Sundance Vacations Reviews

Sundance Vacations Reviews

Sundance Vacations. Crystal waves. Stunning
shorelines. Dazzling sunsets. YOU are going on vacation.
I went to a concert, that’s how I was contacted. And I just ended up filling out one of those
little raffles and thought nothing of it and when I received the phone call I was highly,
highly excited about it. And I said, “Alright I’m just doing it,”
and I did it. So I called up and I set it up and it was probably the best move I could
have made. I went in there and these people were just
so nice and normal, down to earth. You know what I mean? They tried to relate with you
and you know, they understood, they weren’t too pushy or anything like that.
The presentation was good, it was very thorough. The presenter was very upbeat, and the vacations
seemed every exciting. They showed me all sorts of vacations they
have, all sorts of packages. They really gave me a lot of options that I could choose from.
They emphasized that the only thing you’re required to do is to pay the taxes on the
trip which is nothing compared to what you would normally pay on the trip. I received
my package and that was it, it was great. Get ready for your complimentary trip with
Sundance Vacations! Our vacations vary from romantic escapes to family friendly destinations
and are exciting for travelers of all ages. Soak up the sun in the Caribbean, visit a
tropical island or exotic destination and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime. Whatever
your dream vacation may be, get ready to start planning your perfect trip!
My trip was awesome! Once I got to the Bahamas it was nice seeing a different culture, it
was amazing. It was a lot of fun! There was always something
to be doing. It was pretty much the best time of my life.
I recommended it to everyone when I got home. I told them, you know, if they ever get the
call not to shy away from it, that it’s a very great opportunity. See the wildlife,
swim with dolphins, zip line, do everything like that. Do things you don’t have the
opportunity to do at home and make memories that you wouldn’t normally make in day to
day life. You know, I’m on a tight budget, like a
lot of other people are, and it was just the perfect opportunity for me and I would do
it again, and again, and again. Sundance Vacations.
All testimonials are from real Sundance Vacations
travelers. Sundance Vacations. Sundance Vacations.

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  1. Sundance Vacations IS definitely worth it! Travel, Explore, Create Memories, and share!
    Please share this with your friends.

  2. Awesome video, Iย  have been here for 15 years and have used many vacations! at a amazing price!!! do yourself a favor and come join our happy family!!!

  3. "Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer."…… and this company offers you the opportunity to experience this wealth!!!…come join the Sundance Family today!!!

  4. I am very proud to work for Sundance Vacation because we give our clients experience wonderful vacations. We help them to enjoy their life.

  5. Totally amazing! I absolutely love this video and the depiction of how wonderful it is to travel with Sundance Vacations!!

  6. So glad that I answered that call and came in to see the presentation! changed my life! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. wow Sundance is great – I have traveled to many places and am looking forward to my upcoming vacation

  8. I vacationed at the Myrtle Beach Resort through Sundance Vacations and I had the best time with my family. We made so many memories and the resort was BEAUTIFUL! The room view from our room was incredible and the room itself was spotless. Our furniture was brand new! Seriously! Brand spanking new! We saw them bringing it in! Gorgeous resort, perfect accommodations, and an unforgettable vacation. Thank you!

  9. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this video….. Makes me wanna go on vacation right now. Go Sundance. Love ya <3

  10. My family and I have traveled with Sundance and loved it!!!! Can't wait to plan my cruise to Bermuda this year with them!

  11. Great program!! Beautiful condos and booking is so easy, the Sunadance Vacations login gets you access to great places at super discounted rates ๐ŸŽ‰

  12. As an employee of Sundance Vacations. I am very proud and happy to see all the wonderful Sundance Vacations Reviews. It really is a great feeling to be able to apart of something that has helped so many families.

  13. Awesome company!!!! Me and my family will only travel with them and only them! So great to see all of the Sundance Vacation reviews and know that other families enjoy them as much as we do!!!

  14. I love to see all the Sundance vacation reviews and am so grateful to vacation with and work for such an awesome company.

  15. creating memories and vacationing in the process. Sundance vacations review the different ways to travel and gets ya on your way to wonderful destinations

  16. I was promised bikinis in the thumbnail. I wasn't disappointed. 10/10 would watch again

  17. I would like to know how this company has received my private information! They called me saying that I had entered to win a cash prize which I never have!!!! They have my name, phone number, and e-mail address and are a fraudulent company that is scamming people!!!!! Please address my concern and let me know where you received my information from!!!!

  18. Do not listen to any of these fraudulent comments! This business is a scam!!!! They create fake profiles so that people are fooled into believing that this is a legitimate business!!!!

  19. They pressure you to buy package they lied to me and I still said no and took my free tablet. They also say you have to make a decision on the spot because itโ€™s only today weird red flag.

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