Surface Land Tour ?️ SPONGEBOB’S BIG BIRTHDAY BLOW OUT ? SpongeBob

Surface Land Tour ?️ SPONGEBOB’S BIG BIRTHDAY BLOW OUT ? SpongeBob

What a birthday! Beach giraffes,
pie dragons, and beans! Oh, I can’t wait to see
what happens next. Oh my! It’s a flying pie! [gasping] And here comes the pie dragon! [screaming] That sure was a close one, eh folks? Amazing! Woah! Oh, it’s coming back! [screaming] We’re not pie, why is it chasing us? Why, why? [barking] Patrick!
Let go of that pie! Bad, Patrick!
Bad! [barking] Aww, I wanted flying pie. Take this instead. OK, we’ll stay on the path
where it’s not so dangerous. And I think this is the perfect time to sing happy birthday
to our little square friend over here! ♫ Happy birth– ♫ Look out! [screaming] – Road hog!
– Road hog! Wow, in Surface Land, everywhere you go
is full of surprises. Yeah, I’m surprised
we haven’t crashed yet. [gasping] As you can see, Surface Land
is full of unexplained wonders. Woah! Best birthday ride ever! I’ve read about this place, Patrick,
it’s the paperclip jungle. Woah. Woah! Ahh! They’re everywhere. Just copy it! [mumbling] Ooh, what happens in here? Smells like flop sweat. Shh! This is the secret hive
of the double-breasted sear suckers. Let’s watch their strange rituals. [gasping] He’s coming! Huh? [gorilla sounds] [gorilla sounds] – The pie dragon!
– The pie dragon! This bunch of bananas
is getting too crazy for comfort! We’d better split! Woah! [gorilla sounds] Lunchtime! Crash positions, everybody! – Crash positions, check!
– Crash positions, check! [barking]

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