taekook; Burn The Stage | The Wings Tour | 2017 [1/2]

taekook; Burn The Stage | The Wings Tour | 2017 [1/2]

Episodes 2-3: Jungkook starts practicng English. At this moment, camera is on him only, because he’s the only one who attracts attention. Then, the camera switches to Namjoon, because he’s starting to teach V and Jungkook new words.
[i.e. by actively speaking draws attention to himself] Hobi is almost compleatly hidden behind the seat, but the cameraman still tries to capture him in the frame, because Jungkook starts to interact with him. This is a great example of camera always following those who contribute something to the film. That’s why Jimin, who was sitting quietly (!) right in front of the cameraman, wasn’t filmed even once. But for some reason, they make an exception for Jin and the camera films him, ignoring V and Jungkook. Also, the editors covered the ‘beginning’ of their conversation, adding a scenery, shot at the other part of the town. 11 and 12 of March – BTS perform at Santiago,
and Jungkook starts feeling bad during the second concert. I knew that it was bad, before we even started. My body knew, and I did too. In this situation, BigHit’s staff [BHS] did everything in their power to minimize communication between Taehyung and Jungkook… …so, to see the real situation, we need to focus on the sequence of performances. The concert starts with «Not today» and «Dope». Already during the chours of «Dope» it’s obvious that Jungkook’s state is starting to worsen. Then he performs «Begin», which has a very exhausting choreo. What happens next isn’t shown in BtS, but probably already after this performance he’s getting the medical help. And I… We just started. I was responsible for the speech on behalf of the group. And so I thought, «We just started the show». «We can’t replace Jungkook. What shall I do?» Next time, Jungkook is on the stage during «Lost». Then BTS are having a break and what’s happening with Jungkook backstage is finally shown. Scene 1 Scene 2 Scene 3 Scene 4 Scene 5 Scene 6 Those scenes convince the viewers that V and Jungkook can’t be in the same place at the same time… …because, while one of them is in the dressing room, the other is with the saff and vice versa. The truth is – Jungkook couldn’t be in a dressing room, and V wouldn’t be in that room without a reason. BHS combined the footage from 11th and 12th of March together, in order to create a false sequence of events. During the 1st scene – Yoongi has striped red and white sleeves, which is what he wore on 12th of March… …but during the 3rd scene, red sleeves and black and red collar – outfit of 11th of March. March 12 – Jin has red-black sleeves,
March 11 – white shirt. Also, during the 2nd scene, Jungkook walked by the jacket,
which Jin wore on March 11. V is performing «Stigma» after the VCR and «Reflection», so he doesn’t have much time to prepare. But during the 5th scene he’s just sitting by his costume and it seems like he isn’t even thinking about getting ready. Moreover, his costume is not in the dressing room yet, and there’re no staff around… …because it was shot before the «Lost» performance. The 4th scene could’ve been shot ‘before’ or ‘after’ «Lost». In the first case, V was in this room after «Begin», so before «Lost» he could’ve been with Jungkook.
[That’s the exact period of time that wasn’t shown in BtS] In the second case, he would be there during RM’s VCR, which is unlikely due to the limited time, but still possible. Next joint performance – «Fire». At the end, V and Hoseok should block Yoongi’s way and after the collision – stand back to back… …but this time, V made a step back and avoided the collision, so Jungkook can see his right hand. The program «Korean Sign Language for the beginners». By the end of the concert, Jungkook can’t stand on his legs and his state, and probably the interference of BHS, had an impact on V. 11th of March 12th of March Scene 1 Scene 2 Scene 3 Scene 4 Jimin entered the room first, then Namjoon, but before him – Yoongi, Jin and Hoseok. V showed up last and disappeared immediately… …but he left (or had to leave?) even before Namjoon came in. Scene 2: V, Yoongi, Jin are here. Jimin, Jungkook and Hoseok (probably) are here.
No Namjoon. Scene 1: No V. Others are there. Scene 3: No V. Others are there. Scene 4: No V. Others are there. While Jungkook was given medical assistance, V was standing near the wardrobe, away from the camera. It is important to note how confident Jungkook was when he went to that corridor, which means he knew in advance who and where was waiting for him. [But is it really V?]
That’s a good question, considering the fact that in the next scenes he looks a bit different. All scenes after the one where Jin was clapping hands were shot on March 11. That day Jimin had the white sleeves… …but on the 12th of March they were black. After the concert BTS discussed what happened, and V was the only one who didn’t say anything. I was worried. A little… – Me too.
– You are not the only one. – Well, I was really worried.
– To be honest, I even cried. – Did the camera get it?
– No, it didn’t. I was crying in the bathroom. – I saw it during the «Fire».
– That’s when it all got serious.
– Something was wrong. I asked him why he’s not stopping. He said: “It’s our last show in Chile”. 13th of March: BTS are being interviewed for the film. Jungkook: I used to be very shy, but V-hyung helped me to come out of my shell.
I couldn’t even take a shower or get naked near them. 14th of March: 15th episode of «BTS Gayo» is being filmed. Tae: I’ll help you. During the shooting BtS, V went to Jungkook’s room. Firstly, there’s a cameraman in the room and he ‘again’ ignores a direct contact between Jungkook and V. When V obstruct camera, he just went around him and continued filming Jungkook. Secondly, V brought something ‘for’ Jungkook, that’s why BHS made sure not to get his hands in frame.
They just shot a close-up of Jungkook. [At first, Jungkook is looking at V’s face] [Then he lowers his gaze on his hands…] […and then back to face] [V puts something that he brought on the table] [Jungkook is reaching for it] 17th of March – KCON in Mexico. While in Brazil, from night of 18th to morning of 19th,
V does a liveshow on a paid (!) channel. Knowing the room’s layout, V’s eyes reveal where Jungkook is. [Yoongi’s and V’s rooms are identical] March 19th: Sao Paulo. March 22nd: Jungook sings «Nothing like us» instead of expected «Purpose». 26-28th of March: filming of «Run» (episode 21) and «Wings Concert Video Commentary». [Still doesn’t understand the rules]
TH: So, I can put down only 6?
NJ: No, you can also put the yellow cards down. JK: Can you come to my room after this? By this time, they’ve created a new handshake. April 4-13: shooting of the «Bon Voyage». TH: Do you want to live here? With me?
JK: Yeah. TH: You are mine. After that two of them were going to go to Jeju, but in the end V went with Park Bogum. JK: «…we promised to go to Jeju Island together,
but because of circumstances we couldn’t go» April 22nd, Bangkok, day 1. [Jungkook and Jin are teasing V] During the livestream Jungkook is saying to the audience that he won’t be finishing the live soon. Local time is 21:29 (09:29 pm). So, we don’t have to hurry. Don’t worry, guys. Should I… make this livestream long? His singing and loud music are bothering Jimin, and when he asked Jungkook to be quieter and go to sleep already, Jungkook confidentely said “No” and turned the music up. JM: I heard you singing! That was too loud!
JK: I’m doing a livestream. JM: Let me sleep. Don’t sing so late. JK: Your room is down the hall! You can’t possibly hear anything.
JM: Yes, I can. JK: No, you can’t. There’s no way he can hear me. JM: Go to sleep.
JK: No. He scared me. Jimin-hyung said I’m being too loud. I will sing anyway. Wait, let’s take revenge on him. But seriuosly, let’s all go to sleep. You are heard from everywhere! That’s exactly what I need. Then V asks him to end the live,
and Jungkook immediately does so, the moment he understands what for. TH: Hey, Jungkook-ah… When are you finishing? JK: I’m going to be live for a long time.
TH: Call me when you are done. JK: Do you want to play Overwatch?
TH: No. TH: Hey, Jungkook-ah, wrap it up.
JK: What for? Why can’t you tell this in front of everyone?! TH: To have a private conversation (우리끼리 오붓). How long has it been? 35 minutes.
Guys, I need to go now. See you tomorrow, guys. Good night! In Korea, [우리끼리 오붓] is used only between people,
who are in romantic relationship.
[Also, in slang it could have a sexual implication] April 23rd, Bangkok, day 2. [Jungkook and Jin keep on teasing V] The banana’s skin is so thin… Can you make a joke about banana? If you eat a banana, you might as well be interested in me. April 29, Jakarta. May 2-4th: filming for the «Summer Package». As a souvenir Jungkook bought for himself a dream catcher, but he doesn’t even have bad dreams… – I love having dreams.
– What?
– He said he likes dreamig. You like having dreams? A small dreamcatcher.
(Helps to have good dreams) You put it in your room and it gets rid of the nightmares. I haven’t had any nightmares in a long time. – There won’t be more.
– Are you going to use that?
– In my room. Jungkook, it’s a necklace. – I’m not putting that around my neck.
– Okay. …unlike V, who recently had a nightmare. I love accessories, so I bought a necklace.
I love dreamcatchers, so I bought it. But to be honest, it’s not for me. It’s for Taehyng. I bought a necklace for Taehyung. Why did you buy him a present? I’ve heard that he had nightmares last night. Taehyng came into my room to sleep,
after he saw a ghost. Hang it in your room. Taehyng, are you crying? No, just thinking whether I should use it or not. Who would’ve thought that this could protect you from the nightmares? TH: …whether I should use it or not. May 6th: Manila, day 1. John Legend has a song that I’ve been learning – «PDA». It is a great song, I like it a lot. […] You know I love you when you loving me
Sometimes it’s better when it’s publicly
I’m not ashamed, I don’t care who sees
Just hugging and kissing our love exhibition all. […] Ooh, we’ll take a visit to your mama’s house
Creep to the bedroom while your mama’s out
Maybe she’ll hear it when we scream and shout
But we’ll keep it rocking until she comes knocking. […] Let’s make love
Let’s go somewhere, they might discover us
Let’s get lost in lust, we just don’t care
We just don’t care, we just don’t care. If we keep up on this fooling around
We’ll be the talk of the town
I’ll tell the world I’ve a love in the town
Let’s open the blinds cause we really don’t mind. Ooh, I don’t care about the priority
Let’s break the rules, ignore society
Maybe all neighbor want to spy us too
So what if they watch when we do, what we do. May 7th: Manila, day 2. May 9-11: BTS were being interviewed for «Sakigake! Ongaku». May 13th: Hong Kong, day 1. May 14th: Hong Kong, day 2. May 17th: shooting for «Festa». Our maknae, Jungkook-ie. I keep bothering you because you’re very cute. Please, try to understand and forgive me.
But I will continue doing it in the future. When the hyungs started to complain about Jungkook,
V immediately tried to defend him. Can I start? I really am thankful for this, but some members are complaining about it. I’m thankful that Jungkook is feeling better listening to good music while driving somewhere nice, right? – Yeah.
– Jungkook always has a speaker with him. I’m very-very thankful for being able to listen to good music in high quality. – That’s right.
– But the others…
– We even argued because of that. – Yes, that happened.
– “Hey, seriously! Let’s be calm, alright? Please, be calm!”
– There’re a lot of people (in the world) and all of them are different. – That’s right.
– Human rights supporter. TH: There’re a lot of people (in the world) and all of them are different.
YG: Human rights supporter. JK: That’s right. May 19-24: BTS attended the BBMAs.
May 26: concert in Sydney. Before the concert they filled in the profiles for
«4th ARMY kit». JK: V-hyung! Stop biting me! It hurts a lot!
I’ve always thought that, but you are really handsome. V: Jungkook-ah… It is hyung… I’m a hyung…
Seriously, I am a hyung. Lately, you’ve been nicer and more gentle.
Let’s have fun together, cutie! V about JK: My cutie ❤️
JK about V: Used toy. They probably filled in the profiles for «Festa» that day too. Jungkook:
[What V is thinking about me – Hey!]
[To me he is: a lifetime friend] The possessive form is used with nouns referring to people, groups of people, etc.
It shows a relationship of belonging between one thing and another.
To form the possessive, add apostrophe + ‘S’ to the noun. JK=(who?) Jungkook.
JK’s=(whose?) Jungkook’s. June 2nd: Jungkook throws opening pitch for Japan baseball game. June 7th: concert in Hiroshima. June 13th: «Home Party». Question: What colour are the walls above your roommate’s headboard? [Jimin and Hoseok are roommates]
HS: Jiminie and I should answer this question. HS: I think we’ll give the right answer. It’s okay.
JM: No, we won’t. He doesn’t know our rooms colour. [Jimin and Jungkook live in different rooms, so they got confused] [Everyone thought, that Jimin had to right his room’s colour] NJ: The answers are completely different.
JM: You know our room’s colour? I’m sorry.
(for doubting you) HS (to Jimin): Why did you say ‘white’?
SJ: Don’t you know your own room? HS: What a silly boy.
JM: That’s the colour of Jungkook’s room.
The rules didn’t say whose room we should pick… TH: Excuse me, but Jungkook’s walls are actually dark gray.
JM: Next question, please. June 21st: Saitama, day 2. June 22nd: Saitama, day 3. June 25th: Fukuoka, day 2. June 27th: BTS are watching «Bon Voyage» and V again defends Jungkook and his speakers. NJ: I hated that speaker. I wanted to break it.
SJ: We argued a lot because of that. NJ: I asked him to turn it of.
TH: Wasn’t it me? NJ: You guys are the same.
YG: You’re really the same. – He had been listening to music for 20 hours straight.
– The speaker was on the whole day. He bought it before the tour started and always listened to music with it. He dropped it in the water, but it was waterproof! Why didn’t you turn it down and kept listening to music like that? – Because I don’t have the earphones.
– You could’ve bought them! But you bought the speaker instead! I didn’t think about it. TH: Jungkook likes sharing his music with the others. JK: Seems like my nose looks fantastic. To be honest, Jungkook and I look alike sometimes. Because we have high-bridged noses. July 2nd: Sapporo, day 2. In July BTS were recording a new album, so the majority of time they were MIA. July 10th: Jungkook and V are watching a drama. Somewhere in 20s of July. August 4th: Music Bank in Singapore. [Tae’s and Bogum’s photos from Jeju] August 18th: «Season’s Greetings» shooting. Late August: episodes 22, 23 and 25 of «Run» were filmed. Look! I’ll show you something. [Provoked] Miri-ah! We need to show something! [V and Jungkook are in different teams] JK: We could’ve played together against the other five!
TH: We would’ve won. September 1st: Jungkook’s Birthday. September 4th: filming of «DNA». 11-15 September: BTS on «Knowing Brothers». Before the 19th of September: 26, 27, 28 episodes of «Run» were filmed. [V and Jungkook are in different teams] [V and Jungkook are in different teams]
Team «Romeo and Juliet» SJ: Your guys’ telepathy is pretty good.
NJ: Their telepathy is good. The telepathy between V and Suga is… YG: Don’t think about it. We’re the one.
JK: You two don’t fit at all. Both: Jeon. Jung. Kook. Jeon. Jung. Kook.
JK: Kook. TH: Hyung. TH: Jungkook-ah! TH: Take this.
JK: Woah, wingless angel Kim Taehyung-ssi! TH: Put the gloves on.
[Jungkook with bare hands] TH: You can burn yourself.
[Jungkook with gloves on] September 20th: «Run» episode 24 was filmed. JK: «A?» «A!» We’re in the same team! September 21st: BTS were on «Power FM Cultwo Show»
and also did a «Comeback Show». TH: I have a lot of ties, but I don’t know when to wear them. JK: You can wear them everyday.
TH: Every day? Should I sleep only with a tie on? September 23-24: «MCountdown SCS». Taehyungie-hyung…
Lately you keep forgetting about us, always spending time with your friends. Bogumie-hyung or me? Actors-hyungnims or me? Important question, V-ssi: Park Bogum or Jeon Jungkook? Jungkook-ie, of course. September 28th and 29th. September 30th: Sinchon and Myeongdong fansigns. [Gift from a taekook fansite – «Horizon_9597»] [V took off his ring] [Jungkook has both of the rings] That’s it for now, thank you for watching!

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  1. Si no te gusta el ship, y crees que solo tienen una buena amistad, no veas el vídeo y deja que la gente que si le gusta lo miré en paz, no hay necesidad de opiniones de "sili sin imiguis" gracias ?

  2. No me importa si dicen que este shipp no es real, he intentado creer eso pero ya con todas las teorías que he visto, sus miradas, sus toques, las indirectas entre ellos, simplemente me es IMPOSIBLE no pensar de que estoy dos pueden ser pareja, es imposible. Al menos para mí, muchas veces intenté hacerme entrar en la cabeza que son “hermanos” pero simplemente no puedo, veo estas teorías, la tensión sexual que tienen, todo. Ahora ya nadie ni nada me hará cambiar de opinión, hasta que algún día se sepa la verdad. Y si no se sabe, seguiré pensando que esta hermosa pareja es real, simplemente son = perfectos juntos. Hacen una pareja increíble y el amor que se muestran es precioso, quizás ya no están tan juntos como antes pero se puede ver que ellos lo intentan. Los amo y amo muchísimo el Taekook, mi shipp fav. ? #Taekook

  3. Me preocupa que alguno de los chicos vea esto o algún hater y nada que lo aue suponemos sea "real" y solo afecte la reputacion de ellos ( ya saben, porque en corea es mal visto la homosexualidad)

  4. 7:00 It’s clearly that Jk it’s ill, V keeps looking after Jk, he’s worried, he’s despearte cause he feels impotent. Heartbreaking.

  5. Esto no habla de que son pareja, ni quiere dar a entender eso. Quiere que se den cuenta lo soretes que son BH y la forma en la que arruina su amistad, no se tomen esto que es algo feo como material.

  6. Desde mi humilde perspectiva, soy ARMY y aunque tengo shipps, no soy extremista como muchas que pertenecen al Fandom. Ni siquiera leo Fanfics de ellos o algo por el estilo, ni deseo con mi vida que un shipp se confirme, sin embargo, creo que Burn The Stage es una farsa y solo muestra las cosas desde una perspectiva que a BigHit le conviene, no muestran las cosas realmente feas por las que los miembros pasan, sin embargo, quiero recalcar que es bastante notorio que la compañía trae algo entre manos para separar a Jungkook y a Taehyung, es obvio, muchas veces el rostro lleno de pánico de Namjoon y el resto de los miembros los delata, no me sorprendería si el Taekook fuesen novios realmente o si son supuestos mejores amigos que sienten algo el uno por el otro. Rara vez, en el Kpop he visto chicos así de cercanos como ellos, con tantas pistas que se podría hacer un vídeo de 10 horas si es posible…

  7. 34:41 BASTA NO RE ENOJADOS con que jk escuché música 29 horas, na pero igual como se va a pasar así ee pero bueno jk te amo

  8. esse vídeo me deu frio na barriga e eu me arrepiei várias vezes, caralho… eu nem sei oq dizer

    shippo taekook desde 2017 mas eu ainda tinha minhas dúvidas sobre eles, agora eu tenho certeza que eles n são só amigos, n tem como isso ser só uma amizade meu deus

  9. why can i suddenly see spanish (im not sure if its really spanish) throughout the comment section that says that they are posted 5/6 days ago? Did this vid just recently trend somewhere? hehe just askin

  10. Vengo a ver este, mientras espero los subtítulos de la segunda parte ?✊

    Por cierto, Taekook novios, esposos, pareja de la nación, y más

  11. This was so good! I had mixed feelings. I was feeling sad and upset because of how BH hide their relationship in their Burn the Stage movie. And, I was smiling like an idiot at the interactions and the possessiveness they had in their concerts, V LIVE, RUN episode and so on. 2017 was such a year for them.

  12. Pues quedé.. no sé, entré a este Fandom y me hice Taekook shipper al instante, veía su amistad muy fuerte que llegé a dudar si sólo son amigos, entré al fandom en 2016 y en este 2019 cambié mi manera de ver a Taehyung y Jungkook, después me dije “son sólo amigos” y me atrajo el shipp Jikook, pero después de ver esto creo que volví a cambiar de opinión acerca de Jungkook y Taehyung, ellos… sólo al estar juntos es cómo si se quedaran en otro mundo.
    Este análisis me dejó sin palabras para describir lo que pienso y sí, sólo es un vídeo de dos chicos con un ‘supuesto’ amorío pero creo que es más que eso.

  13. Morí con éste análisis, tipo shippees o no Taekook de todas maneras igual pensarás o creerás que algo tienen estos dos y no es amistad

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