Summer Shredding Episode 1 – Full Day Of Eating (Intermittent Fasting – IIFYM) WEEK 1 (ENG SUB)

good morning guys is yes it’s arrived
diet time is 11 am Sunday, April 8th
and this time it’s not an april boys fish I have to start my diet welcome guys in a new video, e
this series you trust will be fantastic so let’s open this column that yes
will call summer shredding of course very famous, however, in my style guys,
how this kids section will be composed then I will show you my plan
feed my workouts and mine change of the physical the day for
day and weight of course, I will show you also how much
cheat days or cheat meals are important or refeed days as they call them
people fitness how long will my summer shredding? two months boys eight weeks are not so many trust me, pass fast and do not worry guys in the
my summer shredding you will not see broccoli rice and chicken, No! and then guys do not
let’s start first week of my summer shredding day 1
ok guys let’s start with the usual thing that you like to die for and I know! physical check to an important thing, these shorts I will wear them all
mornings only for the simple fact of take control of my body and film it
I’m not going around like that, I clean them be clear so guys Sunday 8 open and part of my summer shredding and this is my body current, weight control 70.2 good is a good one
starting point guys also because they are around 12% of mass
fat so I think guys that will be this definition phase is very easy
for me, so guys we just have to stay begin
follow me, then the first thing I do morning is drinking and even at a stage of
definition guys drinking is a lot important, in this summer shredding
however, 8 liters of water every day and this is what I drink short, e
this is my kids breakfast one spoon of apple cider vinegar each
morning just woke up with water obviously because it hurts your teeth
this has a lot of potassium and therefore eliminates water and this has a lot of
benefits for your stomach so every morning spoon of apple cider vinegar and water first glass second glass and third glass boys, a liter e
half of water is already gone then every day I drink a nice cup of hot tea so let’s get it ready, and while my tea warms up I’m going to prepare my pre workout as I told you before I find myself fine with this of myprotein
it will be the taste but it is fantastic and anyway I feel that it gives me the charge at the gym, the
recommended dose is 17 grams so I used my scale of course, water and a bottle is already gone pre workout
ready, tea ready, and see you in the room and here we are again guys in mine
bedroom with my tea, and then while me sipping my tea I will go to explain my food plan for my summer shredding and my training then there is a lot
of diets guys to follow but the important thing is your deficit
caloric if you want to lose weight and lose weight
The important thing is to have a caloric deficit a end of the day
this is all important for diets the ketogenic diets, the low ones work
carb carb cycling, there are a lot of diets
The important thing is to have a caloric deficit, the diet that tells me more to me
personally it is the flexible diet e the intermittent fast already followed in the
my bulking phase for four months, and me I’m great because I can
have large meals and appease mine sense of appetite
for those not familiar with the diet flexible in a nutshell is a diet
where you can eat whatever you want enough that you fix your macros, that is you
you must weigh what you eat you must have of the macros to be respected you can not
cheat, you can afford what you want but you have to have at the end of the day
respected your macro but I will do it see later how it works, and with regards to fasting intermittent is a diet in which you have one
eight hours window in which you eat and one 16-hour window where you do not eat there
they are variants as I said there are people who only eat one
once a day, there are people who they only eat twice a day
you can have a 4-hour window, you can have a window of 16 hours
I personally find myself comfortable with one 8-10 hours window because
I eat twice a day for how much it concerns the three boys workouts
days of training and one of cardio this is my cycle that I will follow first legs and abdominals second day dorsal pectorals e
abdominals followed by a crossfit circuit third day biceps, triceps
always followed by two crossfit circuits fourth day cardio today day 1 leg day my favorite how much I like my legs tea gone guys so this was mine simple breakfast water spoon
apple cider vinegar and tea guys are 12 is very late then me
I have to prepare at the speed of light, ready guys I gained a lot of time, pre workout and we’ll meet at the gym here we are guys anyway guys before leaving with the exercises stretching always, already done I did not film breast becomes boring! let’s start! and every time I finish the gym session guys very important stretching that I will not go to film it of course and we’ll see you at home gym gone guys and finally
we are at home then guys the second supplement that
I will go to take on this every day period of definition will be the BCAAs
that is, the branched amino acids this because, because if you’re in deficit
caloric every day you can lose also lean mass over the mass
muscle the branched amino acids help to keep it to keep it then
I recommend them of course I go always weighing kids because of the dose
recommended are 5 grams I taste my lime flavored amino acids are fantastic and before cooking my first meal
guys see you upstairs because you must come to class with Thomas 25 rounds of blackboard guys what I do not do for you, welcome to school with Thomas then guys today’s lesson is like
calculate your macronutrients is simple guys there are very few
formulas then follow me but first of all you guys do a nice thing
screenshot of this because you will have it need also done in the future? ok
well done, then we start from principle
first you have to calculate the your total metabolism I said total metabolism that would be the caloric expenditure that you have
daily and not the basal metabolism that that’s another thing, you can calculate it online with any one there are hundreds of computers
you just need to write online calculation of my total metabolism is
very simple guys once found guys your total metabolism, you can start staring at your mark ho taken for example thomas, thomas is 70 kg
now like now, in fact it is a fat look at the belly? then the calories I need for my maintenance guys are 2900 3,100 calories for blunking and 2700 for
my cutting we can keep a margin of 200 500
calories between bulking and maintenance same thing between the maintenance and the cutting, 200 500 is the recommended threshold do not go besides because you go to kill the
your metabolism will slow it down and not all right
it must be a progressive thing guys you can not pretend to wake up tomorrow
lean, slowly slowly let’s start from the basics guys if not
you know an ounce of fat ok contains 9 calories one gram of carbohydrate 4
calories one gram of protein 4 kcal and one gram of alcohol 7 calories then for
first of all, guys, let’s fix the proteins important thing proteins never go
eaten in absurd quantities and never eaten in smaller quantities because because the
protein serves for maintenance or for the construction of your muscle the
recommended margin guys to my point of view for cutting is 1.5-2.5 grams of
proteins per kilogram of body weight so let’s enter my data
then 70 guys for I will go to use one 2.3, 70X2.3=161 grams of
proteins so guys we found in grams of protein I need
every day 161 second thing I will go to calculate guys are the fats that me
they are used for my cutting, so my weight for a margin of 0.5-1 grams of fat
per kilo body then 70 for me I will use a 0.7=49 grams of fat now that we have found the grams of
proteins and the fat grams we need for the our cutting, let’s calculate the
our carbohydrates with a simple formula the sum between proteins and fats will give us
a number this number will be the number that we will take away from our total calories
to find our carbohydrates then knowing that 1 gram of protein
equals 4 calories, we will do 161X4=644 same thing for fats knowing that 1 gram of fat equals 9 calories guys we’ll do 49X9=441 well now let’s move on the formula 644 + 441=1.085 these are the calories coming from my source of protein
and fat and now we can go find the carbohydrates guys so we have
this formula, and then we will go to use the calories we need in this case for me, for my cutting, then 2700 calories I have serve for my cutting minus 1,085=1615 these are the calories I will use in the carbohydrates so for the umpteenth time
knowing that one gram of carbohydrates equals 4 calories I’ll go to use this
formula 1615 are the calories of the divided carbohydrates
4 because 4 are the calories resulting from a carbohydrate and the
result is 403, so guys I found the my source of protein is my fat source
and my carbohydrate source that me I need boys in my cutting phase this system is used for 95% of people so trust that it can also work for you then
try it try it trust me I hope this little lesson helped you guys and if you have some question obviously
comment below in the video and I will try to answer you time for another
screenshot guys ok one thing guys that I will do every day is to mark the
my weight in such a way that I can see if my diet is working if my weight is decreasing too abruptly then it means that I will have to raise the
calories because I do not want to go to kill my metabolism
if my weight is going to get up instead obviously I will be eating too much then
I will go to lower my calories, I hope to have been the clearest and most concise
possible guys and now finally there we see at the table because I have a reputation
beast so .. at the table! so guys is from a lot of time with I do not eat
the dirty sandwich if you are Venetian you know what I mean the sandwich on guys would be in a nutshell the sandwich that you find on Saturday evening when you leave the disco with
peppers onion ketchup sausage these things here, therefore, so today
dirty sandwich but in my healthy style but then we start to cook then I first take these peppers sliced ​​cut obviously guys me
I will go weigh, then balance as you can see 442 grams and me them
I’m going to score in my application where I count my calories
every day, next guys I go with the onions cut into slices julienne! I’m going to weigh even these 346 grams guys, ok they go in the oven for 40 minutes guys but first let’s savor them with a little spice of course guys i will not use olive oil because it has a lot of fats and a lot of calories but I will restrict myself to using this coconut oil 1 calorie per spray in this way i I will give taste and the foods will not stick on the pot, some sprinkle a little garlic black pepper salt and chilli habanero boys because I like spicy things I mix everything and these go in the oven for 40 minutes guys next step guys the bread,
obviously I told you a large portion I’m going to cut it for me But here there are a lot of carbohydrates
too many and I want to save them for later so what will I go to do? I’m going to remove this, so you guys have no idea how many carbohydrates you have saved this
little ball boys have a lot of carbohydrates almost almost no better than not! I’m going to weigh the bread 277 grams ok guys it’s time to cook them
sausages you always have to look at what buy these girls are light and
lean, it means that they are thin, it is lean meat it has only 3% fat you see
so I can save a lot of fat and the taste, however, is good to trust
especially if you mix it in a dirty sandwich with peppers onion cheese and ketchup I go to give it some more of oil splashes guys in such a way
that do not stick on the pot and anyway are 6 sausages guys ok guys the sausages are ready, I go to
weigh 345 grams as you can see I weighed the sausages one
cooked time because in the back label on the instructions it was written that the nutritional values ​​had to be weighed once the food was cooked then read the nutritional values ​​first to cook your foods well
guys it’s time to assemble this monster then I put my sausages I put onions and peppers light cheese boys also this low fat content then great and even in this case I will go to
weigh it 42 grams and to finish boys ketchup this has 50% less carbohydrates and sugars so great for your diet and
we have 45 grams of ketchup important guys if you have to weigh, weigh everything more
You are more specific about your diet it will give you benefits you are ready? We made it! and now guys alone
for curiosity let’s see what weighs we have 1.3 kg of sandwich boys this girl is definition fantastic so I’ll see you at the table and
here we are guys that you think how many calories you think is not fabulous
have this sandwich guys? of network 3000-4000 because it is giant, you will say it is
full of stuff no! only 1,600 only in single quotes
but for me they are more than good and before to get me to eat this beast
guys I put the calories and values nutrition of this meal below and now guys it’s time
to eat so we can open this full day of eating, however, is 4.49 in the afternoon on Sunday 8 April and guys, good appetite for me! great guys! l see what a beast, it’s bigger than my face just to show you guys the content this is a bomb a healthy bomb
but because it falls into my macro! I forgot my water guys great guys a person who sees me eating now would tell me but you are not in the definition phase and instead yes, no you’re doing a cheat day! no guys is a full day of eating in summer definition shredding this is summer shredding guys! no broccoli rice and chicken this guys is dieting! sorry guys, for my fans last bite guys and this meal is gone, 1600 simple calories however have you seen the volume? it was giant and I feel satisfied this is fitness guys this is
fitness and the latest supplements that I take for the day guys are
fish oil and multi vitamin, then one pill each the third bottle of water is gone because I drank it today at the gym they are 5.13 boys and today is Sunday and
it’s my day off then how to spend this day off? thrown into bed? no
guys especially when you’re in definition, I’ll go downtown I’ll make a nice one walk I have to do some errands
I’ll have a coffee and then I’ll be back tonight so guys now I’m going to get one
nice walk and see you tonight late for the last meal of the day a
table ninja and here I am guys back from the country I walked one lot today a lot! I could afford to
eat even more! no we follow however, the diet is almost 11
in the evening guys are missing two minutes then let’s go to the kitchen to prepare the last one
meal for today! then guys the last meal for today is spaghetti
garlic, oil and hot pepper obviously guys I have already calculated the spaghetti that I need to complete the my today’s caloric source so for
completing my macros will help me 187 grams of spaghetti scale calibrated to zero, 187 grams boys the water is already on so I just have to throw it down, in the meantime my pasta is cooking me they need some protein to fix it
my protein quota so I will use these proteins in powder of myprotein, taste fantastic coffees, I need them only 5 grams with water a beautiful one
mixed guys and my coffee is ready protein coffee very good! ok guys the pasta is ready as for oil guys I can only use 6 grams so I have to weigh it 6 grams guys, a little garlic chili pepper and a little ‘splash of this to make it a little tastier the baby food is ready, and we’ll meet at the table
and here we are, as always, mother scent guys is wonderful garlic oil and
chili peppers I would eat to quintals! anyway it’s 11.29 boys and this is mine
second and last meal of the day I have my water and enjoy my meal
boys fantastic and as you can see guys the size is fabulous because they are almost 200 grams of spaghetti so trust that
they feed you, especially if you have eaten a sandwich like those of today and even the last bottle of water guys is gone! spaghetti gone I forgot to put the calories and the nutritional values ​​of this meal then I’ll put them there now But guys all today I ate only salty so now it is now a dessert is not it? so ice cream
guys how could i finish this full of eating ice cream of the halo top guys, and this is a healthy ice cream and has only 320 calories for the whole container
so with this guys you can quench your thirst for ice cream with only 320 calories! let’s try this is to taste I already tried chocolate and it is
very good then great guys, you hear the chocolate, yummy guys, see if follow IIFYM and trace your calories you can also allow you this without problems
and you can lose weight! you will see in this series I will lose weight by eating these
things do not eat broccoli breast chicken rice every day there will be days that I will eat but because I want to eat them but those diets that you see around from bro does not work in the long run because
sooner or later you will fall into the temptations, in this way you will not fall into temptation because you can satisfy them every day however I taste this ice cream in peace and see you later and with the latter a spoon of
ice cream guys I can finish this first episode of my super shredding! I also put the calories and nutritional values ​​of this ice cream here
under and of course the total calories of the
day and the nutritional values ​​of the day always below just to be clear guys I’ll keep
these macros and these calories throughout the week and in case I will change them next Sunday if you want to see this summer shredding every day sign up for mine
instagram profile vgthomas1987 I will publish my weight every day so you can see my weight go down and beautiful children are 11.55, thomas must go to sleep, as always I remind you that if you do not you are still subscribed to my channel
do it now click below and us guys see you next week for
the second episode of this summer shredding and as usual stay fit! and
stay hungry

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