37 thoughts on “Summer Walker – CPR (Official Music Video)

  1. So girl, one on one.
    Are you really about to stop music?!
    Nooo please don't ?
    I love you and your music. Don't stop.

  2. Too bad she hates show biz. She’s a true talent and this album is FIRE!!!
    Too short though!!!
    She has a disorder and is terrified of being in public, that’s too bad.

  3. I know she is grown but this was a little much for me to watch because she looks 14
    great song.. I hope she keeps making music

  4. Are we gonna talk about how this song is about a guy that saved her from ending her life like she was worth something his love saved her life I feel this song in my soul ❤️?

  5. Damn! I love this song. Feeling this right now. Y'all better support summer. I don't want her to be a casualty of this industry. ?❤️

  6. Caught me at the right time baby (Oh)
    I was at the edge, I was at the end
    Made me feel like there is life worth living
    Made me feel alive oh yeah
    Turn me on my side

    Baby, where would I be 
    without your love beside me? Oh
    Baby where would I be? 
    Probably gone, oh

    'Cause it feels like CPR
    'Cause it feels like CPR

    Mm, make me love again like
    Notice I can't stand you, oh
    I don't wanna talk about it
    But no one understands me, no
    You're the only one I'm confidin' to darlin', oh
    Only really need to love to you babe

    Push your love on all my days
    How you fix my heart, oh darling
    Everything I've done you knew you known
    I ain't really never had a home
    Damn I really hate feeling alone
    Maybe you could make me feel at home, baby

    I hate feeling alone
    I hate feeling alone, baby oh
    I hate feeling alone
    I hate feeling alone, baby

    I need you here at home, baby
    You're the only one who knows
    You're the only one who knows

    Where would I be, be?

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