Sunland Tourism Video

Sunland Tourism Video

A lovely day in Sunland Come on down
and bring the fam! Score all the H that you can Then nod off,
or possibly be dead Come and unwind
At Sunshine Mannor We got the most
registered sex offenders There goes one now Come have a drink
at the world’s dirtiest Micky D’s You’ve gotta try our outlets We got TVs, Jeans,
washing machines, hood ornaments, hydraulics you can
put on anything! Rent a trailer unit… get a rub’n’tug for FREE

54 thoughts on “Sunland Tourism Video

  1. Used to be an awesome movie prop house out there. Now it's just everything you see in this amazing video. Have you seen how they're now trying to hide Canoga Park with all of the new Topanga mall upgrades and hipster Village?

  2. Santa Ana has become overrun with homeless. Including camps with tents they set up along the 57 south freeway. It's like they popped up out of nowhere. Do a video on that.

  3. I use to live in Sunland/Tujunga the cops called it "The Rock" due to all the tweekers that lived up there. If you wanted to keep anything of value you need to anchor it down with redheads and place an armed guard in front of it. Dr. your videos are kickass. Keep them coming.

  4. All of my coworkers think I am insane, as I work my way through these videos…nearly pissing myself laughing at my desk. Thank you!

  5. wow! it looks like it could be a nice little town near the mountains & stuff but it seems like a mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you, mcdonald's, for cheating our world out of its beauty. YUCK. i wish they'd close down these awful slaughterhouse places.

  6. Yo, a quick shoutout to my peeps at the Sundown, sippin brews. Also a shoutout to the closed Blockbuster that's all dusty inside, with Jerry Maguire posters still on the wall. High fives to my boys at the hardware store who keep Home Depot at bay. And finally, I want to say whats up to the hobos living in the wash. What up peeps!

  7. Lived there for nearly 30 years.  So glad I got out of that cesspool and moved to Oregon.  Nice when we moved there but turned to drugs, gangs and crime.  Welcome to LA.

  8. Could I PLEASE help you write a song for Lake Elsinore . . . no, I mean it. I've lived all over SoCal, and its one of the worst places I've lived. Pomona and Fontana could use one too :P.

  9. Lived in Sunland for 25 years.  Moved 11 years ago to Oregon and this video shows some of  the reasons why.  Quality of life went down hill  Still a ember of the American Legion and Elks in town.  Area turned to  crap In my opinion.

  10. What the hell are you saying at 0:40? I can’t understand it. Gotta try our ovets or some crap. Someone help me out here. Also I love this video. It’s true and hilarious. That ending. Is the guy handcuffed or something? I love it. What’s the guy thinking when he saw you filming this crazy video?

  11. I frickin love these videos. Grew up in San Fernando valley in 70's and have seen first hand what a cesspool it's become. I'm a lifetime fan of your videos!! Fuck yeah man!!

  12. I dont know when this was filmed but Sunland Tujunga has changed a lot in the last 10-15 years, it has one of the lowest crime rates now, the gangs have been 100% eradicated, and Verdugo Hills High is one of the best High schools ranked better then Glendale and Burbank high with higher test scores. I just wish we would secede from LA city and keep our tax dollers in Tujunga.

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