Summer’s Gonna Last Forever | Comic Relief Originals

Sun in the sky, and the sky full of wind and the wind in her hair and her hair in her mouth Sippin’ on Bacardi, creamin’ up ma body The burgers on the barbie, burnt the buns, so we usin’ chapatis There’s a 6 pack of beers, on a 6 pack of
abs Take this sick wicker bag and pack six six-packs
of Fabs This song’s going out to you,
No more work to do Kickin’ off your shoe
Dreams coming truuuuue Cuz summer’s gonna last forever Achieving nothing whatsoever On minimum wage at the leisure centre Parents driving me to Cheshire This summer’s gonna last forever 30 degrees summer’s begun 30 degrees and we’re having fun 30 degrees in a dodecagon Teaching Year 8 Maths to my neighbours son Feeling so carefree Everything I need Screw my allergies I’ve got antihistamines Water is warm,
and they’re swimming around Then I take out the stairs And I wait for all my Sims to drown Summer is here And it’s so long And we’ve got so much time Way too much time Cause summer’s gonna last forever Endless days of average weather Midnight existential terror Let’s go crazy crazy crazy crazy Is the summer gonna last forever? Woah – oh – oh – oh My god we’re incredibly bored Woah – oh – oh – oh *mumbling to themselves* Boys! What the **** are you doing?! Just go outside… Autumn’s Gonna Last Forever!

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