Summer’s Audition – The Next Step: Scholarship #2

Summer’s Audition – The Next Step: Scholarship #2

♪ You got moves
You got style ♪ [Stacy] Good morning, dancers. So what I’m going to do today,
I’m going to give you an emotion, and I’m gonna ask you to show me what that
means to you, through dance. Alright? You ready to start? [Amy] If you win, you get to work with
Miss Carpenter for a week in L.A. I think I have a really good shot at this. So, first off! Number 1, we have Summer. – Hi Summer.
– Hello! I want you to show me
the emotion ‘hope’ through dance. Okay! ♪ Don’t you worry about the rise and fall
‘Cause every moment has a place in time ♪ When I feel down, I try to think
of something positive. And that inspires my dancing. [ ♪ “Slow Motion” ♪ ] ♪ Gotta feel, gotta feel, gotta feel ♪ – [Amy] She’s really good.
– Mmm-hmm. [Stacy] So Summer, what is dancing to you? It’s telling a story, it’s making
people feel something. Because, to me that’s
the most important part. ♪ Don’t get complicated ♪ I think I definitely bring something
different to the table. And I want to harness that energy. ♪ Slow motion ♪ ♪ Movin’ in slow mo, slow mo, slow motion ♪ Thank you, Summer. Thank you. – Good job.
– Thank you! Summer is an amazing dancer. Can’t believe I have to follow her. I really hope I don’t embarrass myself. [Ozzy] Then, I see The Fixer. Her reputation
is almost as big as Stacy Carpenter’s. – [Kingston] Who is that?
– That’s Miss Angela. She’s a fixer. I have no idea what a fixer is! What’s a fixer? Someone who fixes studios.
She’s won 8 regionals, 4 nationals, and 2 internationals. – No way!
– Yeah.

38 thoughts on “Summer’s Audition – The Next Step: Scholarship #2

  1. this girl is amazing! her technique is great and she's so flexible! and her leaps omg! they are so high and graceful! i already love her

  2. Summer reminds me of Michelle I love her she’s amazing in season 6 she probs my fave character next to Richelle of course she got the scholarship she’s amazing

  3. It would seem really fixed to the other dancers that she is number 1, and she wins the scholarship, when there are like over 180 dancers auditioning!

  4. Summer is my favourite. She is so sweet and such an amazing dancer! I really love her dating Henry too! She is just the full package!!

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