100 thoughts on “Summer Walker – Girls Need Love (Live From Jimmy Kimmel Live!/2019)

  1. I’m fine with her stage appearance. That voice is enough she just has to sing🎤 what’s all the media fuss about?? WoW

  2. I hope she stays off social media the words that comes out that mouth changes what I see even when she's performing!!! F around and it'll honestly be last day of summer ! That anxiety telling you to show off ya underwear hu!

  3. I see what people been saying about how she almost looks like a different person everytime i see her….dope performance 😉

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  5. I would love to see her live and with this voice and music…all she gotta do is stand there and sing as far as I’m concerned. When you’re this talented and you have a great band and background singers…YOU CAN JUST SING, and REAL FANS WILL LOVE THAT🥰🥰🥰

  6. Yes yes yes yes.go girl,go girl!Man,real,real,real,real.If ya feel me say yes!😂I mean if ya feeling her say yes,she the one who sang the song .This some real S***

  7. She didn't have to get glamed up but she could of took that hood off her head 🥴🥴🥴 shit cringey but her vocals were beautiful 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤞🏻

  8. She’s very talented and at least she’s able to overcome her fears enough for her to sing and make a career cause I’m so shy I always wanted to sing and so many people including my parents always said I could make a career and I was in a group but every time we had to perform in public I would run hide and for some reason whenever I sing in front of people I’m not used to my voice won’t be strong as it usually is. I hate being so shy and I’m 47 now but I’m still very very shy and a lot of people take it as I’m stuck up but I’m not

  9. Jimmy is great for letting her perform the way she would like instead of the way the industry tries to portray her

  10. Love this… is it just me or most of these young rnb female artist sound sooo much alike now a days I can’t even tell the difference between them lol

  11. She don’t look nor sound nervous . I think she didn’t realize what the fame comes with 💯 a lot of people don’t realize.

  12. For real, she should set her tour up just like this and maybe remix the set up at each stop. This is one of few times she’s seemed comfortable.

  13. Lived this set. Very unique. Totally felt the vibe. When women are in their feelings writing music, poetry, listening to music, etc… In their zone.

    This the vibe.

  14. Nobody expects her to be Beyoncé; people DO expect stage presence. (And that’s a fair thing to expect to see from a singer- especially a new artist.) She’s not on Aretha or Sadé’s level yet; where she can stand like a statue, sing & no one would question it. She could perform something like Sia or H.E.R. to ease her anxiety. Seeing her perform as a mannequin, like she did on Jimmy Fallon is not helping her brand.

  15. Yo, this is actually a better performance than any of her recent ones. Hmmm… that's interesting to me. Not saying her anxiety isn't legit. I truly believe it is. But it looks like she is a bit more Timid nowadays when performing this is me just comparing her recent Jimmy Fallon performance to this one. She looked more comfortable here.

  16. She looks different now….she's different now. I feel like they're trying to mold her into something that she's just not comfortable with it

  17. Ok this is interesting. In the recent Jimmy Fallon performance, it looked like she didn't even want to be there and couldn't move….people are of course saying she gives performances like that because of her anxiety. But here she is on Jimmy Kimmel in February and the performance was fine. Even if she was nervous, she was at least engaged in the performance and the song, and it looked like she actually wanted to be there. I think people are using the anxiety reason too much to pass her recent bad performances because this performance here shows she is capable.

  18. I want that 90s sound back these girls don’t sound good no more. No soul or thought are put into are music anymore.

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