Summer to fall: transitional wardrobe tips | CAPSULE GUIDE | Justine Leconte

Summer to fall: transitional wardrobe tips | CAPSULE GUIDE | Justine Leconte

Hi everyone it’s Justine.
I’m at The Baltic Sea in the north of Germany for a few days, trying to take advantage of the last days of summer. Here the evenings are getting cooler already.
You can tell that fall is coming, the weather is literally transitioning already. It fits perfectly to the topic of today’s video.
I’d like to share with you four tips to help you take your summer wardrobe and turn it into a fall one. What to look for, what to pay attention to, without having to replace your entire wardrobe. So, a few tips to help you get started, kind of. I shall also mention that the two pictures behind me are not actually crooked, in case you’ve been wondering for the last 30 seconds already. They only look like that on camera. I tried to make them look straight, I failed.
So let’s rather talk about fashion. First, layering. Layering is a great way to keep wearing your summer clothes during fall. Just add something over it. Take a flowy light dress- it’s a bit light for fall, right?
You’d get cold in that. So you can add a nice jacket on top of it to keep you warm. You can add a really chunky cozy scarf to protect the chest area in particular, to avoid getting a cold from that fall season transition. You can add leggings or black jeans under the dress, so now the dress is used as a top. Another type of garment to wear over something else, and which I like a lot, is a cape. It looks chic and you can drape it in so many different ways. It’s a very versatile type of garment. For example, over a long sleeved top, it replaces the sweater and or the jacket that you would have to wear otherwise to look like you dressed up to go outside. In the two cases that you just saw, the chiffon dress and the top, you’re actually playing around the garment that you already own. You don’t have to get anything new for that, and you layer either over it or underneath it. The second thing you can look into is fabrics. Way under-estimated. There are plenty of options here.
For instance, instead of a T-Shirt that’s made in cotton, take a T-Shirt that’s made in cotton plus wool mix. It’s a lot warmer, it reacts really well on the skin, and it’s still drapey enough and has shape, that you can layer something over very easily. Good switch. Another example is instead of Poplin- Poplin is very lightweight shirting fabric, typically used on women’s shirts- replace Poplin by denim. Lightweight denim, for instance. It’s a lot warmer, it’s more windproof, you can still wear a jacket over it. Instead of chino pants, think of gabardine pants.
Chino fabric is a very lightweight cotton weave. Gabardine is a lot thicker. It’s stiffer, it’s more tightly woven together, so it’s gonna keep its shape for longer, and it’s a lot warmer. It takes you from fall to winter. In the description below, I will write down names of fibers and fabrics for you to look, if you don’t know how to spell them. But in terms of fibers, you have options that are perfect for fall. Like heavier weight cotton, heavier than what you wear in summer, because in summer you want it to breathe and be light. In fall add some fabric weight. Then silk. A mix of Mohair and wool or something like that. If you’re not into animal hair, and you prefer synthetic alternative, acrylic is cheaper than natural hairs and really warm. Cashmere, I’d probably rather keep for winter. And then look into fabrics like gabardine, which I just mentioned, flannel, tweed, velvets, corduroy- great for pants and jackets- fleece, any type of quilted fabric- because quilt is two layers of the fabric, plus stuff stuffing in between, so by definition it’s extremely warm- twill, suede- I explained in my video last week how to clean suede, May it be a shoe, a bag, or a jacket, so that shouldn’t be a problem anymore. And overall it’s very useful to know a bit of fabrics and and fibers, to know those names, because then it’s very easy when you shop online to just Google for “Trousers Corduroy blue Straight Leg Mid-rise side Pockets”, and you get exactly that. Tip Number three: adding accessories and hardware. That one’s a fun one. Let’s say you’ve been wearing your little dresses, your summer dresses with summer sandals. Logically, now you can switch the sandals and replace them by ankle boots that have nails all over it. It’s still the bare leg version, but your feet are covered, at least. Or, go even warmer with a pair of biker boots. Higher ones that have big buckles gives your feet more weight. The advantage of having closed shoes is also that you can wear warm socks, or warmer socks, based on the temperature inside. Very cozy. And you know the body produces heat, but it also loses heat mainly through the feet, the hands, and the head. So as long as you keep those three areas covered, even if your main clothing covering your top and bottom is quite lightweight, you’ll get through fall just fine. Another example is the purse that you’re carrying with you. Instead of a summer canvas or light fabric handbag, try to go for a leather or faux leather more massive backpack, a chic one that you can also wear to the office. It will change the way your outfit looks completely. Number four: obvious one, the color palette we’re looking at. I feel that throughout the entire year, that one transition from summer to fall is the one where the light changes most outside. It goes from really bright, colorful, summer colors, to quite muted and quite dark hues. Compared to the transition from summer to fall, I feel like fall to winter actually goes brighter and lighter. For me, fall really is the darkest season of all. It’s also a season where the light is not consistent and so the colors change all the time, like in the course of this video. You could actually do the same with your wardrobe. Pack away in storage boxes the pieces that have the brightest colors, and replace them by some pieces that are a bit more muted, bit more, a bit darker in colors, to follow along with the weather. If you’re looking for inspiration, just look around you at the nature outside. You see tree leaves becoming orange, red, purple. Red is a trend color this fall-winter season. I’ve talked about that in a previous video. You see the earth becoming darker brown because it’s wet and because the leaves are dropping, and turning into earth themselves. You see the sky is turning gray with accents of yellow just before the storm. All those colors are actually really warm, as if nature was trying to help you balance out the fact that the weather and the temperature itself is going colder and colder. Kind of a balance, I think it makes sense, that fall is such a warm season in terms of colors. Through layering, playing with fabrics and fibers, swapping accessories and hardware, and playing with the color palette of your wardrobe, you can actually take it from summer to fall without too much effort, without having to replace everything. And I think it’s a lot smarter if you can keep more of your existing clothes. I hope this video gave you some ideas for your fall looks and your fall wardrobe. If yes, Thumbs Up. Big thank you! If you want to see my next videos and the continuation of this series on capsule wardrobe, for example, Subscribe to my channel and also hit the little notification bell next to the subscribe button. This way you will be informed every time I upload a new video, and that would be every Wednesday and Sunday, twice a week. The capsule wardrobe series goes on next week. Until then, enjoy the last days of summer. Take care. Bye!

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  1. I absolutely adore scarves and panchos and capes! Unfortunately, I rarely get to wear them because I live in the tropics.

  2. Perfect timing…..tomorrow is the first day of fall! Great hints on how to transition summer clothes. Can't wait to see what I can find in my wardrobe to try some of these ideas. Thanks, Justine.

  3. Hi Justine!
    Kind of unrelated, but, thinking about fall fashion: I'm looking at all the fall dresses and seeing so many bell sleeves. I am wondering why they are a thing. Is it just because they are flowy? Or, do they flatter the upper arms or the biceps in some way? I am wondering if this trend is for all body types. I'm a bit sporty and love my shoulders (which are now just slightly larger than my hips, thanks to countless hours in the gym). I don't know if bell sleeves are right for me or for my mother, who in contrast, hates her arms. I thought you mentioned them in a video once, but I can't find it.

  4. Thank you for good tips! Have you heard the newer info that any part of the body exposed to cold will feel cold? Apparently that idea of losing more heat through head etc is just a myth.

  5. Dear Justine, thank you for your such a great videos! By the way, your hair color looks beautiful! I would like to ask, can you mention in some videos how to clean 100% wool? Mostly it writes dry cleaning, but not always we have time for that.. don't you think?

  6. That yellow background is giving me life! It looks so nice and cozy.
    Also, thanks for the tips! Trying to look more put together this fall, maybe it works this time 😀

  7. So I would love to get better clothes. I went ahead and planned to buy a good dress. I saved 200 euros just in case I fell in love. I went to town, visited every small boutique with supposedly good clothes and I found nothing. Nothing pure wool, nothing without at least 75% polyester and awful stitching, or the style would look too "old" for me. So the question would be: if not in stores that advocate having good quality clothes, where do you find the good stuff?

  8. Hi Justine <3 I think it would be great if you did a vlog! Or also, when you're giving us tips on how to dress, if you could visually show us by drawing, that would be really helpful!! Great video, as always <3

  9. Hi Justine, I love the video and the Capsule Wardrobe Series! However it seems to me that the volume could be a bit higher… maybe it is possible to change some setting so you could keep talking like you do (which is great :-)) and just turn up the volume?
    Looking forward to your next vid!
    Love from Frankfurt, Katrin

  10. Hei Justine, can you recommend some clothing companies that sell good quality basic clothing such as leggings or basic tops, preferably made from natural fibres. I really need these pieces as the weather gets colder but only fast fashion stores seem to sell a full range of the basics

  11. Oh my God, love this sofa fabric pattern (and colours) behind you. I love autumn, I am a "natural autumn" too. Its my favorite season of all!!!!

  12. I actually hate how you never find colorful clothes in stores anymore during autumn and winter. It's boring to walk on the street and see only blacks and browns. I prefer a colorful wardrobe even in colder seasons.

  13. That disclaimer at the begining saved my life, no joke. I probably wouldn't listen to you at all, I would be focused on the pictures ? Another great video, thanks ?

  14. Where I live the temperature doesn't change all that much during the year but come fall and winter I still feel the desire to change my wardrobe a little. Playing with colors and slightly different fabric weights is a good way to do that. Wearing actual shoes instead of sandals would also be good. Thanks for this video.

  15. I like your videos because you are professional about your content and offer some real content. Good to see your colour shift.

  16. Hello Justine,

    Your video is very informative, thank you for all your effort. May I surest that you include pictures to visually show your ideas! It would make it easier to follow up and remember.

  17. Yesterday, I pulled out my beautiful cream scarf that I call my "blanket" and cuddled up in it. Same outfit for work as last week, but much, much warmer. Scarves are everything

  18. I love your fashion sense, your language, accent, and God your sense of humour. Also that you laugh at yourself. There's nothing more appealing than that! You're a gem love! So glad I found you. Thank you for all the tips and guidance ??

  19. Merci! You are giving not just me, ideas for wardrobe transitions, but since I have three teen daughters, I can help (and teach) them as well! Thank you for helping all of us!

  20. have seen lots of video about fashion but no one really talks about seems evry1 just copies but u dont.I wanted to know what kind of watches should be prefered .

  21. The colours you talk about are so European. For me, autumn (which I don't expect to see until the end of October) is the season green REAPPEARS in nature, after a dry yellow summer. After the first rains, new leaves start to appear, and autumn flowers bloom.
    Maybe that's why I never connected to the European trend of wearing gloomy greys and browns in autumn.

  22. All this bit about fabrics and fibers is soooo welcomed. It's so rare to actually find people talking about that!
    Also nice video, it's a great idea to use warm colours for a summer to fall transition video. 🙂

  23. Hellooo justine!!!! i am trying to make a capsule wardrobe but there are clothes of sentimental value that i am not wearing what should i do?

  24. Justine, I love your videos so much! Thank you for all of your work on them. I agree with your observation that fall is all about warmer colors- I myself tend to gravitate towards a brown base rather than a black one during the fall season. But for all other seasons, black is my base color. So it feels like a waste to invest in brown because I only really use it this time of year. How can I better build brown-based outfits in non-fall seasons?

  25. Hi Justine! Love your channel! I also love ponchos, but how would you wear or style them if you've got a little too much belly going on (ehm, ehm), without looking pregnant?

  26. Justine, I liked the pullover your were wearing in this video. Do you ever wear any clothing of your own designs in your videos? Thank you!

  27. I unintentionally built a capsule wardrobe this year because I'm pregnant and I'd rather have a few nice, versatile pieces than a lot of cheap maternity clothes. It has made me realize that I can get by with only a few pieces as long as I like them and they are well made.

  28. Merci, Justine! Beautiful rosy light in this video. You look great, even without the ring light. Thanks for the fall inspiration, insightful as always..

  29. I love autumn ( fall) it my favourite season. I have already bought myself a new snuggly scarf and two pairs of boots. I'm on the hunt for new jumpers!

  30. may I know the lipstick you are wearing? it looks amazing combined with your sweater:-) the pictures behind you are very romantic, is it from someone famous?

  31. In Australia we are transitioning from Winter to Spring, except it seems this year we are skipping spring. It is supposed to get to 35 degrees this weekend! In September! I feels so freaking nuts.

  32. Could you maybe do a video about restarting your wardrobe after a size change. Pretty much where to start when you have next to nothing.

  33. What's a backpack that you like? I'm considering getting one so I can more comfortably carry my laptop with me, but I want something chic that doesn't scream "back to school" (I'm not a student).

  34. Oh I'm so happy that you mentioned the cape! I bought a beautiful lambswool plaid cape in Scotland this summer, it's the most comfortable thing in the world.. ! 🙂

  35. I don't trust fleece cause it doesn't keep you warm if it gets wet. Like mittens with fleece inside are lovely warm and nice..until your hands sweat. Then it's useless untill you get them full dry

  36. I love how you just put everyone's minds at ease about the photos ASAP. ? That's awesome! I know some people would be anxious the entire video otherwise. I live in Tennessee in the United States and it is still 90° F during the day! Soo hot! Down to 60° near midnight but still really hot days. I can't regulate my body temperature well so I hate summer! You can always add layers but you can't always take more off, so I prefer the cold! Die, summer, die! ? Your point about the season being such a warm toned season is a great point!! All of your points are great, but by now that is expected with your channel! I had a question or video idea. I was wondering if you'd do a video about the transition of wardrobe when you lose or gain weight. I've lost about 50 pounds in a year and a half and I have such a limited wardrobe that works. If someone tends to bounce up and down in weight is it better to have more loose fitting clothing so if you gain you're good? Do you rebuy your wardrobe each time you gain? Do you keep a larger wardrobe so you can resort to the larger clothes when need be? I have been on several medications for my illness that resulted in weight change. They helped so I stayed on them for a while. If it's the best treatment, you just go with it as long as the benefit outweighs the risk. I know some people yoyo without medication involved. So what do you do when you're a yoyo-er?

  37. Nice background for the video! ? This is exactly what I like to do with my wardrobe. Just replace a few things with jersey but majority of the time, I keep my summer as an all year round wardrobe. Thank you so much for this series Justine. It actually inspired me to update my wardrobe. ❤??

  38. I LOVED the style guide you did from 0:53 I'd love to see more of these style tips in a series, like how to wear blazers (casual, dressed up, evening), jeans, etc Thanks for your great videos!

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  40. Have you thought about doing a basics video for minimalists? Maybe a checklist for how many of each item or hemlines would be ideal for transitioning and layering for year round closets?

  41. Your videos are well organized, practical so they can be carried out and you are light and give advise so the individual can be herself. And you have long hair. When I moved from Italy to NY they told me no one over 21 should wear long hair. It stays behind the shoulders and is out of the way. Practical.
    I'm glad you wear very little make it and your video on your make up changed my life. In Italy we play with color, it's considered foolish to wear natural make up when you can be natural without it. In the US they have "looks". It's aging and one becomes a fashio victim. I like your acceptance of yourself. I'm not pretty and I never will be. I'm 65 and wNt from tailleurs in Italy to ward robing. Now I have injured my knee and I have to change my way of dressing entirely. Unfortunately no more heels and no flats. This video came at the perfect time. I won't wear any more leggings with tunics unless I can change the look. Because gold became expensive we are wearing scarves and that works as we transition to Fall. A scarf makes something into an outfit.
    Question 1. They tell me to wear sneakers. I won't. They make nice comfortable wedges that are fashionable and flats with rubber funky platforms. That's this year so I can wear a dress. I still have me dresses from seven years ago that now I think I will shorten a bit. I found someone who sews so I am going to ask her to copy or shop a jacket like you showed. Thank you for this capsule wardrobe. Aging but now I'm going to be stylish in stead of classic. What kind of shoes would you suggest? They show low boots but some are too "motorcycles ".
    Question 2. Can you wear an open shoe in winter? They are showing backless clogs with a heel a lot here. I think the Boomers like their clogs from the Sixties and they are Seventy so they add small heels and mot look like an old lady
    Question. 3. Are they showing denim in France and Germany? .
    Question 4. I love that cape. Is it one piece and do you have other pictures of it?
    Question. 5. Can you do another video with eyeglasses and make up? I am new to glasses and I found wearing eyeliner and massacre show, I need lip color to balance the frame. I never know where to put the highlighter and blush in relation to the frame. If it's a heavy frame I don't know to have eyebrows dark or light. I also have a pair of thin titanium frames.
    Questiin 6. How do you get volume on the top of your hair with the weight of long hair?

    Im so glad to have found your channel. It's much better to hear how to style and go out and live than feel I am being sold a product and will spend my time in shops instead of with people and the only solution is to buy a top product rather then another one.

  42. I love to listen to your tips! You're my favorite fashion guru! Could you please do a similar one for fall to winter transition?

  43. YOU are amazingly insightful in areas other than fashion/the days topics. I find your seminars to be so poetic and insightful. i never noticed the little details of llife which you mention and yet they are so obvious. I knew fall was colorful and darker than summer, but didnt notice that the summer to fall transition is the darkest of all- I just know I hate these 6 months because of the cold, dead nature and windso I think of them all in 1category- dismall. LOL.

    Since finding you: the color app you taught to use shows I am a light orange. I now have a capsule wardobe and adore the freedom it brings. I have donated all cheap brand fast fashion clothes and shoes. I bought quality leather and suede boots and wellies, summer canvas shoes, black leather loafers and suede slippers from Clarks.

    Now I have a tight, unified, quality wardrobe IN MY WARM COLORS. I went to second-hand stores in town and found Lauren Ralph Lauren tweed Hacking jacket, warm tweed colors with brown leather on shoulders. Paid $12.Then as bought leather boots from Ralph; I saw the exact same tweed hacking jacket on his site for $500!

    Anyway, I digress, since I randomly found you recently, my style transformed, my closet it simple, clean and decisions are 1,2,3. Decluttered, tricks for cleaning work well, all shoes have original stuffing and cardboard as you taught us! I am thrilled I found you!

    Thank you for being so insightful, such a detail oriented person and for sharing your vast knowledge. You are one of the best public speakers I have ever seen, do you use cue cards? LOL How do you remember all the details of your topic with such fluidity???

  44. I guess I am a warm spring. Orange medium skin. But i get bored with browns as neutrals. Any ideas? I cant give up black pants!

  45. I always need a demin jacket or button up. You can wear it on top of almost anything and with the button up, just leave it open rather than doing it up

  46. I love your videos 🙂 xx I know you're French, living in Germany (stalker..haha it was in your career vid) but I actually thought you were part Norwegian or something! Haha, but love the way you communicate things and your content is always so resourceful!! Love it xo

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  48. Come to Canada, and educate the land of women who think looking sloppy and frumpy and inappropriately dressed is a right. Too tight, too short, too loose, too worn out, too suggestive…I will stop here……except in Montreal…..

  49. Love your channel, Justine! One comment as a trained filmmaker: to correct the visual distortion (in this case the pictures on the wall looking crooked), just move your camera back and zoom in to get the same framing. The wider angle lens you use, the larger field of view but also the more visual distortion – like someone's nose looking larger than reality. The distortion here didn't bother me at all, just thought I'd mention!

  50. Dear Justine. Thanks for the useful video (as always). I love Jack Vittriano's paintings! If you could mention where you got these prints? Thanks a lot and good luck with your new collection!

  51. i live in Greece. Our clothes in Summer are completely different of our winter clothes. we could never wear in Winter clothes that we use in Summer 🙂

  52. Hi Justine I got a little bit confused, I do understand what you said but is it the rule to always follow the season or is it also okay to wear some other colors that are not to see in the actual season? For example in the fall everything turns a bit darker and the day light is also getting less. People turn to not being that active and positive all the time, by wearing the same dark colors could make one even more depressed I think… so is it possible to effect human emotion with the colors we wear even that’s against the season? Thank you ?

  53. Hi Justine, I love your videos always and this one is great.
    I even love more your Vettrianos on the wall.

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