Summer Q&A | Fashion – Style – Personal | Justine Leconte

Summer Q&A  | Fashion – Style – Personal | Justine Leconte

I have a question Will you marry me? That’s sweet, but no, I’m sorry Hi, everyone its Justine this summer setting all over is because today probably was the hottest day of the year in Germany so let’s call it a summer Q&A I selected some of the 300-400 questions that you guys sent in two videos ago last week, and I try to select various topic so that no matter what you are interested in Particular you’ll find something in this video that speaks to you that interests you okay? let’s go first question what item in your wardrobe is your all-time favorite and why? I’m going to say two things which you probably don’t expect But it’s going to be more fun than saying a purse or something. The first one is tights, sport tights that I got in my first winter of rowing I was rowing a lot when I was a Teenager young adults, I rode many years of my life. I used up those pants in the knee area By rowing in them like the rubbing of my skin onto the fabric actually used up the fabric That’s how many kilometers are rode in those pants. It’s a lot of memories attached to them and even though those pants Don’t have any value. I love them because of that and the other item is a pullover Wool Scottish wool pullover that was handed down to me from my grandfather Classic cut, it’s actually too big for me, but I don’t care it has a V-neck which is timeless It’s great quality it’s at least 70 years old and it looks impeccable and it’s the warmest pullover I own by far How do you deal with bad arrogant asshole? Ish people in your work environment with whom you have to work together The Fashion Industry must be full of those thanks in advance if you answer my question heart they are Assholes in Fashion like in any other industry, I don’t think there are more and incompetent and not nice people in my industry than in others it’s just a myth built by the media and some designers who are divas indeed and Who have a damageable effect on the reputation of the entire industry unfortunately? But they’re not the majority by far. I have my own label. I do not have to work with people I don’t want to work with. I have suppliers whom I trust who trust me. We have a great relationship I stick with those ones, and I leave all the others, out of sight out of mind I think it’s one of the founders of google who said surround yourself with smart and positive people That’s exactly what I tried to do. I think it would be great to hear something about your earrings collection I absolutely love the ones you’re wearing in your videos. Thank you. I have something with earrings too with jewelry in general. Maybe you noticed in previous videos I can’t talk about this right now. I’ll be able to Share more with you in the next weeks or month That’s all I can say for now Astrology what is your zodiac sign? I’m a libra you mentioned that you’re tall with long legs how tall are you correction and tall with short legs? Comparatively to my overall height my torso is actually really long I am 179 meters or 5 feet 11 if you count the other way. Do you speak german if yes how long do you take to learn? if no how do run your business I would guess the person who asked that question is German are you german? Because you have like the question and then answer one detail answer to details all the possibilities are included in the question I like that structure is good. There was also another question on the languages that I speak so my mother tongue is French both of my parents were French Then I learned English and German in Junior high school. I had latin, Greek, but I dropped those really fast they’re completely useless I think no offense if you learned those languages Greek is pretty in University I learned japanese so that I could do an exchange semester in Japan. I did it it was fantastic When I started to work after a couple of years they sent me to chile, there I learned Spanish and This year I started learning arabic. That’s the whole story hold on ana Justin as con febe link anna les esrup Kalwa koleyo did that make any sense Please Sos with brass yeah this question I took it in on purpose so that I can officially tell everyone here that I am working on this topic It’s one of the most requested topics on my channel of all times. I need an assistant to do that I need to find a way to do it and demonstrating how to fit the bra without getting flagged and banned from YouTube for pornographic reasons and unappropriate content so we probably do that on a dress form and I need an assistant to do the camera and the lighting because I can’t do both if I’m busy in front of the camera if You know somebody who knows how to film do the lighting has time this summer and is based in Berlin Please let me know in the comments or send me an email. I gladly hire that person Thank you for your help. I wonder what made you choose Berlin instead of Paris And how you have integrated in such a different culture and country okay two questions in one. the first part of the question Why Berlin instead of Paris? Paris already has a fix identity and established fashion houses Berlin is still looking for its identity Which I think is very inspiring as a creative person, and it doesn’t have an established fashion scene So there is room for new ones to come I was a new one I was deciding where to settle down, so I thought Berlin had more potential for me a better fit. How I integrated before living in Berlin I was in New York Before, New York I was in hamburg which is in Germany the second largest city after Berlin, so it was actually pretty easy it’s the second country I knew best after France, so It was easy My question when will you be showing us your updated bullet journal I really loved watching your first video, and I’m eager to see how it looks now You’re not the only one Guys, I have to confess something I fail the bullet journal thing Completely by lack of time and discipline my bad my mistake I didn’t strictly use only this one I kept taking notes in a multitude of Notebooks become this one place where I keep everything as I intended it to be and I started to work on projects that I can’t share yet So I couldn’t do a flip through video to show you at least what’s in there? I have been having a rough couple of weeks I have a few more to come not on the youtube side, but on the of the other side and on the fashion label side Once I get through that it’s going to calm down a little bit. I am definitely doing that experiment a second time We’ll call it bullet journal set up second trial, and I will definitely share that one with you promise Do you think huate culture fashion week influences trend and fast fashion retailers as much as ready-to-wear fashion week does Mm-Hmm good question I’d say no because Haute Couture involves so much hand work hand sewing techniques. That are not replicable in Production in industrial production, so if you are a cheap retailer or a fast fashion retailer, you’re trying to keep your cost Low, you don’t want anything that’s complicated to replicate, so you’re going to copy rather ready-to-wear because it’s easier to copy What is your favorite aspect of Japanese fashion or culture did your time in Japan influence your design aesthetic I love the question Such good questions that you send me, thank you Japanese fashion yep, I spent one semester in Japan this you heard before Perfect. It changed not just my design aesthetics, but my complete way of seeing the world it broaden my horizon Big-time, I loved especially the way subcultures and counter cultures develop and experiment with fashion up to levels that I had never seen before in Europe or anywhere else and Japan was at that point when I got there the most different culture I had ever seen so it put my entire world upside down and What I learned mainly from my time there is to consider one culture Compared to others, and I think by comparing you learn more than by investigating only one culture more in depth and I still think that way today. I think if you follow my channel you probably notice that I like to see okay Compared to Germany or to the US How would french people think and that’s how I started that series actually what advice did your mom grandmom give you that you still follow? The best thing my mom ever taught me since I was little she said Do whatever you want in life, but do it really really well Sounds silly or useless, but that’s very good piece of advice actually To that I would add do anything you want that’s legal and morally okay? And you get my own life motto. Do you ever think that you’re in a profession which face so much emphasis on vanity, haha Thank you for asking this question. There are a few People in this industry like fashion editors who think they are on top of the world. A few Divas Few famous designers who play with the image because it works commercially and then you have the majority of the people Those who are not in the spotlight the rest the huge majority of the industry who actually great crafts people who love what they do Create garments that are meant to be functional or meant to be works of art Depending on the vision right but they are great at what they do their not Divas They’re really really good crafts people We should hear more from them, but they don’t have a voice and they don’t want to step into the spotlight That’s the problem Have you ever experienced pessimism or backstabbing in the industry? Has anyone ever doubted you and told you that you would never be successful if so how have you overcome such negativity. heart. Yes, and yes So backstabbing people who told me oh But you’re switching from a business life to a fashion life. You’re not creative are you oh? You know that for creative people? Oh, you’re way too structured. You should get back to business That’s a quick extract of all the crap. I heard even coming from friends and Family HMM One here in a box. It’s really hard to switch boxes And I started in business. I worked in business. It went okay. I had a good Career starts and People had told me before that I wouldn’t make in business either so the second time around when I said I’m going to switch from business to fashion When people started again saying mmm. Are you sure I was like honey. I heard that the first time Not this time not with me And I was curious to see if I could make it I wasn’t thinking hey world watch me become the next Alexander McQueen, but I thought if I don’t try it, I will never know and regrets are worse than failures That’s something my mom taught me I noticed most german women don’t tuck their shirts entirely in their pants But only the front in order to reveal the loops of their belts Do you know why they do to show the brand identity this trend in neighboring countries? True, so here’s my opinion completely subjective opinion It is expected in many jobs in Germany that you wear shirts also as a woman But it’s not so cool. It’s really conservative especially if you tuck it in completely all around if you tuck it in at the front You look okay, and tidy from the front it also shortens your torso But at the back you leave, it outside. It looks cool and more casual that would be my explanation can should apple body type wear belts I get that question often here’s the thing most Apple shape ladies regrets not having a marked waist So the belt is one way of marking your waist so that you build body proportions And you can decide which level you put the belt so you decide at which level you want to put your waist That’s practical. It doesn’t have to be a belt if you feel uncomfortable wearing a belt if you were a dress for instance Where you have one color at the top and then at the waist level an horizontal line And then another color downwards you have the same visual effect. It doesn’t have to be a belt it’s about Showing where you want your waist to be so to speak can you talk about what we need to consider when letting our hair go grey It is flattering on certain skin tones and undertones more than others Should you make changes to the colors in our wardrobe Mm? Hmm another frequently asked question. I have the feeling you may very well disagree with me that when the hair naturally becomes grey it tends to be a rather cooler grey So if you cool tones, if you undertone is cool, you’re fine It’s matching if your undertone is warmer you might feel that Your hair is making you look paler than you used to be if not the case you have two options change the hair or change the wardrobe if you want to change the wardrobe you have a great opportunity to try out new colors and Change the dominant colors in your wardrobe. It’s a very fun game or you look into new hair colors It doesn’t have to be a color like blonde, brown, black or anything it can be another grey and they are grey dyes From cool to warm and everything in between so if you feel that your hair is not matching your undertone anymore look into that when we’re told not to wear more than two to three colors does that include different shades of a color? I think you’re referring to my video in the french series where I said French people usually in general Don’t mix more than two to three colors in one outfit Usually in general French people do whatever they want and you’re free to do the same. I would say it depends if you’re wearing a navy blue and Pastel blue, they’re really different also in intensity I would probably count them as two different ones if you’re wearing Navy Blue and medium Navy Blue like just two shades Lighter or Darker They look quite similar I would count down as one probably and it’s a third color that you’re wearing is yellow Those two blues are going to look super similar anyways, so I’d say it depends on your tastes And how contrasted you are in life. I have a question Will you marry me? That’s sweet, but no, I’m sorry And I think that’s it for today. Did you find this entertaining? Did you find a bit of each topic? I hope so thumbs up if you enjoyed this video Should we do a Q&A thing like this like once a season? It’s not a good rate I see you every Wednesday and Sunday with new videos until then take care guys and thanks for the question. Bye bye

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