Tainan Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Tainan Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

The city of Tainan rises from the southwestern
coastal plains of Taiwan. Less than two hours by bullet train from the
capital Taipei and just 110 miles off the coast of mainland
China, Tainan is a city of many names. Tainan is the country’s oldest city, and is often called The Birthplace of Taiwan. Just as the tides have continually reshaped
the city’s environment, so too have the waves of conquest and migration
defined Tainan’s culture. Start your Tainan journey in the historic
quarter of Anping. In 1624 Dutch traders established a fort on
this sandy peninsula. Less than four decades later Chinese forces
drove the Dutch from the island forever. Wander the fort’s ramparts, and the nearby
ruins of a merchant house held together by banyan
roots, the perfect metaphor for a city that embraces
its past. Closer to the city center rises Chihkan Tower, Taiwan’s first official seat of power, and
today, the keeping place of many of the city’s
earliest records and treasures. Tainan is not just a city that preserves its
history, this is a city that reveres traditions as
well, especially the spiritual. With over 2000 temples
and shrines, Tainan is also known as The Kyoto of Taiwan. Tainan’s temples are places where ritual
and daily life intertwine, from residents quietly praying for guidance, to festivals noisy enough to wake the gods. Just across the road from Chihkan Tower is
the Sacrificial Rites Martial Temple. Pay your respects to Guān Gong, the patron saint of soldiers,…then pause
for a while, beneath the shade of temple’s 300 year-old
plum tree. Pass through the gates of the Confucian Temple, just as students have for over three and a
half centuries. Created as Taiwan’s first center of higher
learning, the temple remains a touchstone for students
who still come to pray for exam success. Although Tainan ceded its political power
to Taipei well over a century ago, the city remains a powerhouse in one of life’s
most important aspects, food! This is where the city’s Indigenous, Dutch, Japanese and Chinese heritages all come together. Forget chic restaurants and fancy décor, the best food here is found on the streets. Follow the aromas that drift through the city like the proud ghosts of past generations
of Tainan cooks. The servings are small and affordable, so
you can try everything. Tainan is like one big travelling feast, which is why the city is also called, The
City of Snacks! One of the best places to sample Tainan specialties, like its legendary oyster omelets, is at its
markets. Tainan offers over two dozen night markets, but none quite compare to the sheer size, color and energy of the city’s favorite,
the Flower Night Market. When it’s time to work off all those small
eats, the city has plenty of places to stretch out. Lose yourself amid the bridges, pavilions
and ancient trees of Tainan Park. Or, explore the ancient shipping channels
and mangrove forests of Taijiang National Park, right in the city’s backyard. These wetlands are a poignant reminder that
life is forever shaped by time and tide. They are a reminder too, that to endure, we
sometimes need to bend a little in the stream. Which is why Tainan is also known as The Phoenix
City. For despite its turbulent history, the city continues to rise as a proud custodian
of the past, amid the swirling neon currents of today. Locals love to say, “Taipei is Taiwan’s pocket, but Tainan,
is the country’s heart. “

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  1. Thank you for this video because i think i visited this week that you👌👍👍 and if you can do a vacation travel guide in Cairo or Shanghai or Mumbai and rabat because I going to visite them two
    Please 👍

  2. .please please make a barcelona vacation travel guide , please i would like to go, and i want to know how is the city please

  3. Tainan it a good place to journey
    there have many delicious food and many cultural building
    why just visit here now !

  4. I love Tainan!!In holiday, we always roaming monuments, Anping river, park, or let ourselves get lost in the road, fine smell the breath of Tainan, reading historical traces, tasting Chinese and Japan combined food. It is washing my fatigue!

  5. I am a local in the city of Tainan! Tho I've ever lived at Taichung and Taipei for several years, Tainan remains my favorite city in Taiwan. Thanks for shooting this great video! Just incredible! (Y)

  6. Tainan,my hometown,which my beloved city. Although I'm working in Yilan and no longer live in here. Everytime back in here always touch me. Thank u Expedia and welcome all friends around the world visit here!

  7. This video beautifully shows how amazing Tainan is.
    A city of helpful people and historic sights while being close to the ocean.
    Truly the food capital of Taiwan!

  8. Hi Expedia, Pls make a video of Hualien, the east city of Taiwan. Cuz the Taroko National Park is freaking awesome and unique.

  9. Hello, I'm a student in Kaohsiung.
    This video is incredibly amazing.
    May I clip this video as a part that introduceTaiwan in a cultural activity in my school(National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences)?

  10. UGH, the two cities in Taiwan I wanted to visit most Tainan and Lukang I had to skip, because they were too difficult to get to. Less than 2 hours by bullet train, yes. But she forgot to mention the bullet train stops about 10 miles outside the city center and even further from Anping. So you need a lot of time and money for transportation. A day trip from Taipei is virtually impossible.

  11. Lived in this city from 1969-1972 father  was in the US Air Force. I would love to go back and see the changes. Any info on old air force base school etc? Details on air travel hotel etc

  12. Tainan has a lot of airpollution. I am not sure how they measure it, but as someone who has been in traffic in other Asian cities that are considered 'polluted' Tainan is a special case. Imagine 1 million 2 cycle motors buzzing around and smoking up narrow roadways, and you have no choice but to breath it in. People wear these paper masks, but that only means you breath the toxins deeper into your lungs. I used to get sick and nearly pass out at the intersections. But the Tainanese grow up with it, so they don't really know any different. They actually say that Taipei is worse, which just shows their pride and lack of logic, as they frequently express how Taipei people are mean, and their food (Tainan literally puts heaping amounts of table sugar and syrups to make everything sweet) is not good as Tainan's, and yada yada yada. There is however a place of refuge to get a wif of real fresh air, and that place is the beach. Tainan has miles of potentially great beach front. Unfortunately, it is a flat out shame that the locals only know how to throw their trash there. I cannot believe people all over Taiwan do not demand a more accessible beach from the HSR, rather than the inconveniant Kenting.

    The Anping River could use some sprucing up as well. It looks and smells horrible. I been all over in Asia and I would say that the air pollution in Tainan is the worst I ever expereinced.

  13. I was born in and spent most of my childhood in Tainan. My family and I immigrated to the United States when I was just 11 years old. I have not been back to Tainan in 37 years. After watching the videos, I started to reminisce about my childhood in Tainan. I still have a lot of memories about it. I really miss it. I would love to pay a visit someday. I am going to wait until I have the time and the money.

  14. 대만은 정말 역사보존을 잘해논것 같아요…한국의 경상도 + 전라도크기 정도만한 나라에도 유구한 전통문화와 광대한 역사의 현장이 흐른다는게 정말 멋있고, 또 우리 한국이 배워나가야 할것같습니다 : )

  15. Expedia

    I am a staff member of the 65th International Association of Dental Students. IADS is the largest international dental student conference involving dentistry students from 60+ countries around the world and will be held in Taiwan this year. We’re currently looking for some promotional material before the conference starts, and some of the footage from the videos uploaded on your YouTube channel would be perfect for our needs.

    If allowed to use your material, we would cut some footage and put it together with our own regarding conference details. The video would be uploaded on the IADS fanpage (https://www.facebook.com/IADSKaohsiung/) and we would possibly also upload certain videos in full, completely unedited(Ex: Tainan Vacation travel guide) with full credits and links.

    We would also include credits within our promotional video, and possibly list Expedia as one of our sponsors if it’s wanted. There would be no commercial use of the video footage whatsoever.
    Looking forward to your response, thanks!

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