Summer Vegetable Lasagne | Jamie Oliver

Summer Vegetable Lasagne | Jamie Oliver

Guys, we’re gonna do lasagne in under
half an hour. This is a beautiful vegetable spring/summer lasagna. It’s gonna blow you away. We’ve got some asparagus, two bunches, about 700 grams. I’m gonna give this a wash first. You take the tips off of these. Push that to
one side and forget about it for the moment. Then, I’m just going to kind of
slice these big bunches up, right, and this is going to go in the base of our
lasagna filling. So, in this pan here that is heating up. Olive oil goes in, about 4
or 5 tablespoons. We go straight in with the stalks. They’re gonna go sweet and
creamy and delicious. Toss that up. Next thing, spring onions. Get rid of those ends. And if you need to peel them back, just pull them back like that. The rest
are pretty good. I’m just going to slice these up. We need a pinch of salt going
in there and a little bit of pepper. Nice. I want six cloves of garlic. Now we’re
starting to bring flavour into this story. We’re using anchovies. Little tin. Put some of the oil in and about four or five anchovy fillets go in. If you’re veggie, just leave them out. You will never ever taste fish or anchovies,
right, trust me. It will disintegrate and melt into just, like, a big punch of
flavour. The zest of half a lemon will just give an elegance to it. Put a little
splash of water in, just so it’s softening everything nicely,. Just a little splash there. Come full whack. I’m just gonna let this sweat off. Add to
this 500 grams of frozen peas and then this is 300 grams of broad beans going in. So, mix that up a nice big handful of lovely fresh mint. Just chop it up. We’re also going to go in with 300 millilitres of single cream. I’m going to add about
300 mils of chicken stock. You can keep it veggie by all means. I’m using chicken
stock because I’m not a veggie and it will give a little bit more flavour. Let that come to the boil. Perfect. I’m using cottage
cheese which, of course, is not Italian but it does have that melt-ability of
mozzarella. And then the slushie bit of the cheese has that lovely creaminess which is kind of similar to a béchamel. Just stir that in. Get a little masher
and just mash through it. It gives it a bit of a texture so it goes a little bit
thicker. I’ve got a nice roasting tray, on a medium heat. I want to take 1/4 of
this filling and put it in this tray. Then, I’m gonna use lasagna sheets. I’m gonna put a nice layer, there. Get your parmesan, give it a good grating all over. Put your filling on top of your pasta like that, about 3 ladles per layer. Let’s get that last little bit in there like that. And then a nice generous cheese
portion. And then all I would say, just add a little bit of water just here and
there, just to make sure that it’s really bubbling around the sides of the pasta. And, of course, what’s gonna happen in the grill and now– I’m going to turn
this on full whack now so we’re getting some ferocious heat going. What’s gonna
happen is it will suck up all of that excess moisture and just be dense and
sort of gorgeous. So, the last three bits of lasagne go in. A nice little trick
here I’ve got the cottage cheese going in. I just want to let that down with a
tiny little bit of water and this is our final layer, okay. So, we’re gonna just
pour that cottage cheese let down in the middle, right. We haven’t got to make any
béchamel, just move this in and around. It’s boiling,
it’s blipping. You know, the pasta sheets are sucking out all of that lovely, minty,
sort of, you know, cheesy, gorgeous juice. Put a nice layer of parmesan on the last bit. Just get your asparagus tips here. Just drizzle them with some olive oil. Get a little bit of thyme and, of course, a little pinch of salt, otherwise
it’s going to be bland. And then just put the whole of these asparagus on the top. Just bring that to a final boil. Then we take it out, we turn it off and we
put it under the grill to gratinate. Yes! There you go. Look at that colour. You know,
you can see that kind of cream cheese has gone oozy and melty and cloddy. Beautiful homemade lasagne in half an hour. Happy days.

100 thoughts on “Summer Vegetable Lasagne | Jamie Oliver

  1. He is definitly not using all of the stalks, as the video cuts right just there and we're not seeing any in the pan, though he says "then we can cut the rest of the stalks.."
    Nice recipe though.

  2. Looks lovely, but in America most of our 9 by 13s are glassware not meant to take the heat of a stove top.

  3. É eu sou um bom pastor é que naquele tempo eu era só uma criança achava um pouco entediante e monótono. Já faz um bom tempo Jamie, consegue voltar subir o morro e encarar o Leão do velho palco ?

  4. It doesn't matter if you Will never taste the fish, only the knowledge that They are there makes me want to puke. I almost did while watching you put them in. So yucky.

  5. It does look good, although I actually reckon this would work pretty well with a bit of tomato added to it, a little too green at the minute. Looks great and will definitely try though

  6. What's the point of adding anchovies if you're 'not going to taste them'. Just use salt. Cheaper and better for our oceans.

  7. I was interested in the name of the video. However, way too much water. If you are making fast food then that is cool. Slow cooking and a slow life style is the best.

    I am not an active Chef, at the moment. However I spent time cooking in North America, Switzerland and Asia.

    Kind of mix things up these days.

  8. Almost every night… same thing. Watch these vids and eat crap. Tonight is a bag of popcorn and a diet coke. Maybe someday Ill actually try to cook one of these…

  9. Top cooking of super teacher …vegetables food only very good because all of by hands made was me loving …^_^because how passable designs vegetables only to be easy by hands made feeling healthy …^_^
    God Blass good lucky to you&yourself family forever always…^_^

  10. My dude Jamie. Don't cut the video at the very best moment. Give us a few more seconds to enjoy the end product!

  11. Anchovies?…..Garden peas?……..Cottage Cheese?

    This has to be a joke – yuck. Several other ingredients are weird too.

    No zucchini, no tomatoes, no spinach, no ricotta, no capsicum.

    Worst veg lasagne ever.

  12. Chicken stock and dead fish. I think you should avoid misleading titles since vegetarians would want vegetable recipes, not vegetables interspersed with dead animals.

  13. Honestly, he should have let the sauce thicken or at least put something to thicken it. If you don't make this right, it will be a watery disaster.

  14. Hi Jimmie, Isn't this a vegetable dish… Why does it have fish in it! This isn't very fair, Jimmie…

  15. I use cottage cheese a lot when making a vegetarian lasagne. I also substitute it for ricotta cheese which I don’t like.

  16. I made it today and it turned it pretty awesome ! The lemon zest , thyme and mint gave it a lovely flavour . I added crushed green chilli for some extra spice . Thank you for sharing this recipe !!!

  17. It’s generally a good one, but lower ends of asparagus need to be peeled otherwise it’s too hard to chew on it. Another thing, is quantity of water, i followed the recipe and it didn’t absorb fully for me so it was a little watery.

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