Swat Valley & Takht-I-Bahi | Pakistan Travel Vlog

Swat Valley & Takht-I-Bahi | Pakistan Travel Vlog

In this video, we are travelling from Kalash valley to Swat and staying in a high-security luxury hotel. We will be visiting the Buddhist monastery of Takht-I-Bahi which is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site It is time to say bye to Kalash Valley and Kalash people.
they were so nice and friendly We are looking forward to go to Swat and
explore another part of Pakistan but for now we are just enjoying the great view of
the valley last night we arrived in Swat and actually in this hotel it was so dark to film anything and we
were exhausted you can imagine if you are on a road for eight hours on a bumpy road. I was drained. I was completely drained Right now we are in Serena hotel in Swat This hotel looks like a resort but without
a beach it has a really strong security we had to go to the security and they
checked our path but the environment is really nice that’s what
happened the hotel security level was increased
after the school in front of it was attacked in 2016 and 22 people were
killed it’s time again to go back on a road and
say bye to the hotel it’s a really hot day isn’t it? yes, it is very hot. but you had a
good sleep so you won’t feel hot today We stopped here to go and see Ghaligai Buddha Now, we are in swat. and we are travelling towards Islamabad You can see behind me there is a water canal on the mountain This canal is the source of electricity for the whole region we are going to see a monastery we
bought our ticket 500 Pakistani Rupees each but actually, we had two cameras in
our hands, I had one and Bruno had one if we want to use two cameras we should
pay for each camera 300 rupees but we decided just to have one camera and this
is the ticket to use camera It is the very first time I am charged to use my camera let’s go Takht-I-Bahi is one of the last surviving Buddhist sites in the region. Takht-i-Bahi stands for Throne of Origins and it was founded in the early 1st century Swat used to host 1400 Buddhist monasteries This monastery was not visited very often before the road and car park were built. Now it is one of the most popular attractions in the area the meditation rooms at the lower level
are much cooler but the comfortable temperature also attracts some bats At the top of the monastery, you can have a great view of the valley Thanks for watching, and see you in the next video

59 thoughts on “Swat Valley & Takht-I-Bahi | Pakistan Travel Vlog

  1. I never watch before your videos like this type beauti in Pakistan heart touching beauti and good camera job in waiting your next video…

  2. A lot has been learned about our own Kilash Valley friends through your series of vlogs. I'm proud of my diversified Pakistan.

  3. Takht-E-Bai Look wise might not look good but for bhuddist people this place is really special because pakistan kept it the way its makes.

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