Summer Walker – Girls Need Love ft. Drake (Lyrics in CC)

Summer Walker – Girls Need Love ft. Drake (Lyrics in CC)

Honestly Honestly, I’m tryna stay focused
You must think I’ve got to be joking when I say I don’t think I can wait
I just need it now
Better swing my way I just need some dick
I just need some love Tired of fucking with these lame niggas baby
I just need a thug Won’t you be my plug aye
You could be the one aye We could start with a handshake baby
I’ma need more than a hug Girls can’t never say they want it
Girls can’t never say how Girls can’t never say they need it
Girls can’t never say now Girls can’t never say they want it
Girls can’t never say how Girls can’t never say they need it
Girls can’t never say now, oh now Give it to me like you need it, baby
Want you to hear me screaming, heavy breathing I don’t need a reason baby
I want it ’till you can’t fight I can give it to you right babe oh
I wanna be your healing I can be real good
Please don’t get in your feelings Aye, I need some lo-o-o-o-ove (x3) Aye, and you can’t judge (I won’t) You don’t really call on me like you should
Link up, I roll through the hood
Problems but everything’s all good my love Your nigga doesn’t want smoke with me, nah, no way
Trust me it’s all okay, trust me it’s all
You just need some, someone that’s calm and patient Submission, domination
Arched back, deep stroke, white wine, weed smoke, that’s my best comination You just need some, dick with no complications
You just need some, you just need some, late night attention, uncondition All that you’re missing my babe
Fucked up, shouldn’t even have to justify I get it I’m on your side, guys get their way all the time
Besides, pleasure not meant for one side
You should just do what’s best for your mind How about I just take my time?
You call up my line, I fall up inside you
Girls need love too I know Girls need love too (Yeah)
Girls, girls need love too
Girls need love (Let me tell you something) Girls need love (Girls need loving too)
Girls need love too
So what’s a girl to do when she needs loving too

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  2. ?but drake said its not lonely at the top. He said to trust him.. So now im confused. Is he lonely or not? I need answera drake lol

  3. Drake sounds boring in this song, plus he knows he's lying. "Guys get their way all the time," whatever. Typical BS pandering.

  4. This is the Hottest Fucking Jam out to me Hands Down….Damnnnnn Summer & Drake…This Shit FIRE

  5. This song is tough as hell! She did her thing!!! This that thank me now/ take care vibe drizzy. ???

  6. Women are too proud these days to say what they want and need you're demanding you don't display vulnerability which is the crown of your femininity you're too agressive that stifles the beauty of your natural femininity

  7. Alrite why doesn't the radio play these types of songs?? Loved the song but not Drakes part. I feel like he's not meant to sing slow R&B songs.

  8. Just not enough of that Verse Drake, come on man, how many times should I repeat this song. I've written books in my head and contemplated many scenarios based on this song already .FIREEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

  9. I saw Drake at the APC store in Soho NYC, I had an interview there. he was standing at the register waiting to purchase and was right there beside him waiting for the manager. i just gave him the wassup head nod and thats it. I really didnt pay him any mind. i could see him looking back and forth at me from the corner of my eye. he had that does this guy not know that im Drake kinda confused stare. why isnt he asking for pic or autograph.

    seeing him was very regular to me. TV and media creates the hype.

  10. Chicks always say they want a thug TILL they get one?????? if they was smart(this goes for guys too) look up the history and meaning of where this word comes from and they would stop using it

  11. THUG…LOVE ?!? Thats a Oxymoron not mention she needs a thug and got Drake on this song … Ha lmao

  12. Honestly, I was trying to stay focused in studying by listening to this song
    But I'm fucked up by realizing opposite lyrics..

  13. I keep getting bullied but this song helps me catch a vibe and hang in there …If ur getting bullied too hang in there u will get thru it …love from London

  14. Of course lots of people like this song. It spews typical, stupid PC crap. Of course a woman lies and describes a way that men "have it better" than women and of course there is a man on the song pandering.

  15. The song is tight, but the lyrics are wack! Setting the scene for baby mamas and absentee baby daddies! Wake up Black folk, nobody else music sing dumbass lyrics teaching our teen casual sex is a good look for women. ?

  16. When I first hear this song on the radio I know it was Drake but I didn't know who sings this song but I love the girl that sings she killed it I love this song I played it over and over on the radio a light Drake this is a hit song I Love

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