Summer Stars Camp for the Performing Arts

when I got off the bus I thought it was
a big campus I was kind of scared Here they treat me like I’m family.
The kids that come to our camp are disadvantaged kids that don’t have a lot
of opportunities. most of them come from places that have cut arts programs. most
of them never have opportunities to leave the city. we like to choose kids
that are really passionate about the arts. they write essays and we get
recommendations from their teachers from people in the community that can stand
up and say well this is a kid that wants to learn. I’ve been in 13 foster homes in
three years. my teacher told me that I shouldn’t apply for the camp because I
won the first place near the school tension his don’t audition at all we
want them to be passionate and we help them build their skills whether here I
keep myself hidden from our friends who this I would tell them I like to perform
and what I knew its laugh at me thermistors camp for the Performing Arts
was started in 2000 by the britney spears foundation over the years we’ve
been sponsored by the jonas brothers foundation 50 cent foundation American
Idol and various individuals who have really enjoyed our mission and wanted to
help us continue it I came to like meet girls that was but that was my gender
was the company girls camp is free nobody pays anything kiss you on the
bridge I hated it because it was in the middle of nowhere and there were bugs
and I had to walk on regards to the bathroom but I loved it because it was
in the middle of nowhere and it wasn’t Brooklyn we provide a space in which
they feel comfortable and they trust the people around them then they begin trust
in themselves they begin trusting their ideas trusting there are voices that
little voice in the back of your head tried to be rude as well at work here
are different because I believe they’re more warm and fun energetic and they
care about if we have a good future I think our program helps kids feel
successful feel what that’s like and I’m not sure they get that feeling in other
areas of their lives there in class all day from 745 a.m. until about nine at
night either performing and learning about performance or taking master
classes or watching professional performers over the years we’ve had some
fabulous guest artist Britney Spears 50 cent Taylor Swift DMC steven tyler macy
gray blue man group the campers work for eight days and do a show for the public
that’s a lot of work the rehearsals are hard definitely like me sitting there
working on your perform see like I just doing the same know why I was kind of a
lot of work but at the end of the pay zone I keep doing a show with everything
on the line in experience and feeling success the show is definitely worth it
I mean you get this buzz it’s just like you want to do great for all these
people I think success breeds more success my first cake held on there it’s
the open mic FCC now all of you never thought I could just let it be too
nervous very nervous shake get ready they did it we bring kids back about a
third of our population i repeat campers each year just for me to come back i
know i had to get a recommendation I had to do good in school let’s get a
recommendation I really wanted to come back there I to be good after that first
summer I was more outspoken I wasn’t as shy I never really sung in front of
other people and after that I would do a talent show every year I wanted to dance
anywhere I go now it was through camp that i found out that i could write
poetry and started writing slam poetry and it was through camp that i realized
that maybe I could act and I ended up going to college for acting I was
accepted to LaGuardia arts high school I get to do what I love to do every day
now that’s because of summer sighs if you have confidence in yourself you
could do anything you want to do it is possible no chance

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