Sundance Vacations Careers: Sales/Travel Consultant

Sundance Vacations Careers: Sales/Travel Consultant

Opportunity starts here with a Sundance Vacations
career in Sales as a travel consultant! Our energetic sales team offers quality vacations
to new clients for a fraction of the retail cost.
After prospective travelers learn about our innovative program, our sales team is there
to answer any questions they have and design packages specific to their family. The clients
usually love to getaway and our travel consultants help them plan their dream vacations!
People have those dreams and wants in place before I even sit down to talk to them. I
think what I’ve learned from working here is it’s our job more so to help them find
the ways to do it, find the money to do it, find the time to do it.
It’s letting them do things that they never thought possible. Most have heard the horror
stories of friends who have gone to Disney and it cost them $6,000. This gives them a
way to make it more affordable and do more. Not only do our travel consultants build a
plan to fit our traveler’s lifestyles and budgets, but they also build their own paychecks
based on their commission! Whether you have some sales experience or
not, we are looking for charismatic individuals who genuinely enjoy traveling and helping
others. Caring is the first step. We offer training to advance you in your Sundance Vacations
career from there! My favorite thing about working for Sundance
is the fact that they treat you like family, as an individual. You’re not just a number
here at Sundance Vacations and they actually care about you and you know it.
I’ve worked in places where the office or that building has been real family-like, never
a place where the entire company has been as family-like.
What makes Sundance so unique is actually the atmosphere is comfortable, it’s happy.
People around you are just happy people every day, we just enjoy what we do.
Join the Sundance Vacations family and get paid to help travelers plan their dream getaways!
Give us at call at 1-877-808-1158 or email us at [email protected] to learn more
about becoming a travel consultant at Sundance Vacations.
Find more job opportunities on our YouTube channel and be sure to subscribe for the latest
travel related news!

4 thoughts on “Sundance Vacations Careers: Sales/Travel Consultant

  1. Great video! Hats off to everyone who gave honest and interesting testimonials such as Ian, Kyle, Patty, Kate, Nick and Sofia!

  2. The Travel Consultants do a great job of explaining the awesome destinations available to Sundance Vacations clients. There is also a website that has Sundance Vacations reviews and more educational videos.

  3. Its so refreshing to see so many people enjoying their jobs, and actually love making someones travel dreams come true! I especially like the "family oriented atmosphere". Sundance Vacations ROCKS!

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