Superhero Vacation | Rudy Mancuso, Anwar Jibawi & Jimmy Tatro

Superhero Vacation | Rudy Mancuso, Anwar Jibawi & Jimmy Tatro

honestly you’re so annoying— SUPERMAN: She’s so hot, who is this? BATMAN: She’s so—oh my god. EY! Dude! I’m w— FLASH: Guys. (chatter) Can I get your attention real quick? B: If I double-tap now,
I look like a creep. S: I won’t double-tap. I’m just
saying, go down, go down— F: Excuse me, guys— B: OH MY GOD. S: (chuckle) Wha-what, what? B: Oh, f*ck, dude.
F: Batman. S: I didn’t double-tap, relax.
B You double-tapped! S: Relax! I didn’t, I didn’t.
B: Oh my— S: Just unlike it.
B: Yeah but it will still show up! She’ll still get the notification. F: GUYS! B: Yeah. F: So I’ve been doing a lot of thinking.
And we’ve been working really hard. B: Oh we’ve been working SO hard. Yeah.
S: We have been working hard. W: On what?
B: I’m exhausted. B&S: What do you mean, what? W: What have we been
working so hard on? I just would LOVE to know. S: I’ve seen, like, three
girls last night. W: From what, getting too drunk? B: No, from, from the—
S: Yes, actually. B: From the club!
And crowded, and— S: We saved them, that’s
all you gotta know. B: Hey, wanna do some push-ups? S: Yeah.
B: Let’s do some push-ups. W: Are you guys gonna— W: (sarcasm) Oh, look at me, I’m doing
push-ups, I’m so strong, ohhhh. You guys look pathetic, okay? S: Shut up. B: Okay, you’re just mad we’re
way more jacked than you. W: Please! I’ll beat the shit out of
all three of you at the same time. B: Oh? You’ll beat the shit out of— B: STOP! Don’t do—god!
W: You’re a little wuss. F: Like I was saying! I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, I think we could all use a day
at the beach. What do you say? B: Yeah, no. S: That sounds awful. W: Stupid idea. B: I’m wearing all-black, dude. W: Stupidest idea
I’ve ever—I’m not— B: Look at me bro, I’m wearing
all-black! You know how hot I get? F: Hold on! F: What did you say? B: What, you about to go
run a marathon right now? S: Yeah, come on, bro. W: You look so stupid. F: We’re ready! Let’s go!
W: He looks like a tourist! S: You look like…
a soccer mom. F: Guys, we never do
anything together! B: I am not! If you—
W: Nope. Not going. B: Especially if you’re wearing that. W: Yeah. That’s so embarrassing!
B: Not going, not doing it. (arguing) B: I have zero interest
in going to the beach. F: Please! S: Superheroes do
not go to the beach. Superheroes chill in the— B: This f*cking sucks, dude! S: This is the worst idea—
no, why do you do this? Why do we ever listen to Flash? B: I have no—
W: I’m freezing. F: Why are you guys
being so negative? (arguing) F: Why are you guys being so—
I’m going to go have some fun. Screw you guys! W: Have fun doing what? W: I’m going to the bathroom. You guys are all sh*t! S: This sucks, bro. Hate Flash. S: What’s wrong, you good? B: Yo, so on the DL— S: What? B: I kinda like Wonder Woman. S: (chuckles) You serious? Wonder Woman, bro? We live with her! B: I know! I wanna… snuggle… (embarrassed noises) S: Wait, so you like ‘like like’ her?
B: Yeah. S: What? B: I hate to say it, but you know, thinking about her just, gives me
like this weird feeling in my stomach, like when you’re on a roller
coaster and you’re going down, that’s how I feel right now. S: (sniffs) B: I just wanna, like, give her Eskimo kisses and, wanna rub sunscreen on her back. S: So you ‘like like’ her. B: I ‘like like’ her, man. S: Not like just smash real
quick, like Cat Woman— S: Like you ‘like like’ her?
B: No, no. B: I think I’m falling for her.
S: Oh. Wow. B: I was gonna, like,
write her a note. S: Write a note? What
are we, in second grade? No, just, I mean. I don’t know. B: I’m thinking about it too much. S: Just, when the time
is right, you tell her. B: I—just— S: Yo, yo, yo. Look at me.
B: Like what if— Look at me, bro. B: Like what if she
doesn’t like me? S: You’re Batman. B: (groans)
S: You’re Batman. S: You hear me?
B: Yeah. S: You’re Batman.
B: Yeah. S: This is a good thing, bro. B: Yeah. S: You’re good.
B: Yeah. I’m happy for you, bro. Good for you, man, good for you. B: ARGH!
S: Oh sh*t, sorry. Sorry, bro. B: (groans)
S: Sorry. F: This is fun, right? S: No, bro. Nothing fun about this. F: Just… enjoy the fresh air.
W: How is this fun? (shriek) HELP! W: (gasp) Wait! GIRL: HELP ME! W: It’s a girl, she’s in danger! S: Who cares, she’s fine.
B: Yep. It’s my day-off. She’s fine. W: No, no, no, look!
She’s actually kinda cute! B: (stretching)
S: Wait, really? B: What? W: Look!
S: Oh she’s hot. B: Oh wow.
S: It’s a hot girl! F: Oh, shoot.
S: I got this, I got this. W: Oh, oh. Now
you guys got this. GIRL: HELP! S: Don’t worry, ma’am.
I’m Superman, I got you. G: (relieved) Oh, thank god. S: I’m gonna save you, everything’s okay. G: Oh okay.
S: What happened, what happened? G: I don’t know, I don’t even
know how I ended up here but— S: That’s okay, that’s okay. G: My boyfriend left me! S: Wait your what? Your what? G: My boyfriend.
Went off to go get— S: Your what? Your WHAT? G: My boyfriend. S: You have a boyfriend? G: Yeah! S: Aight. Imma—
G: Can you help me, please? S: Imma need you to go
back down for a second— G: WHERE ARE YOU GOING? COME ON, MAN! S: You gotta shhhhh—you good— Batman, you wanna take this? B: Did someone say
hot girl’s in danger? G: What an asshole,
he just left me here. B: I got you, what’s going
on, what happened? G: Superman’s a dick! B: What happened, tell me ’bout it. G: I—I ended up here, and
then my boyfriend left me— B: Wait, hold on, your what? Run it back, your what? G: My boyfriend. B: You have a boyfriend? G: Yeah. G: YOU TOO? WHAT THE HELL! B: You’re good, you’re good,
you’re good. Hey, Flash! G: COME ON! F: Is everything okay? G: These assholes keep
leaving me like my boyfriend. F: What? G: These assholes keep
leaving me like my boyfriend! F: Boyfriend? G: Yeah! F: I thought we had a connection! G: What? What connection? (screams) AHHH! ARE YOU
F*CKING KIDDING ME? S: Well, that was a… (sniffs) That was an interesting— F: Fun.
S: Day. B: It sucked. F: Fun. It was fun. W: I’m so hungry.
S: Definitely wasn’t fun. F: You know what will
make it perfect? Truth or Dare. W: Are you kidding me? B: We gotta cut you
off from all ideas. S: Alright, fuck it, I’ll play. F: Thank you. S: Batman, truth or dare? B: Dare. S: I dare you to FaceTime
Robin and say I miss you, bro. F: (laughs) B: Bro, come on dude. S: You gotta do it,
you gotta do it! F: You have to do it.
S: This is fun. This is fun, this is fun. F: It’s calling.
S: Oh it’s calling, it’s calling. (dial sound) R: (excited) Hey
Batman! What’s up! B: Hey Robin. How you doin’ man.
R: Man! Oh! I didn’t see you
for a long time, man! R: What’s up, man!
B: Yep. Okay. Look, man. I… uh… just wanted
to call to say… W: (whispers) Shut up! B: I… miss working with you. R: And I miss you too, bro! I’m so happy you tell me that!
B: Yep. Okay. I don’t know… Batman Robin, Robin Bat—
B: Hold on, bye. (hangs up) F: Superman, truth or dare? S: Dare. F*ck it. F: I dare you to… do you best impression
of Wonder Woman. B: Oooh. S: What? W: Oh god, don’t make
him do this right now. S: What do you mean? F: Do your best impression.
S: I’m not going to— S: I’m not going to do an—
B: You gotta do it. W: Dumbest dare ever. F: We all did it, bro. B: I just FaceTimed
f*cking Robin! S: Oh! Oh! I’m Wonder Woman! B&F: (laughs) W: Why are you guys laughing?
That’s not even funny. S: I wish I was Superman, but I’m not! W: Can you CUT IT OUT! B&F: Oh! Oh no—
S: OW! W: That’s the stupidest things— (punch) B: Guys, guys, guys,
guys. Come on, come on. S: OW! F*ck!
W: Keep f*cking around. S: Alright, alright, alright— W: Keep making fun of me.
S: That’s enough, that’s enough! B: Guys, no powers in the house! W: I’m done. I’m going
to go get a drink. B: I’ll come—I’ll come with you! B: (sly) I’m gonna go with her. Oh yeah… What you doing over here… S: Okay. S: Bro, weird day— F: Can I tell you something? S: Yeah bro, what’s up? F: Can you keep a secret? S: Yeah. F: (deep sigh) I like Wonder Woman. I’m… actually… in love with her. S: Uhhhh. F: I think she’s the most beautiful thing on Earth.
S: No. Flash. S: Flash, Flash. F: I don’t know what
it is but I just— S: Yeah okay, I understand,
bro, but you uh… B&W: (happy chatter) W: What do you guys wanna do? F&B: (awkward laughter) S: Um… yeah… B: (blows out) W: Why are you guys
acting so weird? F: What? What? S: We’re all—we’re good. F: (sighs) Wonder Woman— W: What is it?
F: I have something to say. B: Flash. I’ve been, uh…
S: Flash, relax. F: You know? Uh— B: Hang on, I got this. I actually
have something— F: Can I go first? B: that I gotta say. F: No! Let me—
B: Let me go first. S: Guys, guys, guys.
B: Wonder Woman… F&B: I like you. S: Oh… sh*t.
W: What? B: What did you say? F: I said I like her,
what did you say? B: I said I like her,
what did YOU say? F: I said I liked her, what did you say? W&S: Guys, guys, stop. Stop! W: Can I say something, please?
S: Relax, relax. Before this continues?
S: Relax, relax. S: Relax, bro. W: I have a boyfriend. S: What? W: He’s actually on his way. (doorbell) (gasps) Oh! There he is! W: Hi, babe! R: Hey, babe!
W: (giggles) R: (laughs) R: OH! WHADDUP GUYS?! B: Sh*t.

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  1. I literally just the whole story but not the whole leg a little cuz when she said she had a boyfriend and I was like it's Batman right aunt I guess that one when flash said he was going to tell him something I was going to be that he liked her Wonder Woman

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  3. hey rudy can u fucking put king bach like cyborg like in ur team and can u put some won dress like robin as aqua man like on ur team please

  4. Inana isn't in the title
    And is not also linked in the description
    And also not included in the cast in the description πŸ˜ͺ

  5. Girl:these a**holes are leaving me like my bf
    Flash: boyfriend
    Flash: I thought we had a connection
    πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ Damn you flash

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