Good morning. So today I’m gonna show you guys all of the very unnecessary things that I didn’t really need, but I bought it anyways This is very collective if I bought all these things at the same time The bank would probably cancel my card because they think it’s stolen. All these things I bought online because I don’t like leaving my house The first thing that I got is this white little bustier cropped little thing has buttons in the front and then it ties on the sleeves, which is very Feminine. She a little showy but I got these gingham shorts which are cuffed at the bottom and then it cinches at the top and Um, it’s very flowy. Very loose. I hate wearing pants. I hate wearing clothes in general I also got this little Linen dress up these little straps that tie in a bow on the sleeves and then it just has stripes going down Which is very flattering and I really like this and it’s not too short So parent appropriate. I also got a bikini top from them. It’s like a bandeau style with straps Can we just take a moment to appreciate the confused look on my face when I’m describing clothes It’s a baby blue color with a sheen to it So it’s really really pretty. I didn’t think to get the matching bottoms and now I can’t find them So I guess I’ll just have to only wear the top This is from Forever 21’s denim collection, it’s like a denim overall dress and it has pockets on the side I think this would be really cute Um, Why I just said cute? This is perfect if you’re going to the beach or you’re just Staying at home, like me. I ordered the bikinis from acacia swimwear and I will never understand why Bikinis are sold in separate pieces. It’s the government. So, I got a matching set. The top looks like this has a knot in the front and in the back is just like that And it makes your boobs look really good. So that’s kind of why- and the bottoms look like this I’m not trying these on. I also got another bikini bottom from them. It looks like this it’s a little cheeky. I got this little tank top from Urban Outfitters It’s black and it’s ribbed and it flows out at the bottom Which is really flattering. And then the front kind of scoops down and it makes your boobs look good I also got this striped shirt which I don’t remember ordering, but I’m kind of cool with it. It’s a plain t-shirt with stripes So nothing too special about it, but I like it I saw this dress and it was screaming my name. It’s a yellow gingham dress and the back is cinched at the top and it’s really really summery and nice looking and adorable if I went on cute little dates, I’d wear this but um I don’t go on dates and I probably never will I also got this red tube top which honestly I could probably just go to Walmart and sew some fabric together and make the exact Same thing. These next two things literally have no correlation with a summer haul. It’s this pullover Sweatshirt and it has stripes on the sleeves and then it zippers up in the front and I really like this style When am I gonna wear this? I don’t know. I also got a pair of sweat pants which… Why? I bought this in a size up So I got it in a size large because I have really long legs and it’s still too short So in the summer time, I really like wearing tank tops just because it gets really hot It’s this little eyelet cropped tank top in this beautiful majestic Mustard color and it has buttons going down in the front and it cinches in the back This is really flattering and then I liked this one so much I went back online and I got the same one in the white color I think white is a really flattering color in the summer time because if you have a tan, it looks really nice. I also got this black pink top from garage and the front has like a knot which is you’re really cute and the main reason I got this Is because I don’t have to wear a bra with it, which is really convenient because I hate wearing bras I also ordered some stuff from their swim line because it’s really affordable but really Cute I got this yellow top which reverses to white but I got foundation all over the white side because I Suck. and in the straps were very bad straps were very badI it is 3 o’clock in the morning And I just realized that I said my straps were very bad. I Don’t understand. And it makes me feel like a bumble bee they have really good one pieces on their site So I got this one which isn’t my style. It’s a color block 2 gingham and then black on the bottom It has a circle so that’s gonna be a really lovely tan Just a giant circle on my stomach and then the front tied like this I think this is so I’m gonna say okay, I’m gonna say it. It’s really really cute It kind of gives me old-school vibes, which I really like, but I probably wouldn’t wear this to the beach Where are you gonna wear it sis?? To the store?? The last swimsuit that I got from them is this black one piece. I posted a couple of pictures in it on my Instagram The shape of this literally looks like a slice of pizza on camera I think black one pieces are kind of like a staple because you can wear as a bodysuit or you can wear it as a swimsuit And this one is really flattering because it has like an open back also The reason I got these two one pieces is because the butt part of it is parent appropriate. This is probably the most basic purchase I’ve ever made I was influenced. These are the Nike Air They’re just plain white bulky shoes, but I really like them because they go with every outfit including dresses They look like this little story time I actually had to go to the men’s side of the store to get these because they didn’t have my size in women’s This is the first thing it’s a very little top so doesn’t cover very much the front ties in a bow Which I really like and then I just really like this color for the summer You can also go braless with this top I got this little white dress from Princess Polly’s. It’s perfect for the beach or just to use as a cover-up It’s kind of see-through, but I don’t really care. It has really nice crochet detailing throughout the dress This is really easy to throw on. It doesn’t feel like you’re wearing clothes. So I’m all for it So I got this tank top. I don’t even know if this is a tank top I don’t think it’s a tank top Basically, you put it on like this and then it ties in the front kind of a little boobage going on Which my mom didn’t like but I’m sorry the last thing I got from Princess Polly. Is this pair of overalls? It’s kind of like lower overalls. So it kind of stops like over here So it doesn’t go up all the waves in this cream color. It has pockets in the front I rolled up the bottoms to make it a little bit shorter trying to change up my wardrobe a little bit instead of just having Such basic pieces and trying to make them a little more interesting. So I think this is perfect for the summer I am literally sweating. I’m not glowing this is It’s all sweat that is it for my summer haul. I hope you guys enjoyed this video Thanks so much for watching. If you guys stayed till this point the video first of all, you’re amazing. You’re awesome. You’re so cool and second of all comment down below Eggplant, here’s today’s babe of the week. Thank you guys so much for tagging me and your edits you guys I really appreciate and I love you so much If you like me or you like this video or you don’t then you should just subscribe anyways Because people love free things and uh it’s free. Thank you so much for watching and I hope you have an amazing rest of your day

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  1. I'm watching this now becauseI need more stores to shop at and IM 5'7 which is kinda tan for my age and legs take up ,out of my body and I have to find sneakers in the mens section toooo so I thought I was alone but im not ayeee

  2. No hate but the reason bikinis are sold separately is because someone might have a small waist but large chest

  3. …and I will never understand why bikinis are sold separately…it's the government…..I think every girl is tired of this bikini shit

  4. “i will never understand why bikinis are sold in separate pieces” as a small girl with huge boobs i just want to say that it’s literally the best thing in the world

  5. 50% creeepy fucking guys coming to jerk off, the other 50% girls that actually need clothes for summer and have nothing

  6. Synonyms of cute:
    endearing, adorable, lovable, sweet, lovely, appealing, engaging, delightful, dear, darling, winning, winsome, charming, enchanting, you;

  7. bikinis are sold in separate pieces because some people might be small on the top and large on the bottom (or vice versa) if you know what I mean??

  8. Bikinis are sold in separate pieces so if you have small boobs and a big butt (or vis versa, whatever features that might not “match”)you can get whatever fits your body. Personally I’m part of the ibtc and my butt is not itty bitty so this is helpful for me.

  9. Everytime Ava says "it makes your boobs look great" i get sad because i have no boobies. Is this relatable?? 😂

  10. Ava, this ones for you lol
    synonyms for cute:
    And yes i looked them up 🙂

  11. cute -endearing, adorable, lovable, sweet, lovely, appealing, engaging, delightful, dear, darling, winning, winsome, charming, enchanting

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