SUNY Purchase Summer 2020 Study Abroad Info Session – Part 2/6 – Antibes, France

SUNY Purchase Summer 2020 Study Abroad Info Session – Part 2/6 –  Antibes, France

Hi I’m really happy to see you here and
I think I’d like to start off by saying regardless of where you go whether you
decide to go to France or Italy or the Czech Republic or Israel or Detroit
the experience of studying abroad studying away is an experience
that is like no other it’s really life-changing so I would urge
you to at some point in your college career try to make that
happen for yourself I’ve been doing the France
program for four years now I teach in journalism here and my colleague Rachel
Owens in the VA is doing the art elective the program is eight credits of tuition
and for four weeks and we’re located in Antibes which is a small town in the
South of France between Nice and Cannes you probably heard of
the Cannes Film Festival you take your choice of art for
journalism and it’s open to all majors and you are also placed according to
your level in a French class and you take French classes in an international
school where there will be students from all around the world and very often
students make friendships with those students and keep
in touch for years to come we also take trips
we go to Nice we visit the Contemporary Art Museum
you’ll see some photos of that in a bit we take hikes
we visit many little towns along the French Riviera some students have on their own taken a train to Italy
which is possible just an hour away students live with host families so it’s
a real immersive experience the families don’t speak English
so it really forces you between the classes you’re taking in French and living with the host family
to really practice your language skills which can be intimidating
but also really broadening and these French families also
cook really beautiful meals and croissant is like no other in France
and 90 euro is about a dollar ten you are so right thank you Paul this is just a view of the Provencal
market seven days a week and you have never seen more
beautiful red strawberries or tomatoes and so the meals are
just extraordinary there so this is a picture of hike that
we take right at the edge of the Mediterranean it’s about a three mile hike
it’s a great way to get a sense of what it’s like
what the rugged countryside is like at the end of the
program students in both art and journalism elective put on an exhibition
at the international school and I think the most important thing
to have as a quality is an ability to laugh at yourself do not take yourself so
seriously to be willing to make mistakes to try again to stretch yourself to have
curiosity that’s the best bet for having anything getting the most out
of these kinds of experiences in the journalism elective
we in the past have had interviews with the local mayor
with local journalists students have visited artists
gone into their studios seen artists at work and then
written about it written stories about it and of course if you are an art
student taking an art elective you’re going to be
producing your own art all of us take incursions to go to
galleries and museums this is where Pablo Picasso
and Matisse worked side by side and there’s the Mediterranean
which many students will book in their days with a swim
in the beautiful Mediterranean Sea I thought it’d be great just to hear from
students themselves who have taken this Jackson is on this program
a few years ago he says the opportunity to
immerse himself was like no other he’s now a working journalist in New York
has used clips that he got from the France program
this is a photo of Jackson it looks like a Photoshop but that
actually is the French Alps behind him another student who went on the program
talks about being nervous and anxious but that’s soon Antibes
felt like a second home to her and she spoke no
French whatsoever before going but managed to
this is angel managed to buy herself
this lovely little ring which she says she wears to this day and
she conducted interviews in French and Angel is leaving us
with these words of advice you’re going to be uncomfortable you might not know anyone going in or
you might not know any French it’s ok lots of students my ear had little to no
French and you’re certainly not going to know how to get around right away
embrace it being uncomfortable allows us to learn and grow
don’t miss this amazing opportunity because you’re worried about something
as small it’s not knowing how to order lunch you’ll learn you’ll mispronounce
something someone will correct you and then you’ll say it right tomorrow that’s
what you’re there for to learn something new whether it’s to learn about the
language the culture or just about how far you can make it in a foreign country
if you’re thinking about going on this trip do it yes it’s expensive but the
holidays are coming up ask your family to donate to a trip fund instead of the
usual gifts take that extra shift at work look into grants and scholarships
find a way to make this trip happen because I promise you won’t regret it
and I’ll be sitting over there at the end so happy to answer any of your
questions thank you so much

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