Summer Ring

Summer Ring

Hi and welcome back to another project. Today I’m gonna be showing you how to make this beautiful ring. This is bright and colorful and fun and beautiful and I also want to say I hear you guys when you message me and tell me there’s too many new beads coming out way too fast. I completely agree. It is very hard to keep up with them. Sometimes it’s very expensive Cuz they’re not cheap and they just sit around I don’t know about you guys, but I have a pile of them that just sit there until I can find something really cool to do with them. So I’m taking it back to just super duos and gemduos today and I’m doing like this delicate lace look around it. I’m gonna show you something. This is my brain…. Truthfully, you see this it’s all the notes all the scribbles all the madness. That’s what goes on. So I built it halfway, so I would not forget a step because it is very intricate. It is not hard it’s just you have to pay attention to all the little details that I put in here because I really wanted those pink bicones to really just pop so i will be showing you how to finish and close it up, but I’m not gonna make you watch me do the whole herringbone again Because I do it almost all the time and you know why it’s the strongest. It’s my favorite I absolutely can’t say enough good things about it. So we’re gonna jump right in Gather our materials we’re going to need some superduos and I have to say this is from a mix called Dandelion summer and I just pulled out all the pretty blue ones Some gemduos some 15’s seed beads some 3mm rounds some size 11’s in Two different colors because I have little bits of accent colors going on and then some 4mmr bicone Swarovski’s I’m using my stringing material today is fireline 8lb But you can go ahead and use whatever you’re comfortable with We’re gonna pull one and a half yards on a size 11 beading needle and you’ll need scissors or a thread burner And we’re ready to go. We’re gonna pick up 8 superduos and I will be going down on zoom when it gets there when we get to the little tiny 15’s so don’t worry So eight make sure you have eight and then we’re gonna slide it down. We’re gonna get rid of that tail immediately especially on this one because I if I didn’t the structure would fall down the center part would sink in so This is very very important part We’re gonna pick up our work. We’re gonna tie ourselves a double knot and I want it to catch just like that Wrap and pull attach a needle to your tail and we’re gonna go ahead Get rid of this right now All right So we’re just gonna weave one away one superduo away and I’m gonna pick up that thread space right here right in between those beads before I pull that loop put my needle in and I’m gonna pull down and I’ll do that twice And now just weave one more way and burn or cut that tail off And we’re done with that Okay, so now it’s too loose too many threads are showing here and I don’t want that. We need this area tight so take the time to go through One or two at a time and each time you do I put my needle down and I’m gonna pull with a lot of force and This was the trick for this one. So go through one or two whatever you’re comfortable with bypass that knot and pull really hard And I want this rock solid so that was the trick here in getting center part and the way I wanted it I’m telling you the ones that challenge me phew…I almost gave up because I was like, it’s gonna be too confusing so I found an easy way to do it and I just went after it, but it did take me quite a while and I love the end result I’ve been playing with color quite a bit getting way out of my comfort zone and I have to say I love it people Really respond to the bright colors though like this ring, for example really stood out when I went out this morning, so Okay, here’s that knot you feel it and pull down nice and tight Make sure there’s no wiggling anywhere and now we’re ready to turn I’m gonna actually go through one more Because that’s just me So we’re coming at the bottom. I’m just gonna make a turn right into the empty hole of that super duo now I’m gonna go down on zoom All right So we’re gonna alternate now you have to decide whether you want the puffy side out Or the flat side out and this one is puffy side out. It’s completely up to you. It looks beautiful either way so we’re gonna alternate I’m gonna pick up the bottom whole puffy side and go right into the next superduo and then a 3mm round, we’re gonna just alternate this pattern all the way around so puffy side in here I’ll just continue this all the way around So it’s really funny when you guys want kits and I make kits those notes are literally what I have to decipher and it’s ridiculous. I have to learn how to slow down and write better directions. So that way I’m not stressing and rushing Okay, here’s the last 3mm round All we have to do now is just go through a couple we don’t have to reinforce this whole thing So we’re going to add our last round by going through this super duo and then I just want you to go through the gem duo and The next superduo this group right here the 3mm round This superduo and I want you to come out the bottom hole of this white Gemduo and we’re gonna turn safely here. It’s not gonna pull apart So we’re in the bottom hole right now. I’m gonna just turn into this one I’m gonna take my bracelet off because it’s actually Killing me squishing me Okay, so now we’re on to the 11’s So we’re gonna pick up and I’m gonna go like this and flip my work and just work upside down It’s just easier for me to work in one direction. But whatever you’re comfortable with that’s completely up to you So we’re gonna pick up four 11’s and we’re just gonna go right down into that 3mm and pull pick up four 11’s and jump up into this gemduo. That’s your whole repeat all the way around. So nothing complicated just four down into that 3mm round four more and then right up And yes, I was playing with a cat that’s why scratches on my hands if you’re wondering Sometimes he doesn’t know when to stop so But he’s so cute All right Here we are Last one. So one two three four Jump up and I just want you to go through that gemduo for the moment All right I’m gonna move that aside. I’m gonna grab four Bicones Grab some 15’s. Here we go. So I’m flipping back over All right, I’m coming out of this gemduo I’m sorry in This direction see what happens when I talk All right, so I went through in this direction Now I just want you to step down just two 11’s We’re preparing to add our bicones. We’re gonna pick up a 15 and a bicone and Actually, I’m sorry we’re gonna pick up an 11. Let me make sure Yes, but I’m using the accent color. So let’s grab our accent color. I apologize and we’re gonna pick up an 11 and a bicone and an 11 and I’m using the accent color You don’t have to you can go ahead and use just the main color We’re coming down these two. We’re just gonna go right up these two I’m just gonna skip everything else and we’re gonna pop that right into place and it fits beautifully and Now we’re gonna pick up five 15’s And I’m really gonna concentrate here so I don’t miss count Make sure you have five on now. We’re just gonna jump over this gemduo right here and go down just Two 11’s just like that and now again 11 bicone 11 skip all the beads here and just go through these two and Give it a good pull Five more 15’s that’s your whole repeat all the way around go down two pull 11, 4mm, 11 and then up these two Not too difficult Yeah, I changed that. I had a fifteen there, but it was too Wiggly So that was one of my last minute changes So I apologize for that and here we go our last bicone right up through here Pick up our last five 15’s and we’re gonna run down and we’re gonna stop right before that by coming We’re gonna step out of that eleven and I want to make sure I’m not tangled here Something is tangled What is that oh it’s I am tail Peeking on through All right, so we’re stepping out of that Eleven right before that bicone now, we’re gonna add seven 15’s over the top of the bicone Just like this and Right into that next eleven and then all the way up and around this is gonna straighten our work out and Down until you hit the next eleven right before that bicone I’m trying to do it all at once, but I’m not gonna Okay, and so we’re gonna repeat that all the way around so it’s seven make sure your count is good and Right through the 11 and then straight up And around all the way to the next one and you’ll repeat this all the way around pull And I absolutely Love this color yellow. I really have to look up where I found it because I’ve had it in one of these Containers forever so I don’t even have it labeled. It’s been sitting there a while and like I said, I just started playing with the brighter colors and I’m having a lot of fun with them So three four five six seven, here’s our last seven We’re gonna go through this 11 and we’re gonna go up And this time we’re gonna step out I’m gonna make sure everything looks good. Now I want these a little pointier so if in your seven bead group Some of them are sunk down like that just take your needle and pick at it force that middle bead to stand up because it’ll be easier when we go around to Find Center. Okay, so that’s what it should look like so far. Oh, it’s so pretty and I get me sidetracked Alright and so here we go I’m gonna go like this and flip and work upside down again, it’s just easier for me So we’re gonna pick up three 15’s one of our beautiful rounds and three 15’s Just like that Not four just like that three and three With your beautiful 3mm in there my whole inspiration Was actually those beautiful rounds So now all we’re gonna do is go right into the middle of that next group all the way around so one two three A round And then three more 15’s Find that Center And go right through it pull And that’s your whole repeat And see why I had you poke it up like that it’s just easier to see as you’re going around I’m gonna pull back just a little I don’t want it to become blurry. I know you all tell me Please stay down on zoom the whole time But when I go back to edit it actually strains my eyes It becomes a little bit blurry and hard to see So I do the best that I can I stay down pretty close But if I went down all the way close you wouldn’t be able to see anything. It just turns very blurry It’s very hard to see And I’m hoping like using these bright bold colors helps you to see a lot better So keep going find that middle Three round three and then right through the middle Right and here we go We’re at the last step that we’re gonna pick up this 15 where we started and I’m just gonna continue Through now through these three Plus this round and the next three right here I’m gonna stop right here cuz here is where I wanted to pop in just another little extra Splash of color. So we’re gonna add our Accent color, we’re gonna go and fill in this space right here So we’re coming out these three 15’s We’re just gonna go through these three 15’s That round and the next three 15 and this is gonna tighten our work up so pull real tight on Here we go again 11 through this entire group Just like this if you can in one shot if not do it a couple at a time And you’ll repeat this all the way around and Just that little bit of color Truly just brings it to life. I think it looks absolutely stunning Okay Nothing too hard it’s just working with a lot of 15’s today and It looks complicated, but it’s actually not that’s what I like. I had it extremely over complicated before and I I just couldn’t do it I couldn’t do it it was It was complete chaos To be honest, I had a hot mess running everywhere. I was stressing out and I was like, that’s no fun You don’t want to do a project. That’s just no fun just stress. So this is a very nice relaxing stitch where you can whip these up so quickly Okay. So there you go. We added our last accent color and take your time in here and I want you to exit I’m trying to go real slow. I don’t want to break any beads. So I’m gonna go through these two 11’s It keeps wanting to pick up that 11 as well. So I’m gonna let it And we’re gonna step out right there And we’re ready to begin the band and look at how beautiful that is So the band is gonna start here like that Right off the edge and we’re gonna connect to the other side So to begin I wanted to play around with the color in the band. So that’s why it looks like this so in the beginning I picked up an 11, two rounds and one 11 and I’m coming out of this 11 in this direction Shooting downward I’m just gonna come around with this pattern on Come back around and go right back through that 11 pull and retrace definitely two times And pull down as you do Literally, we’re building off of one bead Which normally never do I do but this is just where it happened to fit And look really pretty so I’m gonna tell you a little tip right now Right here I’m gonna step out what I do is I grab my hypo cement It is my favorite glue It doesn’t damage the beads or anything. And what I would do is I would put a drop after you finish a drop Right here before that 11 and after that 11 on Both sides and you will never have any problems with that coming apart I mean unless you’re really rough and crank on it. You will never ever have a problem with it separating or falling apart So here I just did some pattern play So I’m going to pick up two 11’s, and I have to work this way I’m going to continue the herringbone now, so two 11’s down that 3mm and Then back up the 3mm and one 11 and we’ll just now continue two 11’s down 1 and Then up 2 and I’ll show you just a couple more rows so 2 down 1 and Then up these two and I did 3 rows and then I started in with my accent And I just did two rows of that. I’m gonna stab myself a good one there Alright so down pick up 2 down 1 and Then up 2 that’s as simple as it gets So now I’m going to move to this one. That’s already two lengths. I’m going to show you how to close it up So you want to find that 11 that is right across so, you know You’ll be picking up this one right here when we fold it over I’m going to keep my finger in place as I do this I Don’t want the band to twist on me like this or move around when I’m doing this part So how I began it. I’m going to end it so I’m going to pick up a round one 11 I’m coming out of this stack right here. I’m going to pick up the 11 in this direction And now I’m going to pick up an 11 and a round and run right back down into the band I’m gonna go down 2 and Then I’m gonna go back up 2 Take your time Everything’s tight here. So you don’t want to slip and then I’m going to retrace this whole area Pulling really tight Through that 11 and I want to make sure these lay next to each other. So I’m gonna go down the 11 the round and And right back up the 11 and the round pull go through the main one and Then back down and this is why how’d you pull a whole bunch of thread? Because now we’re just gonna zip along down the band and wow, it wants to pick them all up And make sure you don’t have any snags pull And we’re gonna run all the way down the other side and this is nothing but great for the work Still have room in here. Let me go through that 11 pull and then I’m gonna continue down And all the way back over Its not wait to see this one finished I’ve never done that before where I’ve never actually finished one and I just knew I would love the look the comfort Okay, and now I have so much thread left I’m gonna leave it attached because I don’t want To waste it, but I want to see what its gonna look like on the mandrel And then I’m gonna use up the rest of my thread by just running up and down that band one more time Because why not? Why waste it right? Okay, so that’s what it looks like. Oh my gosh, I love it That’s so pretty and it’s very colorful and bright fun and just those four Swarovski’s just make it pop with all the lace around it So I hope you guys enjoyed this project as much as I did I had a blast designing this one and I want to say thank you for all your feedback thank you for subscribing to my channel and Thank you for sending me beautiful photos of your work Absolutely outstanding you guys are incredible So I hope you all have a wonderful day. Take care, and I’ll see you really soon Bye-bye

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