Surprise Vacation for SIX KIDS!

[Children]- Are we there
yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? – [Chad] Am I annoying or what? – The kids are gonna hate me, seriously by the end of this trip. – I have spoons in here but not my ticket. (laughing) – We are here, finally! (fun music) (tranquil music) – Good morning. – It’s time. The morning of a trip, we like
to be nice and slow and quiet because we have prepared
well the night before. – Because we find the kids respond better to tranquility and calmness. – Wake up, wake up, wake
up, everyone wake up! Plane’s gonna leave, we
gotta get out of bed. Eve, you gotta get up,
get up, get up, get up. Come one, the roller
coasters are going right now, we gotta go, we gotta go, we gotta go! (siren) (upbeat guitar music) – I’m scared to ride the roller coaster. (upbeat guitar music) – You guys, Wet Ones Hand
Wipes is sending our family to Universal Studios
Hollywood for one last hurrah before school starts. Stay tuned till the end
of the video to find out how you and your family
could win your own trip to Universal Studios Hollywood,
or Universal Orlando Resort. – [Children] Thank you Wet
Ones for sponsoring this video. (upbeat guitar music) – We made it (laughs) we’re
gonna make it to the airport. This is probably actually
the smoothest time we’ve ever made it to the airport. I think the secret is
having a megaphone, Kevin. – Seems to work. – The kids are gonna hate me, seriously by the end of this trip. Do you remember when we
announced that Kevin got tenured and I had said… We need to celebrate, we need… Let’s take the kids to Universal Studios. – Serious?
– Yes. Well guess what? If you put out your
intent to the universe, um, the universe is gonna listen to you because Wet Ones is sponsoring this video, they are sending us to
Universal Studios Hollywood. (upbeat guitar music) Are we almost ready to board? – Yeah.
– Yeah? (ominous piano music) This is so mean of me. – I have spoons in
here, but not my ticket. (laughing) – Shari.
– What? – Honey, how do you know
it’s in your backpack? Would you bet your life
that it’s in your backpack? – I wouldn’t bet my life that anything. – [Mom] Shari, just come
give your dad a hug. – I want a hug.
– just give him a hug. – [Dad] It’ll make you feel better. – [Mom] It’ll make you feel a lot better. – Come here. Your mom has your ticket. – Are you serious? You’re so mean. – How did she end up with it
if you put it in your backpack? – How did you get… – I’m so impressed with
how you handled that, she didn’t bite at anybody. ‘Kay, we gotta get on the plane. – Okay. Can I like, actually
have a Wet Ones though? – Yep, they’re in my bag. – [Shari] What did he do? – [Dad] He’s wearing his pants backwards. – No wonder he’s walking
with a funny walk. Hi, thank you. The look on people’s faces when we get on airplanes is like, classic. (rock music) My number one traveling tip
for anyone is don’t leave unless you have a Wet Ones
pack in every single bag. (rock music) (siren) – [Dad] Do you hear that? – The police are gonna
come and then be like, whose bag is this? (siren)
(laughing) (applause) – That was embarrassing. Quite possibly the most
embarrassing thing I’ve ever– – [Mom] I heard it upstairs. That was my megaphone? – That was our suitcase. – [Mom] I heard it
upstairs in the bathroom. – Yeah. – Everyone was applauding
when Chad turned it off. (upbeat music) – Are we there yet? – Are we there yet?
– Are we there yet? – [Children] Are we there yet? Are we there yet, are we there yet, are we there yet, are we
there yet, are we there yet? – Are we in the mood for
hamburgers, sandwiches, – Shakes.
– pizza? – Shakes.
– Fries and shakes. – Fries and shakes it is. (upbeat music) (laughing) – [Dad] That’s like a suave. (laughing) What is that? It looks like a tiger. (laughing) (pop music) (chatter) – Enough! Stop. That’s how it’s done. I have some crafts that
Abby and Julie put together. So I’m just gonna pass
them back, there’s– (screaming)
(laughing) there is one rule, you will be quiet. – I have nothing to do, what do I do? – [Mom] Be quiet. – This is so squishy! – And this is made out of diamonds. (laughing) (upbeat music) – [Mom] Gross, Chad,
you are making a mess. And you’re my oldest kid, how come my oldest kids are the messiest? – We’re good. Can you pass a Wet Ones? – I think I need a Wet Ones hand wipe. – Okay, so we need to play a game, how many times in this video
do Wet Ones come to rescue Mom? Seriously, like, how many times? (laughs) – I need to go to the bathroom. – [Mom] ‘Kay you guys, whoever needs to go to the bathroom, go. – Let’s all run. Run, run, run. – Mom would never ever let me get these. – Oh man, when you’re on vacation. Okay nobody gets in until
they wipe their hands. (bubbly music) – [Mom] Who’s the first one
to see the Hollywood sign? – [Julie] I was. – [Mom] Julie, you were the first one? – Yeah.
– Good girl. (piano music) – Thank you Wet Ones for
helping me hide the evidence. (siren) – Do that again.
(laughing) – [Chad] Am I annoying or what? – I was literally, picking up the camera, literally picking up
the camera to say that the hardest part of the trip
is over, we got off the plane– – [Chad] No, stop talking. – And this has been– – [Chad] Stop talking. – Second half has been very
quiet and pleasant and lovely and very peaceful. (laughing and squeaking) – [Children] Are we there
yet, are we there yet, are we there yet, are we
there yet, are we there yet? – Yes, we are here, finally! (bubbly music) Hi Evie. (upbeat music) Thanks again Wet Ones Hand Wipes for sponsoring today’s video and trip. Don’t forget that you and your
family can win your own trip to either Universal Studios Hollywood, or Universal Orlando Resort. Just click on the link
below for more details or visit
for your chance to win. See you soon! (upbeat music)

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