Hello guys (*-*)(*^$&*&^&*% Hello Guys, it’s 6 in the morning, and we we’re about to go picnic its been along time I didn’t start my youtube video welcome back to my channel, if you didn’t know me i’m Franky by the way and this is my cousin her name is Babui(piggy in English) Hi good mornig guys It’s not ready yet? (Kenyah dayak language) me: its ready!!! So good morning guys, today we are going to picnic with Uma Baha youth me: so you’re not from Uma Baha
weaq: noooo me: give a speech please Joe (others cosuin)
Joe: what speech? me: just give some speech
Joe: I can’t give a speech
me: Liar SUNGAI LAGANG!!!WOOOH LET’S GO by the way we were too many so we used six vehicles to get to the destination ARRIVED! we begin our picnics with praise and worship Here we are PPP BEM Uma Baha as you guys can see, we are playing a some sport right now and some of us marinate the chicken and were ready to roast it Tut: Happy Gong Xi Fat Chai to all chinese friends out there and over here today we’er having a party welcoming to our new bie (form 1) here they are


  1. Wah, meriah betol kamu urang muda-mudi picnicking owh! Nah, hair saloon di minit 3:30 itu paling seronok owh…

  2. Nuo berhenti uyan video ikoy. Youtuber comeing soon πŸ˜‹. Cayokk..πŸ‘ perkenalkan budaya lepo ilu and lepo asap di mata dunia ok.

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