Summer Picnic in Seoul Forest VLOG | Victoria Bakery

[music] good morning everyone from beautiful seoul forest. i thought i would take you guys on a little solo picnic if you’re looking for something to do over summer. this is one thing i really enjoy and now that i have some weekdays free. weekdays are a really good time to picnic because the weekends are pretty hectic. i just wanted to show you a very chill day. it is the perfect temperature. tomorrow is supposed to be basically roasting all of us alive. it’s going to be 32 degrees. so i’m taking advantage of this weather. for starters, what is in this little canister? this beautiful thermos that i splurged and got from starbucks with my gift card. i brewed up some boricha. and boricha is barley tea, i think is what it is? and i actually first had it when i was studying abroad in japan cause i went in summer and they would always give us, no matter where we went, people would give us this tea and we all thought that it was really watered down coffee. it has this very strange taste. you either love it or you hate it. but it is just a really good summer drink. it’s really refreshing. do be aware when you try it, it might taste a little funny. so i made some iced boricha. and kurt always likes to have it in the fridge during summer. so cheers! so good and still so cold! yes! as you can see, i brought some friends. these birds. wow they’re noisy! the second i start talking, they’re gonna – i brought some ritz crackers and then some grapes oh my gosh! i went into the store last night thinking “hmm what can i bring on a picnic?” and these grapes were 1+1 for a big thing of grapes and i’m leaving to san diego in two days, so i have to eat a lot of grapes. which isn’t a problem but why do things go on sale when i can’t have them? and finally, the piece de resistance of this picnic oh no no no, you are not invited to this picnic you want to crash this party? no way! get out of here bird! no! please! shoo, shoo! this bakery used to be in daegu actually and i would constantly see it on instagram and it looked so good! i don’t know if you can see – ugh! there you go. the tart has already been ruined so it’s okay i’m ruining it further. this bakery used to be in daegu but it was in kind of a weird spot and i never had enough time to make it over to this bakery and it broke my heart every trip. i’ve literally been to daegu two times, i don’t know what i’m talking about but you know what i mean, it was very, very sad. and they opened right next door to matchacha, which is my friend’s cafe. and what kind of wonderful world are we living in? they gave me two forks by the way, haha. i’m going on a weekday because apparently, according to my friend, arielle who is soju4two – what? beware of parasols and tents. so anyway my friend arielle, soju4two, if you ever need things – i’m fighting off ants by the way. if you ever want to know about cool things that are happening in seoul, follow her on instagram. she’s amazing. anyway, she went there yesterday and i messaged her and i commented “yo, was it busy? how was the line?” and apparently they sold out around 5 pm. so they do sell out and there was a line on a thursday. i ended up accidently being the head of the line because i stood in the shade and then somebody stood behind me and then people assumed i was the head of the line. there’s lots of lemon flavoured things which is what i’m all about. so i got the lemon tart and the lemon kid cupcake even though it’s a huge cupcake so i’m not exactly sure what the kid means. it is like leaked over. look at this beauty. i’m just going to take a little from the inside. i don’t need the pie crust just yet. what?! this is so good! oh no! this is as if they took a top of the lemon bar – if you guys like lemon bars, i love lemon bars – kind of melted it, that’s exactly what it tastes like it is soooo good! [music] before i get too deep into the tart, oh no! just something fun to note raspberry in korean is sanddalgi which is a mountain strawberry and i just find that really romantic and lovely. oh gosh. i see. i was expecting more of a cream cheese kind of icing but it’s actually just very, very whipped. hm, now it’s getting more cream cheese-y. now i don’t know. this cupcake, the actual cake though. mmm, it’s just a vanilla cupcake. can you hear that bee that’s buzzing right next to my speaker and it’s now sitting on my phone? (lol) go away! well i was gonna say i brought some necessities. i have a little notebook, collections of short stories that i haven’t read in a really long time but i’ve just kept it with me. now i have the hiccups. so i’m just going to chill in the shade and read and i’m going to eat. and this pigeon has now parked himself. he is sitting down. his friend over here. god, this is a solo picnic. [music] so it is time for me to go home. i have to go do adult things. i have some apartment stuff i need to take care of. so i’m going to be leaving seoul forest unfortunately. it is the most beautiful day. there are all these little – i don’t know if you can hear them but there’s these little – they look like kindergarteners. these little school groups doing little science experiments in the pond. overall just a really beautiful day. it’s picnicking just with a nice book and a nice pastry is so lovely to do by yourself. even now i’m getting quite sweaty so i’m going to head home. thank you so much for joining me. this was a quick little vlog. i hope i didn’t talk as much as I think i did now that i’m thinking about it. god. so anyways, heading home, thank you as always, i will see you guys in the next video. we’re actually going somewhere really exciting. we’re going there tomorrow. which poor planning on my part because it’s going to be incredibly hot but i am really, really excited about it. i don’t think you can guess where it is. it’s out of the ordinary for me for sure. i will see you guys then. i’m going to go into the sunshine, catch a bus. see you later, bye! 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