Summer Walker – Stretch You Out ft. A Boogie wit da Hoodie

Summer Walker – Stretch You Out ft. A Boogie wit da Hoodie

97 thoughts on “Summer Walker – Stretch You Out ft. A Boogie wit da Hoodie

  1. I just had to come over here and get me some perspective .Summer is going through it at he moment and I feel so bad about it- I hope she finds her way ,even if the music industry is not for her she will have left us with some fire music. Much Love Summer 😘

  2. She doesn't deserve her spot!! So many have talent and amazing voices and stronger confidence than her and deserve her spot. Just because she got her ass and boobs done and can sing she got her spot!??? She better get over her god damn anxiety and move over ! That's why certain people are STARS! Because they can do what everyone else CANT! GFTO

  3. Damn do her tracks have social radio airwaves anxiety too why her damn tracks so damn short like a commercial…dammit can we have one long enough where i can drive to the damn corner sto 😭😭😭😭😭

  4. Lawd, The Baby fine and thuggish just like I likem. From personal experience females thugs r super soft but bold, authentic and will fight for her nigga if she had too which a nigga wouldn't let her do. thug bitches are humble, conscious, sweet hearts and are out laws which make them thug out. Do not misconstrue the definition of a thug with what y'all bama ass hoes and niggas think. Only thugs can relate ya dig…

  5. So for those of you saying that there needs to be a genius(explain the lyrics) piece there is. The song is about her experience in a past relationship where so much was expected of her but not much was given in return. By the end of the song she is deciding that man aint worth it

  6. LOVED the video but am I the only one that doesn’t understand how someone with social anxiety was a former stripper? Like how can she perform on a pole but not on stage? 🤔 She can clearly slay on the pole….where does the performance anxiety come in, sis? Summer, my Queen….make it make sense.

  7. "wwEe GOt lOndOnN Oon tHe TraCk"… Ok who gives a fuck, that really messes up the whole mood of the song 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  8. Must follow share 4 share he got you 🗣💪💯

  9. Hope y’all know Summer is a dude and is the one doing the “Stretching out” so pay attention and wake up if u sleepwalking on summer walker.

  10. I like Summer but, I'm tilting my head left and right even holding my phone upside down and right side up to find the anxiety and I just can't find it anywhere. The Video is dope I love the pole dancing.

  11. I think what she means by “we gon stretch you out” is her and her pussy is gonna wear him thin like stress him out or get him mad but idk lol

  12. This sound nice n all but what is she singin bout?! it sound toxic as hell idk what this wave is. A nigga gettin on my nerves like this im out ✌

  13. Dear Summer Walker I LOVE your voice can you make your songs a little longer I be feeling your music but it be ending to soon 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  14. Wait you have social anxiety and was a whole damn stripper …..wth she don't got no anxiety she just nervous. 😂😂😂

  15. She legit just full spread eagled right in his face… i wonder how hard he was inhaling at that exact moment- nigga's nostrils was puttin in some work for real.

  16. This song brought sum moves out my lazy Ass I didn’t know I was capable of doing😂 lort someone come thru with the holy water lmfao

  17. When your playing all the shit but your man is playing the PlayStation with his buddy's and I'm on crown. In my feelings. 😆

  18. BET after dark vibe. 🔥 he stretched me out minus the negative 💦 everything he do he do perfectly he be in my body like surgery 😩

  19. Happy New Year. 2020 speaks Success take advantage. If you feel no one cares. Care for yourself. Not everyone will root for you. Show and tell was always bomb in school catch my drift.

  20. Clearly people hating on miss summer her hole album is smooth……..I hope to hear more from her I most definitely would purchase her music

  21. It saddens my heart that these prostitutes are crossing over into music and promoting sexual violence, perversion, and prostitution. And for those artists that aren't crossing over, the industry is grooming them for prostitution, porn, and sexual violence and perversion. It angers me that women are being sexualized and treated this way, but it angers me even more that many women are now doing this to themselves and trying to promote themselves and gain fame in this way

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