SURPRiSE VACATiON!! Adley and Niko Learn to Ride an Airplane! family travel routine ✈️

SURPRiSE VACATiON!! Adley and Niko Learn to Ride an Airplane! family travel routine ✈️

99 thoughts on “SURPRiSE VACATiON!! Adley and Niko Learn to Ride an Airplane! family travel routine ✈️

  1. BRO THE GREAT WOLF IS SO FUN! I am 14 and I went there with my family and couldn’t get enough of it. We live really close near one so we go there once a year! I love it!

  2. Hi guys and girls i know you wont find this comment since there is an "ocean" of comments but i just want you to know that "I LOVE YOU GUTSS"

  3. You guys are such a rad family! My daughter is close to Adley’s age and is obsessed with y’alls videos. It’s our before bed ritual☺️ been wanting to take her to Great Wolf for awhile looks so so fun!!

  4. What an epic vlog in the best way possible. Thank you for sharing your joy it is infectious and vicariously shared with us all. I feel my soul smiling as I watch the fun unfold. Best day & Best wishes to you & yours.

  5. My daughter absolutely loves Adley. And was really amazed that I watched her dad on YouTube. A big thank you to you and your family for all the great videos

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  8. I wonder if he remembers the video he did with grant in 2016 with the nitrogen propelled rocket launcher. R.I.P mate we will never forget you

  9. Adley !!! My daughter loves your videos so much she watches it everyday. You’ve been such an inspiration to her. Kindly check out her channel and share us your thoughts.➡️

  10. My favorite part was when she walked on stage and just threw the camera … perfect throw and catch. Not sure if anyone caught it on film.

  11. Let me know when you're ready to go home and get some rest tonight and tomorrow morning I will be in touch with you ?❤️?

  12. hey , it's been a wile since i have watched one of your vlogs (like a year or 2,3) and i was watching some videos of one wheel and it make me think of you so i looked you back up and see that your life is
    going well and i just wanted to say that i am happy for you and thank you for making me smile all those years ago i am probably gonna watch you more again now tho
    so again thank you for everything ♥♥♥

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