 eggs with parmesan.
    6. Add egg to the veggies.
    7. Put chunks of goat cheese & put a lid.
    8. After a minute or two, remove lid & toss the egg upside down.
    9. Place the lid back n let it cook for a minute on slow flame. Turn-off the gas.
    10. Remove the lid after 30 odd seconds & place it in the plate.

    For salad:
    Mix tomato, parsley & lemon zest. Add baby spinach, red wine vinegar and salt n pepper.

  20. Stove is off when the sizzle sound effects start for Asparagus, haha. But, this is my favorite way to make frittata (although I prefer blue cheese, spinach, and bacon. Sausage and red pepper very good, too)

  21. I've been searching for an Italian frittata recipe for a while. Thanks to you Jamie, I just found the perfect recipe <3 I cannot wait to try it out this weekend.

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