[Music] hey guys we are up to the lake right now it is a beautiful day we’ve picked a picnic and hopefully the water is going to be warm enough to go swimming I am I don’t know about that Amy will stay I think it’s gonna be I think the waters gonna be icy cold might be too cold for you Oh will it just saw a lady sunbathing topless is there quite normal in Germany for people to just Sunday poplar first time I’ve seen it here do what she wants feel like wearing tops [Music] yeah but I think that’s a little bit different so little kids wearing no top [Music] it’s fine a picnic spot we should find men to go with it really [Music] what are you gonna have in your own you just want to hit plain like that why don’t you put something in size [Music] matéo can have something today’s you’re dying to get in the water I do [Music] you need a spoon for yoga [Music] [Music] be throwing in toys potato I know I’m finding you sitting here actually I might go about [Music] chemita let’s get some ice cream [Music] first and then we will bear yeah what should we get on that for Mother’s Day I don’t know I feel like this what about the red ones those are cute well this one’s beautiful what about this it’s also quite cute so guys I just wanted to show you what a typical German supermarket looks like this is it over what do we need you me okay put them in what are you getting image Oh watch shake are you getting get maybe a green one for Matteo [Music] okay that Kiwi froze okay we shake no no no I mean yeah we can’t buy everything it’s ridiculous maybe some eggs hmm yeah yeah your Matteo but say you’re gluten-free heaven what should I get Amy can you grab me some of that gluten-free bread there like that one yes thank you baby put it in the trolley and maybe some flour down there so we can do some gluten-free baking no not that one mmm that one what’s just cheaper this one here or the one maybe get that one matéo [Music] beautiful MA hey did you give it to the lady put that through she put it are you sure hope so didn’t see who put it through okay oh that’s okay then is it good Mateo [Music] [Music]

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