Hello guys, today I am back with another video, and I need to be more pumped up. Hello guys today I am going to be showing you my summer workout routine This is basically like what I do every day And I’ll kind of explain what I do First we’ll talk about how often I work out, so I work out anywhere from five to seven days a week Do you need to do that? No, it’s just for me, during the summer I have so much time on my hands that like it’s nice If I can like start out my day, or like, you know like my afternoon kind of like doing something productive So that’s why I personally work try to work out as often as possible. During the school year and stuff like that I do Not do that I work out kind of as much as I can fit into my schedule and usually I work out for about an hour or Yeah, bout an hour basically. I break it down like this: First I start out with Cardio, and I use two of four machines. Start out with 20 minutes of two different machines of my choice. The four machines that I usually use are the stair climber, the treadmill, the elliptical, and the cycle thing. I will choose two of those things, so like let’s say I want to do the stair climber and the treadmill – let’s say I wanted to do those two so usually I’ll just do 10 minutes of each of those at like a high intensity. I’d rather do like more high intensity for shorter time than lower intensity for a long amount of time. I don’t know if anybody gives me I don’t know and I would say the best machine for cardio is the stair climber. Honestly I always like looked past this machine I was like that’s so dumb, like I’m never going to use that and it kicks my freaking a** like no joke, really it definitely does, it’s… it’s hard But um but it’s the best workout like I’ve definitely seen results from that more than any other form of Cardio machine So I definitely recommend that Usually I’ll alternate every other day, so I’ll do arms or upper body lower body upper body lower body every other day So on an upper body day I’ll do The things where you push out like this Um things where you pull down like this Oh, I do this one really pull it to your chest Okay Basically all the arm machines at my gym that I want to do and I’ll usually do three sets of ten or four sets of ten Depending on how energized am that day. Basically if you want to copy what I’m doing just do any of the arm weights that you like like literally and usually I’ll do anywhere from like three to five different machines and um yeah, so that’s what I do. If it’s leg day, I’ll Do the things where you push out with your legs? The things where you push in with your legs And then like the things where you do like the squat like the kind of like you like push out with your legs I don’t even know how to explain it. three sets of ten or four sets of ten and That’s what I do. Next I do more kind of individual sort of like exercises. I guess So I’ll do if it’s arm day I’ll do I like three different kinds of push-ups that I do: regular push-ups um Kind of like a V pushup It looks really awkward, but honestly it’s really hard, and it’s a good workout and then um last kind of push-up I do is seal push-ups and Those are pretty hard too. They don’t look hard, but they’re way harder than they look and I’ll do three sets of ten With like each so I’ll do each kind of push-ups ten times, and that’s one set and then I’ll do that three times I don’t know if that made sense, but whatever. I forgot to mention I have to do one more arm workout thing I basically take a towel, and I like drag myself across the floor like so. If it’s leg day, I’ll do three sets of ten of each of these things so I’ll do Regular squats, squats with like a bounce you’ll see, split squats where it’s like one leg split, And I’ll do that on each leg and then I’ll do that with like a bounce or like a pulse I don’t know or, I don’t know what you’d call that, but it’s kinda like a little bounce and then Split squats like jumping split squats, and then I’ll do jump squats And now I’ll do the fire hydrant things where you like lift your leg or whatever when you’re like on like on the ground And I do that. Last but not least I finish it all off with abs So basically I have two different ab workouts that I do, it kind of varies, one uses a weight I usually use a 16-pound like dumb, not dumb bell, but like a 16 pound like round weight. Sadly all that they had today was a 12 pound weight, so It’s going to have to do. It has two handles on it And I will do this whole workout while holding that 16 pound weight I do 10 of each of these exercises And I’ll usually do it three times one set would be me doing all of these ab exercises once and then I’ll do that three times So I’ll do V-ups V like flutter kick things sit-ups, crunches toe touches Jackknife Sit-Ups Russian twists and What’s the last thing like this like this thing I don’t u- I don’t use weights for this last exercise, but it’s like these like cross body sort of like bicycle things anyway So that’s that um like That’s that first ab workout, and I’ll do each one 10 times, okay whatever, and then my other ab workout is I use a yoga ball And I’ll do like knee crunches things, these like V up things These things where I like I’ll like tap my leg off the side Five times on each leg and that’s really hard Oh my God, and then last I’ll do crunches on the yoga ball And I do each of those exercises ten times except for the ones where I do where I put my leg off the side I do That five times per side that’s it for that one, and that’s like a more easy – it’s not really easy But that’s like a shorter one So that’s like if I’m kind of more tired or something or not in the mood um to do a harder workout But it’s still really hard and you’ll still feel the results So that is my workout routine for the summer as I said before I switch off between arm and leg days I don’t ever like combine arm and leg day, or it’s not really arm and leg day It’s like upper body lower body, but you get idea um Yeah, so that’s what I do I’m not like a fitness expert or something, doing this often has definitely made me more in shape for sure It’s definitely an effective Workout plan for me. I don’t know if it’s going to work for you I don’t know whatever but that’s what I do I hope you enjoyed this video if you did give it a big thumbs up subscribe To my channel check out my other videos. You know stalk me, whatever So I will see you soon

100 thoughts on “SUMMER WORKOUT ROUTINE 2017

  1. Iโ€™m not a fan of Emma I just have watched a few recent videos and now watching this one I like this normal Emma better who is actually being herself and not actively trying to be super quirky.

  2. girl if u actually worked out u would know what the exercises were called ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿฝโ€โ™€๏ธ

  3. Abs
    V ups
    Flutter kicks while in v up position
    Toe touches
    Russian twists
    Suit cases

  4. Emma does Not need to work out she is a freaking beautiful stick with a head

    No offence bcs I love her to death

  5. 5:17 you look like a spaz and you look like you drink too much coffee.. i still love you, no joke i had a dream i met you i was so happy i got your phone # then i woke up, then i cried….. a lot

  6. Watching this a lot later, I tried to do the workout but soon realized I don't have a gym membership and don't have machines at home so I can't do a lot haha.

    Edit: I already started to fail during the pushups

  7. upper body:
    machine chest press (chest)
    lat cable pulldown (back)
    machine row (back)

    lower body:
    hip abduction machine (hip abductors)
    hip adduction machine(hip adductors)
    leg press machine (quads mainly)

    20 minutes cardio
    10 minutes each machine: stairs, treadmill, eliptical, cycle

    push out
    pull down
    pull to the chest
    3/4 sets of 10

    push out
    push in
    3 sets of 10

    regular pushups
    V pushup
    seal pushup
    each kind of pushup 10 times and that's a set, do that 3 times

    3 sets of 10 of each
    regular squats with weights
    lunge/split squats
    jumping lunge/split squats
    regular squats but jumping
    fire hydrants
    with weights;
    3 sets of 10 each
    v ups w/ weights
    v flutter kicks
    sit ups
    toe touches
    jack knifes
    Russian twists

    this one, no weights cross body bicycle crunch

  9. Ow.
    I just did arms and abs and it was very difficult, but I'm going to stick with it.
    My arms are shaking and I couldn't even do the "V push-ups".

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