Switzerland / Swiss Tour Guide in Hindi l Swiss Travel Pass l Food & Accommodation

Switzerland / Swiss Tour Guide in Hindi l Swiss Travel Pass l Food & Accommodation

Switzerland was my last destination in Europe. and this is the last video of the Europe Trip Planning series also. In my last videos of this series, I had told about how to do International flight bookings. I had shared information on Paris & French Riviera. If you have missed those videos, then you will get the link in the description box and in the corner of your screen. If this is your first time on my channel, then quickly press the Subscribe button and Bell Icon. So that you keep on getting travel-related tips and Info. To reach Zurich from Nice, I had taken Europe’s low-cost airlines Easyjet’s 1-hour flight. That’s how I reached Zurich. There is another way by which you can reach Zurich from Nice, for this, you will have to take Italian rail which will take you to Zurich from Nice via Genoa in 8-9 hours. Most of the areas you see in your journey will fall in France, Italy & Switzerland. In my view, it would be a recommended train journey, if you are comfortable with long train journeys. If we talk about Switzerland’s Capital, then there is no official capital here, unofficially Bern is the capital. The people here speak French, German & Italian. Switzerland is one of the selected few European countries, where people don’t feel any difficulty while conversing in English. Switzerland is a very small country. The most important factor is to choose a correct base, so that you can cover the entire country in the most efficient and cost-effective way. The road & rail infra is very good here. That’s why to reach from one point to another is very easy. If you use the train then it takes 3 hours at max. Honestly speaking, I felt that the journey was as beautiful as the destination itself. I made my base in Zurich and in Lucerne. If you wish, you can choose Interlaken over Zurich, which is in Central Switzerland. Wherever you make your base, please keep one thing in mind that there is a Tram or train stop close to your hotel. So that you don’t have to walk a lot to access public transport. I would suggest you, to use Public Transport only in Switzerland there are 2 main reasons. One, it’s very convenient & punctual and the 2nd reason for using Public transport is very high taxi fares. It’s very high just like any other European city. And it will leave a very big hole in your pocket if you use taxis. When you will use Public transport here, it will feel like an attraction only. There is a lot of things to be seen for every age group. There are mountain tops, lake, waterfalls, and museums. What to see and do, for the details I always refer to Tripadvisor’s website. And I would recommend the same to you. Switzerland’s Public Transport system is one of the best in the world. If you have to go from one city to another or you are roaming inside the city, you would not face any issue. Because all the cities, towns & villages in Switzerland are connected by high speed and convenient trains. Inside the cities, you can use the Trams, Buses & Boats. There are 2 ways to see Switzerland, one is Car rental, if you are comfortable with right-hand drive, then it could be most economical way. Because one-week’s rental cost for a hatchback car comes out to be 20-22000 Rs If we include Petrol & parking charges also, then also it would not be more than 30-32,000 Rs. not more than that. The 2nd way is the Swiss Travel System, When I researched on this for my trip, then I saw so many options of Passes & tickets that I fainted. That’s why I am showing only 1 option which I chose. If you are taking Swiss Travel Pass from Swiss Tours’ Website, then by using some promo codes some money can be saved on the final cart value. The prices start at 16,500 for 3 days continuous 8 days continuous pass will cost around 30,000 Rs and 15 days continuous pass will cost around 36,000 Rs This includes unlimited travel on bus, train & boat in entire Switzerland You will get free entry in the 500 museums across Switzerland on mountain excursions you will get 50% discounts. Scenic route trains are included, you might have to pay some reservation fees. And children up to 16 years of age can travel for free on a family travel card For my 6 day travel, I had taken, 4+1 bonus days swiss travel pass. This was valid for continuous travel days in 2nd class. To see Zurich for a day, I had taken 1 day Zurich Card. Every year, Swiss Pass gives a bonus day offer from September to December. You get one bonus day travel on 4 days pass. & two bonus days’ travel on 8 days pass. You can buy Swiss pass from Swisstours.com or raileurope.co.in. Both these websites courier the physical pass on your Indian home address. The printouts would not work instead of the Pass. So I would suggest you to order these passes one month in advance. And by chance, if you have opted for self-driven Car, then you can take complimentary city transport pass from you hotel or guest house. Which will be valid for public transport in the city where you are staying. And most of the Guest Houses & hotels of Switzerland, provide these passes to their guests complimentary. To go from one point to another, I used Google Maps. Which was very accurate in case of Switzerland. If we talk about food in Switzerland, then I would tell you very honestly that we, the Indian tourist are most concerned for the food only on any international trip If you are a vegetarian, then this worry gets multiplied by 2. Although there are many Indian restaurants in Switzerland. But the prices are also very high. For example, Daal or gravy Vegetable comes for around 1200-1400 Rs and Roti/Naan for 300-400 Rs. I found one positive thing with Indian restaurants in Switzerland that, if you are ordering Daal or Gravy Vegetable, then you get one portion of rice complimentary. One meal’s expense for 2 people comes to be around 2500-3000 Rs. So, if you want to save some money of food in Switzerland, then you must watch my money-saving tips on food Video from Maldives series. I have given the link in the screen’s corner and in the description box. If you can survive on Fast food, then you can get Burger in Burger king & Mcdonalds for about 600-700 Rs. You can get the Veg options also at both these places, Which you don’t get in France. If talk about hotels in Switzerland, then hotels in Zurich, are slightly cheaper than in other Swiss towns. In Zurich, you may get the 3 & 4 star hotels for starting price of 5000-6000 Rs If we talk about Lucerne, you may get the 3 & 4-star hotels for starting price of 6000-7000 Rs easily. If you are looking for AirBnBs in Zurich’s city center, then you will get BnB in the price range 3000-6000 Rs easily. Trip is now complete, let’s do the calculation of the expenses. We had spent around 2,41,000 till France. Paris to Nice & Nice to Zurich, we spent around 20,000 Rs in that. By estimating 10,000 Rs per night for the 6 nights, the total hotel cost is 60,000 Rs in Switzerland 39,000 Rs for Swiss Pass. 25,000 Rs for food In Switzerland. and we spent 4,000 on the Zurich card. The expenditure on Travel Insurance was 3,500 Rs which is mandatory for Schengen Visa. The total expenditure in this entire trip was approx around 3,92,500 Rs. In which you saw 2 most beautiful countries in the world. France & Switzerland So in my view this deal in bad. If you have liked my Video on Switzerland, Then don’t forget to Like, Comment & Share. I hope that you have Subscribed to my channel by now. I will take you on a divine route in my next video. And will show you Shirdi & Shani Shingnapur.

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