SUMMER WALKER WITH USHER “COME THRU” Did that guy just say revenge is a dish best served The revengeance Everyone else called them the revenger Avenger people now. I’m just playing what do revenge a crew man. Always glad to have you guys here. Thanks for Appreciate that now I’m at you know What time it is if you hear we are there some more Avengers and we do it live I don’t reaction videos I’m in manbo. Feel free to follow me on your social media of of notes. You can find me on Instagram action I want to give you two choices you run an Instagram at Merrill productions. You can find me on Twitter at Merrill product Uno I am here solo dolo without a bolo tonight as though the wife. My partner in crime and co-host is getting her rest game up so you can catch her if you want to say hi and hope she’s feeling okay at NW trouble easy triple y right now, we’re gonna get into a little bit of summer Walker and you know, I’ve Kind of felt bad for her. She’s had some psychological issues Since kind of becoming more famous for those who don’t know. I think her big break was a joint She did. Uh sure you could ask me the name of the song. I could not assure. Excuse me Drink, I wanna say it’s like summer love but somebody I think it actually may be something fairly simple But either way her Instagram has been interesting on her life She at one point was really disrespectful about the city of Los Angeles because in her words it’s dirty and there’s a lot of bums which is a lot of America at this point and and she also had to cancel some tour performances because She was having social anxiety and you know performing in stadiums In huge crowds I could see that you know if you’re not Comfortable Being around large groups of people. I could see that being pretty frightening So good to see the music is continuing to move and come out and this one with the man her Actually already has about I think about two million views Just in the last day. So she’s really moving up in the world. That’s pretty good for her and let’s check out what she’s doing with the My way So, I think I said this on our last video we did her hers She sounds a lot like brandy to me with a more powerful voice. I always felt like Brandy’s voice is great I just didn’t feel like it was Super powerful, but her voice is like man. It’s really really good and I do like to flip so far I thought I was gonna have a problem with you make me want to flip I was like, oh Please but she’s doing a great job So in the morning just a game song she’s cool keeper Anything happens between us be sure utensils now before I pulled out this car the only things comes But I was good man, he still looks really young and I like pee I like the beard all We’ve seen confessions we heard the songs Yeah, we know chilly you hurt chilly we didn’t forget about that also I like these during a lot actually I’m not I’m not a huge R&B fan but this all works. Well, she sounds amazing. The verses were both good meaningful. This is freedom Like that He gotta be like 78 Future started that trend and they won’t let it die. You ever seen me with a sheriff had knock that shit off my The video was But you know, they’re sound together and bringing the nostalgic feel. Do you make me wanna her voice is powerful his voice still sounds great Just a super dope track. The track is by far innate in me. I would listen to this again And you know if I heard this come on the radio, I’m letting it play this. This is a great song Uh, she’s still doing his thing. He’s gotta be well into his forty summer Walker’s dope. What’s your favorite summer Walker song? Let me do some more her music and she doesn’t better look at Mm-hmm. So let me know what summer Walker joints I need to Review react to next and what you think it is man you like you like old school? Uh, sure How old are y’all man? Y’all nose crushers did the young do with the you chain on like young man? Anyway, you’re rocking with this man. If you’ve enjoyed this video, you gotta hit the thumbs up button It’s not that harder to take you by a milisecond movie that little mouse Hit that button if you don’t like we do the same thing, but if you don’t like me do it some anger like mash it and Hit the subscribe button If you enjoyed this we go live me and my lovely wife miss and Weezy go live every Friday at 8:30 Mountain Standard Time if you are an artist you make music go ahead and send us your music will review it live and Directly will look you in the eye as we tell you we hate it You can send that to ESM our zero seven seven five at gmail.com. It’s also in the description below We are there some are vendors and I will see you lovely people next video


  1. Usher don’t have herpes it was all lies, that chick got caught on video saying her and Usher never had unprotected sex. I was enjoying your video till i heard that part of it, y’all need to stop believing everything you hear on Social media, they tried to destroy that mans image, but they couldn’t Usher still that dude #periodtt

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