Summer’s New Room Reveal

Summer’s New Room Reveal

– Ab can you say what’s up
guys, welcome to the vlog Pineapple Abbie you gonna go get your best friend Bye, see you little bit – Be good okay – Have fun – Your gonna go get Summer – Bye – Alright, bye guys – See ya – Bye – Bye So it’s gonna be a good day And a fun vlog – Yep – If you haven’t done so
already make sure you like it – Oh your such a dork – Hey guys this is Summer’s room we gotta get it ready for Summer (fingers click) Here we go, it’s better,
it’s more a homey feeling Few more things to do We wanna put all of the art
in here that you guys send us and the stuff that Abbie’s
done and stuff like that. This will be a perfect place for it all on that wall over there
wouldn’t that be cool. Yeh, that’s where it’s all
gonna go it looks fantastic Maass Squad couch right
there, Summer loves that couch so that’s where that’s going. – This is your house – It is our house, welcome. Okay here’s The Maass Squad – B and B – bed and breakfast Summer’s summer home – Oh my goodness are you kidding – So we just set it up for right now but it will make changes and stuff but we had to do something quick for you. – This is so stinking
cool are you kidding me – It’s like when they
come in when their trying to sell the house and
they put fake things in. The TV’s not plugged into anything it’s just there for right now (laughing) – They have a laptop nailed to the table – Like Ikea – Wow it’s so cute all your paintings – We’re gonna put all the
fan art and stuff like that in here – Sunset forks over there – We figured with the Maass
Squad couch and that kinda stuff it just fit, you know
to put the fan art too – That’ll look cool like
everything will be cool – You and Asa can hang out here
and watch Netflix and stuff, wouldn’t that be cool – Friends – Bro? – Hi what you doing? I know I forgot to show you
guys the other day technically, Priscilla you forgot to
remind me to show them the Dunkin box, this is
what Dunkin Donuts sent us. They sent us the pool
float which you guys saw and they also sent us
flags, little Dunkin flags those are going up somewhere for sure. Then, legit flags a day for
donuts is a day for America that’s right. Buttons, super awesome cups
and the creme da la creme a very nice letter, isn’t that cool, with gift cards, for Dunkin Donuts. So thank you so much
Dunkin that is awesome, we appreciate it, appreciate the love. We should go buy coffee – Yes – On our way, wanna stop by Dunkin – Need coffee – Okay 100%, yeh were gonna
run by the old house real quick we’re just gonna have to get the trash out and put that out by the curb
cause we still have the keys till the 6th so we gotta
put trash out by the curb and we have to stop to see
if we can find more knobs for Priscilla’s kitchen
cause she only found a couple of knobs. Oh kitchen tour, that’s coming up little
bit later in the vlog I’m really sorry I’ve been
slacking on the cinematic quality of the vlog, I know, but that’s just because
we’ve been so busy. We’re gonna do a cinematic kitchen montage – Yes – Okay we’ll do that in a little bit We’re going Lowe’s okay we alright in here, she doesn’t normally
struggle with Lowe’s right. – No – You usually do okay This is where we trained
Maverick to be a service dog for his public access,
do you remember that Ab Gotta go in here and get a few things. Buying a house is, it’s expensive, not just the house but your
always like, we don’t have hoses I was trying to wash off the side walk, and I was like I don’t have a hose, we gotta buy a couple of those You did great, super loud
though, really really yelly today Summer your a boss What’s wrong is this weird – Are we telling you off – Is it weird Take your shoes off Ab – Smells like, we used to live here – Do you have any final words – No we already did that – Oh – Now it’s just like okay
we’re leaving again, ya know – Yeh well, I enjoyed the house my favorite part of this house
was this water filter I think – Well we’re taking that with us – So I’m glad we’re taking that with us that was a cool light,
that’s pretty much all – Your just saying that
because it’s right there – Are you just saying things I love lamp (beat music) – What do you think of Summer’s room you gonna hang out in here? – Summer’s like its like a hotel – You guys can come in
here and talk girl talk – Heck yeh, talk about boys – You guys can watch Gilmore Girls (laughing) – Grey’s Anatomy (chilled music) – Is everybody always trying
to get you, is that what it is It’s like well my brother
is always tryin’a get me (laughing) Yeh isn’t that cool – It’s sick – Right, like I want one Good night sweet girl Good night, love you You’re overwhelmed huh She’s doing the same
crying that she was doing on an airplane so I
think she was in the pool and she was super excited Asa was chasing her around and I think it’s just overwhelming I think it’s an overwhelmed thing. Abbie’s having a rough night – We’ve been in there
with her, tag teaming – Just crying and stuff like that we got her calmed down, I
was in there for a long time Priscilla came up and relived
me and got her finally to calm down a little bit, now she’s just doing some yelling but she’s just fighting sleep I think she’s exhausted, I
think she doesn’t feel well and she had an exciting day All those things wrapped up into one so it’s a rough evening for her. I wanna show you guys Priscilla’s kitchen before we head back up there
to help her get to sleep. You ready, you ready – I’m ready – Okay it’s gonna be
just a quick run through and kinda show it off a little bit Little kitchen makeover thing – And then if you wanna see
the full how I have everything organized in the kitchen
and stuff like that make sure you head over to
pots, pans and Priscilla can you link that up here – I sure can – Okay link that right up there – Cause your gonna show
some of your favorite stuff and why you have it
accessible that kind of thing – Yeh just a few of my favorite things – And the kitchen is smaller
as far as cabinet space – So it’s not smaller but
it’s harder for me to reach the cabinets so it
makes it smaller I guess – Right so you had to kinda rethink – Everything’s higher up
and so I can’t get to any of the top cabinets without a step stool but even these cabinets
are very hard for me. It makes it less room – Okay, tour – Here we go Welcome to my kitchen They’re fake So are you team chandelier
or do you like my new light? Comment down below One of my favorite parts
is that it overlooks the family room so I
know I don’t have to miss any part of what they’re doing. This is where you’ll find me nowadays. Biggest fridge ever. Loving this old school pantry. I’ve always wanted a double
oven, perfect for the holidays. This is what my knobs look like, only have three but they are on order. Our accent color is gonna
be a turquoise blue color. – So there’s your brief
little tour around the kitchen pretty much done – I love it – Looks fantastic, Priscilla
worked so hard in here she like single handedly did
the kitchen, it was crazy in record time, there were so many, you guys saw how many
boxes there were in here – Every cabinet is filled in here – Every single one, so if
you wanna see that full tour make sure you subscribe
to Priscilla’s channel she’ll show you guys
all the little details cause there’s some cool stuff in here Very soon we’ll give you
a tour of Abbie’s room I still have to hang
some stuff on the wall So that’s done other than
the stuff on the wall, so I’ll show that to you guys real quick Not today but real soon we’ll do that Priscilla wanted to show
you the sitting room, living room, the living room, formal-ish living room type of deal Okay the grand tour – So we’ve got our sitting area over here which I really am loving this section – Very nice – Got Asa’s pictures up there, kinda cute cause it’s Jacksonville – We definitely reuse our stuff, this is all repurposed from
the other house basically and it just worked in here – Well it worked out well
cause we took the stuff from the sitting room and the living room and combined them together. – Fortunately we like gray we have gray, blue and
yellow going on in here as you can tell. – And then this is what we did
with the formal living room I love it, Abbie’s art
is up over the mantle So I love that we have both of our kids – You guys over on Patreon
got a sneak peak of that – Yeh we have both of our
kids represented in this room – Yep, aint that nice looks great babe – We have a couple more things, we are gonna hang a picture over there and then a couple more pictures
behind the french doors – Behind the, yeh that’s right and then you want one over top of the TV – Yeh – Something wide and short – Yeh think Asa’s gonna
work on something for me – Okay, he was telling
me like a landscape photo or something looks great – I love it, I mean it’s another room that’s pretty much finished – Its very homey, I love it – It is – You know we’re gonna
have our family room which is gonna be fluffy and comfortable and this is a little bit more formal but still super comfortable – Well I like it cause
it’s right off the office so I want everybody to be able to hang out and be comfortable down there and then have more of a when
we have our parents over and stuff we would probably
hang out in here more. – Right that makes sense – I’m loving it – It looks fantastic – Let me know what ya’ll think – Yeh let us know – Unless you don’t like
it then don’t tell me – Don’t say anything, if you
don’t have anything nice to say You know your momma told you that. Okay we’re gonna go up and – I think she might be falling asleep – Wow, maybe she just needed some her time – Yeh – Maybe she was tired of mom and dad, you know that’s reasonable – She’s been with us for a while now – Yeh it’s been a lot of days, we’ve got therapy starting
up this week again we have crazy Annie coming
over tomorrow afternoon so that’s good that will
give her a little bit of – We have one week left of summer break – Holy cow – And then the kids so back to school – We have to make it the best week ever – We’ve had a great summer but I’m so ready for
the schedules, routines – Yeh – I know your not a routine person but I thrive off of a routine – I like going to bed
at three or four o’clock in the morning after I’m
done working you know, you get up with Abbie, then I wake up at like
nine thirty, ten-ish – Eleven – It’s a good routine for me – Yeh, not for me – Alright guys thanks for watching, thanks for hanging out with us, thank you for loving our
house as much as we do. So many of you have commented
and it warms my heart we were a little scared
to show you our house – You never know – Your scared of peoples opinions cause we value you guys opinion and you’ve been amazing about
it and we appreciate that. We’ll see you tomorrow and we will reveal another room tomorrow. Bye – Bye – Oh my – Hi – Oh my goodness – I heard you but I
still didn’t expect that it still scared me I heard him moving I was like – Did you get lunch Ab – Yeh we did

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