Table Talks | Regan Grimes | Peak Week Travel Tips?

Table Talks | Regan Grimes | Peak Week Travel Tips?

hey what’s up everybody it’s Regan Grimes
here and Primeval Labs athlete and today this is table talks six ounces of
chicken 125 grams of white rice I actually get an apple with this meal as
well so I’m going to grab that what is this year been like for you as
far as training and diet after coming from doing classic physique so this year I’m
coming back to the open category I’m really excited all year I’ve been
working hard at adding some more size and it’s it’s just because of the meals
I mean and the training you have to continue eating your meals six meals a
day no matter what and it’s the snacking guys the snacking if it’s not on your
diet plan don’t eat it like the thing is if you’re gonna gonna have a coach in
the first place telling you what to eat and then you’re
gonna go and snack A you’re not gonna be hungry for your following meal you’re
probably not gonna get the next one in in the right time and overall your
performance isn’t gonna be as good so just make sure you’re getting those
meals in yeah you might still be hungry but all that means is the next week when
you do your progress photos and check in with your coach you can add more rice or
add more clean food that way you’re actually gonna see progress instead if
you’re like having okay oh my goodness I’m eating 300g of rice I’m
eating eight ounces of chicken and I’m hungry in an hour and a half well that’s
great but don’t screw it up by having a snack in between wait the two and a half
hours have that 300 grams of rice 8oz chicken again and do it over and over
and over and over how has this prep differed from others
this prep has been like no other prep that I’ve ever done
I started it out probably twenty four weeks out which is like much further
than I’ve ever done but it’s been the best prep I’ve ever done by far is the
whole process I’ve enjoyed there’s there’s tough times there’s there’s
times where I’m hungry there’s times where I’m tired but at the end of the
day I’ve eaten more on this prep like way more on this prep than any other
prep the way that my coaches manipulated the carbs we’ve done cycling carbs we’ve
we’ve gone low low days and we go high then we go cheat meal we go low push the
body come back there’s so many ways to manipulate the diet and just my coach is
so on point with it every day we know I send him my pictures I send him my
weight and he’s just so engaged and he cares so much that we’re really gonna
pull out my potential this year getting close to a show energy levels drop fast
what pushes you to keep going each day during a prep I feel like my competitive
edge is like when I’m suffering the most when it’s the hardest is when I keep
pushing and I can push past it’s a mental game I think once it gets really
hard I can make it harder Romania is pretty far away what are
some of the challenges you face preparing to arrive at this show um so
I’m pretty lucky my coach my wife Victoria my friend Antoine Brandon
Mendoza is doing as well and Dorian’s wife Rachel we’re all going down so
there’s gonna be six of us going in a group definitely helps because like when
you are exhausted in you’re week out you’re a little bit you got a little bit
of your brains not functioning as well so like the little things you know can
help me you gotta get the taxi got to get the uber or gotta figure out the Airbnb gotta
get in the AirBnb where’s the venue what time do I gotta be at my tan you
know all those little things you know they’re all manageable but when you have
a bunch of friends with you it’s definitely going to make it easier and
we are gonna be videoing all that so it’s gonna be pretty cool to show you
guys on my channel I think the biggest thing is gonna be like the food and then
there’s also like gonna be a very like much of a language barrier I don’t think
they don’t speak probably much English so that’s gonna be tricky but the food
for sure like what I think I’m gonna do is because I’ve been eating trifecta
meat the whole prep and probably for the last like 35 or 40 weeks I’m going I’m
gonna bring it frozen and pack it in my in my bag with dry ice with the frozen
foods and then even if it starts to thaw a little bit on the way there it’s okay
because within the week the food will be fine so we’re gonna land on Wednesday eat
Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday and then I compete Sunday so it’ll be
totally cool and then that way I don’t have to be worried about like getting
sick some from weird protein and to be honest I’ll probably just bring my own
rice too because I’ve been um there’s no way you’ll find the rice that I eat
here there after your prep what’s the first thing
you’re gonna be eating off your diet after the season I’m gonna be in Japan
so probably some noodles it’s something I don’t even know actually no the first
thing KitKat definitely Kit Kats I bet you Japan’s got some pretty crazy
ones alright guys that’s it for my table talks I hope you guys enjoyed that video
thanks for watching I’ll see you next time

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  2. Number one advice from Regan: Don't forget to drink your chicken and rice flavored protein shake before you eat rice and chicken

  3. When i was young i thought foxes are the chicken predators.
    Now i know for sure bodybuilders are the real predators.

  4. On full day of eating can you guys add the time when they eat the meal I’m curious to know how much time they have before each meal

  5. ? this is the best meal prep for me.
    He must've added bbq to his chicken this time.
    Dude eats rice and Chicken only without veggies.

  6. I like Regan but I cant trust him anymore. I bought some Primeval Labs EAA Max pink lemonade and it's TERRIBLE. It's doesn't taste like lemonade or whatever pink is supposed to taste like. It tastes like rotten apples.

  7. I think alot of people confuse hunger with cravings. If your eating that much then you shouldn’t be hungry 3 hours later

  8. Those bodybuilders have muscle but no brain at all. How the hell u can eat oatmeal in the morning? Oat meal gives u a sleepy mood and u feel jelly. But nah u have to eat oat meal in order to have muscle but no brain and information.

  9. Travel tips? Travel question: how do they take their gear with them? Or do they buy it locally? Of they have someone that smuggles it for them?

  10. I've been following this Chanell from the start and you guys are the best bodybuilding channel on YouTube I mean litterly everything is on point !!!

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