Switzerland Travel Tips: 10 Things to Know Before You Go to Switzerland

Switzerland Travel Tips: 10 Things to Know Before You Go to Switzerland

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  1. Thank you for sharing! You are very skilled. I like to travel too:)I not long ago revealed my first ever video – My travel diary in Queenstown. Eep!Would definitely adore your pointers on my video/editing thus I can get better like you!

  2. If I only had 3 days and I want the amazing views, where do I go and what mode of transportation would I use to get there?

  3. You will be seen rude if you don’t give tips to restaurant even tho it’s in the price. If the food was nice and the team Nice, you have to live something. I’m from switzerland?? fun vidéo

  4. Hi Yellow Productions. First, great video. You narrowed it down to 10 rather typical and thus very "Touristy" points. Nonetheless, they are important to know. Switzerland is like an iceberg, there is only so much you get to see above the surface. The fun part starts underneath: Langstrasse, Niederdorf, Clubbing scene, alternative scene, Ultra scene (not so proud about), local sports tourney (Schwingen, its a swiss version of prof Wrestling), private Parties, OpenAir Festivals etc. Its great to create start ups here.

    If you come back for a more indepth guide, feel free to contact me 🙂

  5. 10 Things to Know Before You Go to Switzerland? Take 2-3 Credit Cards and lots of cash too! Everything is 30% more expensive than Italy. I am Italian and I live close to the border. I love it

  6. I'm swiss and I find your Video is amazing. You said the most important things?.
    Best wishes from Switzerland☺

  7. Shocked to hear you don’t seem to recycle in the US? Why??? ? Taking care of the environment and the resources is so self-evident, isn‘t it?

    For CHF 20 your Pizza is probably just a plain Pizza Margherita. They usually go up to CHF 30 if you‘ve got some more ingredients on it. It of course depends on where you are. E.g. Zurich is way more expensive than other places. And in cities it‘s generally more expensive than in the countryside (except for the touristy places).

    And despite some other comments here, you explained it correctly: Switzerland has 4 official languages, not 5 (as some people claim). German, French, Italian and Rhaeto-Romance. The latter is rather rare and most (if not all) its speakers also speak German or Italian. Swiss German is only a dialect (or rather: many different dialects) of the German language but no language of its own. This is the case even though Swiss German is further away from the Standard German than the Dutch language (which is really a language) is away from German. The reason: There is no official written Swiss German; we write in Standard German (except for inofficial communication such as texting with your phone where we use an inofficial Swiss German and just write the way we talk in our different dialects). For our everyday business at work we also speak in our dialects, it‘s not inferior to the Standard German at all. If we talk to Germans who live further away than in Baden-Württemberg or Bavaria, we have to switch to the Standard German so they can understand us.

  8. Swiss travel pass also covers a lot of museums. Also food prices depend on whether there's a lot of tourists going there. If it's slightly out of the way, it's just as tasty and cheaper. But otherwise, great video!

  9. This is a refreshingly different vid on Switzerland: it's concise, for one, and ACCURATE for the most part. Never noticed the lack of small talk, though. Any conversation wraps up with multiple, repetitive courtesy phrases: "Danke! Merci vielmal! Danke schön! Ade! Uf wiederleuge! Schön Abig no'!

  10. The hot weather is a rather new occurence. We used to have 23-30 °C here in summer. Now it's more like 30-35 °C. Just now we had our 8th weekend in a row iwth 30+ °C .

  11. service charge? Switzerland does not have a service charge, well this is actually already within the price of the food. The 8% you saw is VAT. You dont have to give a tip but if the food and service was really good and you want to show that, 5-10% is a perfect tip.

  12. There is no service charge of 8% (in the meantime is 7.7%). It's the normal VAT (value added tax). But every price is written with the VAT already in it (not like in other idiots countries where you need a university degree to understand how much your are going to pay your meal because you have to add tax and tip), so it always clear the cost of the dinner.

  13. Jungfrau = pronounciation = yoong – frah – ooh. J is not pronounced like jeans or so in German.
    Thanks for the clip!

  14. Swiss here, while waiters don‘t live of tips, it‘s polite to give an about 10% tip of the amount you paid because a waiters salary isn’t that great. The 8.5% on the bill are just tax. On the other hand in like a Kebab store or something like that you usually don‘t tip, but you can if you want too.

    Edit: The description also talks about there being a minimum wage in Switzerland. That‘s wrong, there is no general minimum wage here but most types of jobs have a minimum wage set by their head organizations. Everything else is pretty accurate.

  15. Bad! Sorry Yellow Productions! I am Swiss, and we do not talk GERMAN, we are talk Swiss-german, witch is a big difference.

  16. Another cheaper place to eat on the move can be at the booths in the train stations. There are usually a variety of ethnic foods there for CHF 7-12 and make a filling lunch. Also wherever you stay visitors are given a free local bus pass for the local area. This saved me E50 over 4 days in Lucerne.

  17. And if you forget it can get warm, my cousin (from GERMANY, which really isn't far) thought it would be cold and brought winter clothes. In August.

  18. I love Switzerland! But, I have to admit, most of the hotels where we stayed had no air conditioning and the humidity made it a little uncomfortable for me at night in the summer. The plus side to this was that their aren't many mosquitoes in the mountains and you can leave your windows open at night!

  19. Thank you to this video so that i have an idea if i come to switzerland..i have my boyfriend his in zurich❤ the swiss people are so sweet and kind..i noticed that on your back he send me a pic its so nice river?love chocolates and cheese he always eat that and potato lol?

  20. I live in Switzerland since 10 years and got at least 40 facts about Switzerland. It is quite challenging for me as an Asian living in Switzerland. People habits, regulation, etc. I compile it in a video in youtube. Wonder what Swiss people would comment on my video about my impression:)).

  21. how much does it cost you, if you are from asian country, like Philippines? i mean from here to switzerland? hope i can get an answer 😀 thank you! have a good day 😀

  22. what if you wanted to move to switzerland permanently live and work there do you have to learn their language? im just curious

  23. Change money in railway Station ticket office is pretty good deal, they offer excellent rates comes with 4 Franc service fee. The best is at Migro Bank, best rates and no fees.

  24. Nice video, beautiful country! We've recently started a new YouTube channel about travel and we loved our time in Switzerland! Check out our video, please let us know what you think of it!

  25. Completely agree with the comment in the video about the public transport. It was amazing. We spent our time in Interlaken and in the BERN region. So we got the BERN regional pass which was awesome. We paid one price for the pass and then was able to travel so much using the pass!

  26. Are you sure about those SHORTS in summer? I've never seen people walking around in shorts in Switzerland — at least in the city. I think you will be the only one.

  27. I guess it’s a case of the country your from in regards to price.

    5 Swiss Franc equates to about 3.76 in pound sterling which is around about the same you’d pay here in the UK for a Starbucks.


  29. Oh thats what ppl think about our contry btw idk why your telling it’s cold i’m always wering a t-shirt

  30. Lovley greetings from switzerland

    God video and some right tips. Just want to say switzerland has a lot of diffrent countrys and reliogions working and living there, so we like small talk to learn about your living because we deal with many diffrent cultures, wich is honestly great so please exchange with us your expirience. And it has been told enough but just to be sure: the tax is now 7.8 % and its ben set up by the country for any product you by inside this country ( food, clothes,drinks,toys etc.) Its a way of the country to raise money for diffrent projekts, investments or improvments for swiss itself, so by anything you buy you support swiss ( Thanks very much for that) the girl/ guy that serves you didnt get any of this directly, so if you wanna be thankfull leave a tip at your choice but be known its a free will. Im a swiss service guy myself and i got to say i love to have a small talk with you cause theres much to learn and hear so please be yourself if you visiting.

    Hope to see you

  31. It seems like parts of Europe is a southerners nightmare. No small talk, opening and closing early, expensive food

  32. Cannot stress number 9 too much. Don't buy bottled water. Even some Swiss don't get that right, believe me.
    Water is the most strictly controlled good in Switzerland.
    The water coming out of these fountains also went through an aquarium filled with highly pollution-sensitive fishes in the water treatment plant.

  33. I visited Switzerland last year and expected more expensive food.. A hamburger with potatoes in Verne costs 10€, a pizza in Zurich 11€ and some Swiss traditional foods were way cheaper than I thought

  34. Nice complilation, funny to watch if you're Swiss like me… 😉 One little misstake: We don't have tax on water bottles (PET). They're just really expensive, if you buy them at a kiosk or a cafe. Better go to a supermarket, there you can buy 1.5 Liter of bottled water for 60 Rp. (Cents). But yeah, even better, you can drink the water from every fountain and tub (except in trains!), the water quality is really good.

  35. Why are Americans always turning on the AC or complaining about the lack of it?? What about the earth??

  36. Good job and done with humour! As a Swiss I like videos like this which give some more informations than "only" about prices, great! In case you want to know even more about "my" country, please visit my Website. But there is no 5 star luxury, we also have other parts here! www.teddy-b.ch

  37. That is so cute that each Mountain has it's own Website..I love that..And thank you for this Important Information..it really helps..

  38. Very good advice! We've just uploaded our 48 Hours in Switzerland where we explored Geneva and the Glacier 3000 – would love for you to check it out! <3 https://youtu.be/vd8VBr4B7IA

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