Sydney Australia – City tour

Sydney Australia – City tour

Sydney is in the southeast of Australia and has over 4.5 million inhabitants. Because of its beautiful location on the Pacific Ocean, its 300 sunny days per year and its life-loving inhabitants, this city is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Sydney is full of sights and you need far more than a day to visit just a part of it. The city tour begins in Sydney’s Chinatown. In addition to the many small shops, you should plan more than an hour for the Chinamarkt “Market City” or “Paddy’s Market”. Unbelievable what is offered at over 600 booths. Darling Harbor is nearby. Here you can take a break, or visit the many shops around the harbor. If you want to get to know the animal world of Australia, visit the Wildlife Sydney Zoo at Darling Harbor. East of the harbor is the George Street, with many shops, gastronomy and passages. A highlight of the George Street is the Queen Victoria Building, which is home of one of the most beautiful shopping malls in the world. East of the George Street are large parks. Beautiful is the Hide Park with its Archibald Fountain. In the north between the end of the George Street and the parks is The Rocks. The ferry port with the world-famous Sydney Opera House and the view of the famous Harbor Bridge. Along the harbor promenade full of tourists, street artists present their skills. Just before the Harbor Bridge at the end of George Street is The Rocks Market. An outdoor market and small shops display their craftsmanship. Worth is a trip to the Sydney Fish Market, west of the center. The colors of the fresh seafood are unbelievable. To a visit of Sidney belongs the trip to Bondi Beach. The first stop on the way is the Mrs Macquaries Point with a magnificent view of the Opera House and the Harbor Bridge. Next stop is Gap Bluff in Watsons Bay. Here, 11 kilometers from the city center, you have a magnificent view back to the city and a wonderful view of the Pacific Ocean. From there it is not far to the famous Bondi Beach. Blue sky, blue sea and a wonderful sandy beach invite to relax. Sydney offers endless possibilities to spend the evening. Darling Harbor is just one of the places full of visitors, in a city with 24 hours of entertainment.

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  1. This is a great video, thanks for posting it! My clever cousin, who got away from Birmingham in the UK, and the poor working conditions and pay from the NHS, has been living in Sydney for a year now, with her partner and I don't think she'll be coming back to the UK any time in the near future ha ha!

    Who'd want to with all Sydney and the rest of Australia has to offer? She's much happier and living better there! Good on ya Cuz! My Stepfather was born in Sydney near the Blue Mountains, and he and my mother lived in Sydney for years before moving up to Queensland!

  2. Born in Sydney and planning on leaving as it’s just a tourist trap full of immigrants.

    Multiculturalism = multi tribalism = no culture

  3. What I know about Australia is ,,it’s a desert country and weather is hot year around…. But I could see many people wearing thick jackets I am wondering why

  4. It’s funny cause all the asians sell our Aussie products but yet more asians buy them also darling harbour/circular que is expensive even for an everyday Aussie like me

  5. Take it from an Aussie that lives in Sydney, Sydney is a shit hole. ONLY because of the people that live here! If you come to Sydney and expect to see Australians every where say'n "hey mate how ya goin" you're going to be in for a big surprise!!! Nothing but immigrants here who DON'T assimilate to Aussie culture, and are trying "and succeeding" to turn this country into the countries from which they fled! Wtf?! 🤨

  6. Every state in Australia is beautiful.if I will given the chance where I want to migrate, I love Melbourne the most. Australia is my second home.

  7. I’d advise anyone to not go to Australia
    Is a delusion
    The life of a slave , people are treated like garbage especially those of color
    Don’t fall for the expensive scam

  8. Hello Sir
    Very nice video. Sir actually I want to ask you that from where did you get this footage for your youtube video. And second thing is there any copy right claim for uploading this type of videos.
    Please reply Sir

  9. I live in Sydney and trust me, Sydney is like an old whore. Mass migration and over development have robbed her of her Australian identity, her beauty and her innocence. The harbour and beaches are her cheap make up but a kilometre inland and she is just another congested and violent wasteland that feels just like any other boring beige coloured Western city that you can see anywhere else in the world. Go to Eastern European or Asian cities but don't waste your precious time and money coming to this boring dump, nothing to see here.

  10. Me fascinó mi visita a Sidney, es una ciudad espectacular, regrese enamorada de Australia. Saludos desde Mazatlán Sinaloa México

  11. It’s a satellite city of China now U pay U pay now ! With a Indian secondary population whitey die now F off. And a Islamic caliphate further on welcome to a balkanised Australia!

  12. Local's secret: Bondi Beach is considered by locals (except Bondi locals) as one of the worst beaches in Sydney, but it's convenient to herd the tourists there. If a tourist wants to sample true local's Sydney eating without getting totally ripped off in the CBD, he need to get on a train or taxi and visit one of the many ethnic enclave suburbs and eat in a local restaurant.

  13. beautiful. and. Perfect. I. love. Sydney. want. to. go. there. again

  14. Where should Sydney Tourism Company send a cheque / check to you for this MILLION DOLLAR tourist promotion video. An excellent video.

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