Surprising my GIRLFRIEND with her DREAM HOLIDAY (Relationship Goals)

Surprising my GIRLFRIEND with her DREAM HOLIDAY (Relationship Goals)

Kua tae noa mai ki aianei ki a Kiera, He aha o oronga tuatahi? He ahua te ahua, he ahua nui. He mea ahuareka?Ahau koa. Kei te hiahia koe ki te hopu i tetahi ruma? Ummmm, ae. Me mahi. Whakaarohia kia kite i te mea e tupu ana Na te mea i hanga Kiera ki roto i te ruma Kaua e whakamatau koe, ki te hopukia koe e koe, ki te pohehe, kaore e pai te pa ki a koe, ok? Ko nga kotiro me nga taina he aha te mea i tupu i ahau, me taku whaea i tuhi i tenei ruma haurangi, a kihai ano a Kiera i kite I tuhi matou ki te miharo i tana taangata We’ve just had a look it is absolutely insaneill And we are gonna get Kiera’s first Reaction to the room on camera because I’ve got a feeling this is literally gonna be Kiera’s dream holiday like this is my dream holiday And I’ve been on a lot all days like this place is insane, so we’re gonna get curious live reaction on camera but guys if you’re new to the channel remember to go down there and SMASH that subscribe button and also leave a like on the video. Let’s try and get 20,000 likes for this crazy hotel surprise, but Kiera, babe, are you ready? Are you ready? Guys you ready more happy is going down guys Kiera turn Come on let’s go No, I think this is the fridge It wasn’t So much noise you’re welcome So we haven’t even seen any of the bedrooms yet, but what would you rate it so far out ten eleven? Oh? Wow Wow I Gonna sleep, I think I think Oh Guys comment down below in the comment section who will bear in the buff who deserves this room imma be reading all of them way more There’s another toilet here. Oh my god, so that is like the big boy. I literally like a big shower. You know the bedroom Okay, mum gets this one you wait What there’s nobody for this mom guys if n you want to come round? We’ve got some free rooms. So you know we’ll you’re welcome You can stay with us and stuff breath like the video, maybe we’ll invite you in, bro Kiera, there’s the room. Yeah, what do you think did we get a good one? Are you surprised? Are you happy yeah? Shame very good at showing emotion, but like ru ru Got emotional guys right there, so yeah guys guys the entire What about the outside there should be something outside. There’s more there’s more. No. There’s not this one. There’s the outside oh Come on out oh my god We didn’t just get you a pool we got you a hot tub as well That is hot is she emotional Well guys oh my Goodness guys. This is where we’re gonna be staying. This is the surprise check out this view guys oh my Goodness don’t care. What you think? I think it’s really nice and stuff, and it is a really good mind oh My god, this is the part when we do we do snow I think we do I’m not looking Oh Oh Hello I actually go to them oh yeah guys this is where we’re gonna be staying this is the surprise whole day We’re gonna be here for a very long time guys. We’ve got the pool Three bedrooms you’ve got buffs in bedrooms. We’ve got open one kitchens. We’ve got lounges. We’ve got TVs We’ve got everything you could ask for and we’ve got this view This view nope nope just get nothing but hold on guys there is one thing My wrist a little bit sweaty, I might take off my watch – maybe I’ll just take these to Your mum do you know you’re gonna have to do you’re gonna have to get some new merch!! At It’s disruptive, this is a posh hotel guys you gotta respect that obviously I’m Morgz I do I want so I’m gonna jump in in slow-mo. Let’s do it Yo, so boys and girls first things first I’ll flippin signals up both slow motion and stuff is this lyric cool kara What do you think it’s so far? How you enjoying this are you happy? Yeah, you look really happy I mean when you’ve got this view like come on. It’s hard not to be happy Well, yeah guys once again. If you’re new to the channel. This is the first video you’ve seen of mine hello welcome welcome to the family welcome to team Morgz if you haven’t already go down there and Nice know that subscribe on go and also I see we’re gonna hit 20 bars likes on this video for more For bra you’re so cool that you’ve never piggy back for some reason I agreed to this Guys this is what happens when you come away with girls this was clean like five minutes ago. We’ve got hairdryer We’ve got weather this stuff is we’ve got soap. It’s a bloody nightmare Anyway kill what we do right now, baby? We? Don’t we’ve been here for what like you know five hours Mormon poops already you’re actually really good hair, but yeah guys right now min Cara who are we going out for a nice little cheeky meal we’re gonna see what we can find see if we can get somewhere Cool, but yeah, I’m all ready right now for once. I’m not wearing the merch I’m actually where it’s a little bit different which is crazy Time I’m not wearing the Mergent like all year. Oh, yeah Right now in five four three two one skur Mom Okay, don’t look at a little bit fancy Yeah, you’re doing well blight looks good on you makes you less No peanuts anything else no so guys the whole sports here ever already, but wait gay gay Let’s go baby, so Kyra’s came out for a meal in a posh restaurant whim My song life is on ahead you care to explain yourself mrs. Parra He just walked out of the room of pneumonia has he’s embarrassing isn’t your mom Shocking absolutely shocking Cara ladies and gentlemen. We’re just roam in the streets. You know we’re just out about a look at what we see Check out that view no Cara You’re blocking the view tip month the view the view No I was obviously because we’re in a new town and everything there’s a lot of new people here and a lot of new people that Don’t know yet about the merge so by the merge Morgz Morgz but Boys don’t owe nobody bear hugs dr. Bailey Oh movies on Coco won’t go Pug life phone case is out this Saturday Yo, yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo now if you’re wondering Why it just magically got light outside and my hair just got wet and I’ve changed clothes and moms hair lookin different and blue outside And it’s warm It’s because your boy morgs forgot to forgot to end this video because you know I am the best father in the world I never Forget my outros. I always do everything. I’m so good. I’m joking guys. I’m terrible. I’m Robin shot now I’m Robin, so yeah guys. I hope you enjoyed the video. It was pretty crazy I have a feeling this is literally gonna be the dream holiday Kara seems to have enjoyed it mum seems to be enjoying it We’ve got literally a pool in our room as well as a hot tub which for the record We can’t he talk I wanted to go in it last night, but it won’t work We’re for quite a while guys so remember coming down below what you want to see we’re gonna bring you some dope videos coming your Way and also remember if you haven’t already subscribed. What the hell are you doing? I’m uploading every single day this December and pinning the gift card in the comment section so hit that subscribe button turn on notifications Get to the videos early tomorrow let let’s do it It’s cool And finally guys to remind you one more time the Pug live merch is out this Saturday the phone cases my first ever phone cases. I’m dropping. I’ve already got mine Kara’s got hers mom’s got hers Are you gonna get yours this Saturday guys remember? It’s gonna be so flippin Well, thank y’all so much for watching and as always I’ve involved you guys been awesome And I’ll see you in my next video peace out

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  2. This is the same hotel they used for the last to leave the hot tub challenge and the wake up in the ocean prank on Kiera

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