Summer Skin Care Routines- 6 Tips

Summer Skin Care Routines- 6 Tips

So six Summer skin care survival tips for
you, and these are basically suggesting some product recommendations to that are
alternates that you can do, and slight tweaks to your skin care to keep your
skin hydrated, reduce inflammation, and keep your skin glowing. So as the
temperature slowly starts to rise, and the Sun comes out, and everyone starts
taking off — well, at least not in California,
but the rest of the country — as you’re starting to take off your hats, your
gloves, your scarfs, and your coats, it’s very similar to your Summer skin care. So,
you’re wearing these heavy coats to protect you from the temperature and
keep you safe from the elements. So with skin care you have to do the same
thing with the Summertime. You may have to switch out some products, you may have
to move from a heavier cream to a lighter lotion, or for some of you a
water-based gel, because in the Summertime, as the temperature rises, and
the sebaceous glands get activated, and you’re producing more oil and sweat, some
of the products that you may be using may be a little bit too much and a
little bit too heavy. So let’s get started.
So remember, product descriptions or product links will be located in the
description below.You have to click on that little carrot if you’re watching on
your phone. Some of you have emailed me and said, “I don’t see the links!” You have
to click on that and in the description below it will be located. Okay. So the
first one we’re going to go over is the CLEANSER. The cleanser is the most
important because, like I mentioned in one of my videos before, it sets the pH,
it’s the foundation of your skin care. So, for those of you who are using, or have
oily, breakout-prone skin, you may need to switch to a gel-based, foaming cleanser,
without any sulfates to help balance out your skin, and for those of you who tend
to have combination skin where some areas are a little bit drier than others,
or you’re, the t-zone is especially oily, you may look for a foaming,
balancing cleanser. And for those of you who are more sensitive to sulfates, or
they’re TOO drying for your skin, then you’re going to look for one that has a
coconut-based surfactant or a sugar- based surfactant. And again, I’ll put
product descriptions and recommendations for you. The other one is if you have dry
skin and right now and you’re using a cream-based, non-foaming cleanser, if you
tend to sweat and have dirt on your skin, obviously, and you do have a little bit
of oily shine in the Summertime, it is recommended to put aside your cream-based cleanser and maybe get one that is a gel-based, low-to-no foam cleanser that
is a balancing cleanser so that that can it-, because gel-based cleansers, they tend to
be HYDROPHILIC, so they’re going to attach to the dirt and oil and be able
to rinse it off and wash it away. So, again, if you tend to have sensitive
skin, look for low-to-no foam that has no sulfates, and then Rosacea skin is a
little bit complicated because for those of you who have pustules and papules
along with your Rosacea, you really do need to have a balancing cleanser, more
of a water-based cleanser. So if right now you are using a cream-based cleanser
because of your sensitivities, with the added oil and dirt, you may see an
INCREASE in pustules and papules. So look for, maybe something that has a fruit
enzyme-based cleanser to help you with ex-, just a little bit of exfoliation. Okay,
in the Summertime, most people are spending more times outdoors in the Sun.
So exfoliation is still important, however, we’re going to take it DOWN a
notch. They always talk about exfoliating if you have hyperpigmentation,
exfoliating if you have fine lines and wrinkles. So, you can still exfoliate but
here is the caveat. So, some of you are exfoliating morning and night. Only do
it during the nighttime, that is straight across the board, because when you use AHA’s and BHA’s in exfoliating product it does increase the photo-sensitivity of your skin, it also can, when mixed with some AHA’s and BHA’s,
INCREASE the sensitivities or having a rash. If you are using a
leave-on anti-aging serum or a leave-on anti-aging cream that contains AHA’s or BHA’s — so that could be, for example, Glycolic Acid, or any type of Retinoids,
or a BHA like Salicylic Acid — I would recommend in the Summertime though that
you do NOT use the leave-on serums or the creams and use an exfoliator, just
for the Summertime, the type where you can use it, you work it through your skin,
and then RINSE IT OFF. Okay? So you’re still getting the exfoliating properties,
but you’re not leaving it on because your skin now can become more sensitized,
especially if you’re using a chemical- based sunscreen, or you’re using other
anti-aging, like Vitamin C serums — especially L-Ascorbic Acid. Instead, do
one where it’s a powder-based exfoliation, more gentle. This is more it,
this is a lot better for people who have Rosacea or extremely sensitive skin. One
of the ones I recommend has Lactic Acid, which is an AHA, but it is a lot more
gentle, the molecules are a lot larger so it’s not as inflaming, and it is, it
brings up moisture to the skin. Or you can use a fruit enzyme-based exfoliant,
so it’s not as inflaming of the skin. It exfoliates your skin nicely and then it
comes off, you DON’T leave it on. The next one is if you are using eye products — so
eye gels or eye creams. In the Summertime, especially if you’re in a place that’s
humid, I would say, for those of you who have dry skin and you’re using eye
creams now, if you’re working in an office most of the time, you may not need
to switch it out, but if you’re outside, you will notice that your make-up your
eye make-up will start to melt, especially if you’re wearing sunglasses, that is
basically the eye cream. You’re spending time outside or you also have oily skin,
it is better to switch over to a water-based eye gel. And, now you have to
be careful, because some eye gels, when you put it out, it actually looks like a
super light cream, you want the ones that are actually gel, and one of the key ways
is it, it’s see-through, so that you know that it’s water-based.
They are, they have a lot of humectants, they draw the moisture to your skin and
it does not melt, because it’s not oil, it doesn’t melt away your eye make-up and
turn into oil,. Because that’s basically what eye cream is, is it’s an emulsion of
oil and water where water-based gels are better for those of you who have oily
skin, if you’re spending a lot of times outdoors, or if you are ha-, if you’re
wearing eyelash extensions. Hi, my name is Christy and I’m the owner of Go See
Christy Beauty Boutique, located in Southern California, and I’ve been
treating clients with Acne, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and
wrinkles for over eleven years now, and some of these tips are basically my
personal experience working with clients and their challenges with the different
products, and what I have seen over the years. So basically, you don’t want to
stop doing your skin care over the Summer- time just because the product is not
working, it’s just basically you may have to tweak it just a little bit or switch
out the products that you’ve been using in this in the Winter time for lighter
products in the Summertime. So, tip number four is switch out, like I had
mentioned before, switch out those serums that have acids, contain, they’re anti-aging
serums. So one way that you know is if it has Glycolic Acid, if it has Salicylic
Acid, if has Lactic Acid, Malic Acid, Retinoids, so that could be Retinol, it
could be if you’re using Retin-A. So, and when you’re using a Vitamin C. I do
have to clarify, if you’re using a Vitamin C that’s actually L-Ascorbic
Acid, and that can increase sensitivity, especially if you’re using it with
Glycolic Acids, Retinoids, and chemical- based sunscreens. You start to develop
these sensitivities and rashes over time. If you are using a Vitamin C derivative,
it’s going to be less harsh on your skin. Instead, if you’re using them to address
hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, you can use
Niacinamide. Niacinamide is not as harsh on your skin as it is, as the other products
are. And so, and the benefit for that is, you’re producing more oil, so for those
of who tend to have larger pores or you
tend to notice larger pores in the Summertime, Niacinamide
actually helps to REDUCE the appearance of the pores, give you more refined look,
it addresses the hyperpigmentation without in flaming your skin such as
like the other acids can. So just switch them out, just for the Summertime,
and then you can go back to that without making your skin photosensitive or
increasing sensitivities and inflammation in your skin, because this
is what happens during the Summertime, you’re exposing yourself more to the
elements. You are exposing yourself more Sun exposure, salt, salt air, salt water,
Chlorine, and more use of sunscreen then you do in the Winter time. So your skin
can react, not that it will, but it can react, and some of my clients will have
more, they have increased rashes or sensitivities because they may not be
switching things out. Okay, so for those of you who are more prone to redness, so
it could be people that have Rosacea or to Telangiectasia — which is basically
capillary activity, but none of the the pustules or papules — or you’re just more
sensitive, so you have fair-skin, you tend to show more redness in your face,
your neck, and your chest when you get hot or when you experience different
emotions, so for those of you, you want to reduce the inflammation, because more
capillary activity or redness, the more prone you are likely for the capillaries
to break and that’s how you start to get the constant redness. So here is a gel
that you can use, and anyone actually could use this gel. It’s a hydrating gel.
Look for gels that are made water-based, again, because if it’s cream-based, that
starts to react and get all messy with your sunscreen. So, if it has Beta Glucan —
so that’s an anti-inflammatory — if it has Calendula, if it has Chamomile, these, or
cucumber, these are all anti-inflammatory. And if it’s a water-based gel, they
usually work really well if it’s in the refrigerator. And again, I will put
product descriptions in the links below. So switch it out if you’re using an
anti-aging, especially if you’re more prone to sensitivity, use a gel because it draws moisture to your skin, increases
hydration, and protects your skin environmentally from the Sun, and salt
air, and other environmental things that can be harsh to your skin. So if you’re
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and if you are subscribed, you will get Community posts that may not show up in
your feed if you’re not subscribed. Okay, so PRO TIP number 5 is LIGHTEN UP YOUR
MOISTURIZER. So obviously when sebaceous glands get activated in the heat, in the
Summertime, when you’re outside running around, you don’t need as heavy
moisturizers. Okay, here is the caveat. If you have really dry skin or you have a
Allipoid skin, which literally means “without oil”, and you are in an office all Summer
long in air-condition, that is going to dry out your skin. So if your normal skin
condition is dry and you’re in an air-conditioned office, then YES, you can
keep using your heavier cream. But for those of you who now see an INCREASE of
oil production, and you’re actually now shiny in the afternoon or at the end of
the day, and you normally aren’t in the Wintertime, then you may want to consider
lightening up your moisturizer. For those of you who are using heavy creams, just
take it a step up, or just go backwards, and then use a lotion. For those of you
who are using lotion, you may need a water-based gel, because sometimes my
clients will come and say, “I’m getting an increase of breakouts and I don’t know
why, and I normally don’t break out,” it could be because of the amount of oils
and lipids in your cream and because you’re producing a lot more of your own
oil that can be clogging your pores. The other thing I do want to mention that I mentioned
before with the anti-aging serums is the same thing. If you are using a cream or
lotion that has Glycolic Acid, Glycolic Acids — especially Glycolic Acid — or it has
L-Ascorbic Acid, there are two things that you can do: Get a lotion that
doesn’t have the acid, again, instead get an exfoliator, exfoliating product
that you can use — it’ll actually do the trick without leaving the Glycolic Acid
on your skin, you can actually rinse it off. The other one is if, if you’re using
something that has L-Ascorbic Acid, that tends to create sensitivities, especially
if you’re using a chemical-based sunscreen. So you can switch it up and
instead, use a Vitamin C derivative, or one that is a fat soluble Vitamin C. I
mentioned one in the Kylie Jenner one, she uses Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate, which
is a fal-, fat-soluble derivative of Vitamin C, and that’s a less-harsh on the
skin. So for those of you who tend to get oily and you want an hydrating gel
that you can use as a moisturizer or a serum, you may want to listen up. It was a
company that saw my video on the “Hyaluronic Acid and Best Alternatives”
and emailed me on a hydrating gel that you can use both for oily people, they
can use it as a, just a, like a moisturizer but it’s really a
water-based gel, and for those of you who have drier skin you can use it as a
serum. And this is what it has in it, it actually has Aloe Vera Gel, Sodium PCA —
which you haven’t seen that video, we’ll put a link on it — it has, so it has, it
holds 500 times its weight in water, so half of Hyaluronic Acid, so it has Aloe
Vera Gel, Sodium PCA, also Hyaluronic Acid in there, so it has all different
humectants. But, it also has, one of the things with humectants is if it doesn’t
have occlusives, and you live in an arid climate, that actually can inflame the
skin or actually rob your skin from more hydration. Well, I was talking about one
of them, if, to use an occlusive, the problem with a lot
of moisturizers for oily skin people or breakout-prone is that the occlusives
that they use can cause bumpy skin or breakout skin for some skin types, and
this one uses Grape Seed Oil. And I mentioned that is a great one because
that oil is actually water dispersible, so it works really well with humectants.
So, I was able to get some samples, I only have a LIMITED amount, and I will put it
on my website, and you would be able to try it. I LOVED it. It is, it’s great! So I
wanted to get the sample, get your feedback first. So, that’s some things
that you want to look for is some humectants. You have to be careful
because if it’s paired with an occlusive that can break you out, and those of you
who are drier, which this may not be enough, which this one actually was
enough for me, but if it’s not, put that on undernea-, put that on first, and then
put your lighter moisturizer on. Okay, so I talk about the TWO MAIN things that
can age your skin prematurely, and that is consistent dehydration and
inflammation, whether it’s low-level or high-level inflammation. So this one
actually had on here Arnica, it had Calendula, it had Horse Tail, so it
had, it had Chamomile, it had all the natural anti-inflammatories, but not only
that, they used TWO of them that had anti-inflammatory, and also it had
astringent and antibacterial properties. So, it actually addresses two really
great things. So again, I’ll put the link in the description below, I have a VERY
limited amount, I think it’s like $5 for a small pump of it, so you
can try it. But a lot of it goes a long way. So that’s another thing I really,
really liked about it. Okay, so for our LAST TIP, that is, I had mentioned it
before, is make sure that you’re using a SUNSCREEN THAT HAS A MOISTURIZER. Even
those of you who have oily skin. I know you tend to shy away from moisturizers,
but make sure you use one actually absorbs the oil. So, I really
like — and I know tons of you guys have purchased it, thank you very much for
purchasing it — here’s the Lira Clinical. They actually have in there, you can look
at the ingredients, Niacinamide. So I love that, so that it has Niacinamide, it has
plant-based lighteners-and- brighteners, plant stem cells, and
Peptides. So it is an ANTI-AGING sunscreen moisturizer, so you don’t have
to keep layering on top of all these different things. For me personally, when
I go to the beach, I don’t put any serums on because it’s just gonna make my skin
more sensitive. So I put that on because it already has all of the, a lot of the
anti-aging agents. None of the Glycolic Acid and Salicylic Acid, but a lot of the
things that actually DECREASE inflammation. It has both hydrating
formulation — so I have to let you know, the hydrating one has a high amount of
humectants, so some people have mentioned that when they put it on, because of the
high level of humectants, it’s a little bit tacky, because it’s
drawing moisture to the skin. The oil-free one has micro-sponges so it
actually absorbs oil. So that’s better for people who tend to have a shine, but
not as hydrating as the hydrating formula. So, and those are all both of
them 21% Zinc Oxide, and Zinc Oxide naturally is an anti-inflammatory, it
absorbs oil, and it’s, it’s a, it’s a mineral, so it’s a physical sunscreen,
it’s not chemical, so it’s, it’s not going to cause sensitivities in your skin with
other skin care products that you are using, especially when you’re out in the
Sun. So, and of course, all the ones that I mentioned are, every single of them are
PARABEN FREE. So click the link below, and I am doing a special, so if you order the
Oil-Free Lira, you get a travel size, I think it’s 50% off the travel size,
which is about that big, and then the hydrating one doesn’t come with it but
you can get the hydrating gel for $3 instead of $5, so again,
once I sell out, I sell out. So those are just some product tips for you so that
these, if you go over look at the video again, you will notice they are all about
increasing hydration in your skin, because you have to remember, just
because you’re sweating a lot it doesn’t mean you’re hydrating your skin, and your
skin is producing more oil. Some people think, “Oh, I’m producing too much oil so I
don’t have enough hydration,” a lot of times you’re actually even MORE
dehydrated. So this is all about INCREASING the hydration levels in your
skin, DECREASING the inflammation, because just because you’re not red, it doesn’t
mean you’re not inflamed, because just by being out in the Sun exposure to UV rays
you are causing inflammation, and that’s why your skin will turn dark, or freckle,
or turn red. So those are all signs of inflammation. So increasing hydration,
decreasing inflammation so that your skin will GLOW and we slow down the
aging process of the skin. So for more PRO TIPS, please check out our anti-aging
tips playlist right up above and remember, make-up is an ART and skin care

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