Summer Walker Wins Best New Artist Award! | Soul Train Awards 2019

Summer Walker Wins Best New Artist Award! | Soul Train Awards 2019

Hi. Um… thank you so much. I didn’t expect this. Um, thank you, LVRN, and thank you,
London on Da Track. Um, I really appreciate it. (laughs) (cheering, applause)

100 thoughts on “Summer Walker Wins Best New Artist Award! | Soul Train Awards 2019

  1. Even some of your biggest artists still get nervous. Some will even say while giving their speech that they're quite nervous. So this would clearly be even more intense for someone with social anxiety. I do still feel like if she hasn't learned how to cope or have more control over it then she shouldn't have signed…..

  2. Y’all would not be having this same energy if a cop had social anxiety. She shouldn’t have signed, especially without proper A&R development. She wants the money + fame without putting in the work. This is NO EXCUSE to do such a poor job for a service fans paid for, period

  3. More dumbass commentary, if only y’all could open your minds enough to be able to conceptualize the amount of talented ppl that live their lives on this planet without showcasing themselves exactly because of what this girl is going through right here. Everything isn’t about fame, but the latter of y’all will never understand

  4. As someone who has social anxiety, I can definitely tell you that she's serious when she says that she suffers from this stuff. I sometimes have to walk away mid-conversation with even family members because of very uncomfortable physical sensations so the fact that she's able to do what she's done is amazing.

  5. Listen… I'm convinced that this HEFFA does what she wants to do… she selective as to what she will and will not do… she ain't fooling no body over here. 🤔🙄

  6. I didnt even know she was a stripper. Im not one to judge. If i could, i would strip too but I wonder how she was able to do that but suffers from SA. That’s sooooo odd…

  7. Well since she got social anxiety can we plz get a new artist who dont have it like Ari Lennox. Ppl shouldn't have pay for concert tickets and tour tickets to go see her and then she doesnt stay for the whole event. Great music dont stop at Summer we need to make more room for real artist performance.

  8. Stay Woke People! We Are Looking At A VERY Young Girl Who In My Opinion Does Not Even Seem Like She's 18 Years Of Age Yet. It's Not To Much Of Social Anxiety We're Seeing In Her But The Shyness And Nervousness Of A Young Girl Who Is Being Put In Front Of The Whole World To Pose As A Grown Woman. Look Closer People! ****She's Doing Alot Of Lying. This Girl Was Never A Stripper

  9. Lmaoooooo people always look like a bad bih on social media. twerking and jerking and then can barely get two words out in person. You all talk about “social anxiety”, yet she was exactly like this in a camera interview too. She’s just really slow guys, but a great musician. Remember the guy recently from America’s got talent. Yeah, that.

  10. I have social anxiety, this is not social anxiety. If she truly had social anxiety she just wouldn't of showed up. She really just seems like she's on drugs. People need to stop trying to self diagnose themselves with mental illnesses they know nothing about. She just comes off as unrealistic in the way she's trying to portray social anxiety.

  11. Summer probably went because she wanted the opportunity and didn't think she'd win. Despite having an amazing album that has been out for a month.

    From a girl with social anxiety. I can tell you that it sucks having it.
    I always feel like a grown woman but it's times like these that I feel myself to sinking down to feeling like I'm a little girl again. It's embarrassing to feel so vulnerable at times. I know she felt the same.

    I know Summer will forever cringe from embarrassment from this video but she deserved that award!

    Thanks for sharing your voice with us, Summer.

  12. Damn. I see from the comments that humans are just weird. There is no take away here. Just weird animals making statements.

  13. I feel ya girl….. my anxiety is so bad….. I have to self train myself to be able to talk in front of people. The hardest thing is no one really understands especially if you’re pretty…..

  14. As a person clinically diagnosed with anxiety i can see that she really took a big step by coming there and being on stage so for that! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  15. She barely said anything because her anxiety (which is fine) and Ariana Grande was pretty nervous at the vmas but spoke a but longer. So why was ariana seen as cute and summer is seen as stuck up?

  16. But isn’t London on the track her man?!? I’m only laughing because she didn’t even feel comfortable saying his name. But social anxiety is real. Hope she gets through it

  17. Doesn't like to be social active and definitely has no stage presence BUT wears something that barely is holding your boobs in which clearly is an attention seeker outfit!🤔I'm so confused! 🤷🏾‍♀️

  18. Awww her Solar Plexus Chakra is blocked. Hope she gets the proper healing she needs to overcome this Social Anxiety.🙏🏽💛💛💛

  19. Most people that are making jokes about her social anxiety would’ve done the same thing had they been in front of millions of people instead of talking big behind a phone screen….smh

  20. I sucked at public speaking, so this would've been tragic for me. My voice cracks and knees buckle whenever I speak in front of a large crowd. She did better than me. They would've had to revive me at the first step.

  21. I know she makes fun of herself now and she’s a meme in the black community but fr we need to take things like this seriously. the black community almost “don’t believe” in mental illnesses and disorders. Anyway, enjoy the video 😂

  22. Everyone stand up and give this young lady a louder round of applause please 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾.

  23. She Is The Embodiment of The Role That This Girl played In Empire..When Precious(Not Her Character Name)Hired The Internet Sensation And Terri(Not Her Character Name) Didn't Agree. Either Way the Chick Had Straight Anxiety Issues And Couldn't Perform Outside Her Bedroom in front of Ppl At All…..Need To Go Back To When Ppl Sang On The Train Platforms and Bus Stations, At Least It Taught You To Deal With Ppl And How To Except Constructive Criticism….Damn Socialebrities Everybody Famous Now😑😔😣🤷🏾‍♂️

  24. It is OK to make memes and laugh for gods sake 😂 y’all going in on these people in the comments when she laughed at her anxiety herself 😭 and I wish y’all would stop throwing out the race card when anxiety is not an ethnic mental issue.

  25. I just know if she was white she would not be receiving this much backlash. You guys also need to understand this is her first time doings this….

  26. Her anxiety makes her unique as an artist to everyone and it shouldn't and she really does need some help. You can tell something is not right. She's not supposed to be famous for anxiety she needs help from it. She is supposed to be famous for her music and talents. Anxiety shouldn't define her or anyone. I hate how people are making it like it's a gift and they make fun of it. I commend her bravery though. 😓😒

  27. I have had the worst anxiety and still do. You still should be grateful enough to understand everyone there wants to see u on stage to make an acceptance. You knew you was going to the event plus getting nominated. Any cautious person use better judgement and practice so you can not be so overwhelmed with other people thoughts or ur own. Example of ppl wanting the world to change for them. It can now cause ppl can relate to her.🦋🙏🖤

  28. The depression wave coming to a end. The new wave is social anxiety, 😂
    I know it's real but all of a sudden everybody and they momma have it

  29. People like to comment on the fact she was a stripper or that this all seems like a recent occurrence of anxiety for show I say you don't know her or her struggle. So what she use to be nude in front of groups of people anxiety is different for all of us

  30. Me And Her Are Most Definitely More Alike Then I Thought I Suffer From Anxiety And Trust Me We Wish We Weren’t This Way But We Just Are

  31. i truly don’t understand. she performs shows that have way more people attending than this. i have an anxiety disorder so i understand the pressure but she didn’t even thank her fans. she does shoots and music videos and posts so confident but receiving an award, where she’s being appreciated and it being deserved and she is acting like that? i really am so confused

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