Take A Tour Of This Upstate New York Dream Home | At Home With Joyann King | Harper’s BAZAAR

Take A Tour Of This Upstate New York Dream Home | At Home With Joyann King | Harper’s BAZAAR

(laid back pop music) – Hi guys, welcome
welcome to Whisky Ridge. I’m Joyann King, editor of
harpersbazaar.com, come on in. This house actually has a
really interesting story, it was built in the late
80’s, but it is made from the parts of three 1850’s colonial homes. So the authentic wood floors, the windows, the doors,
a lot of like the charm that you feel throughout the house all dates back to the 1850’s. I’m gonna take you into our
formal living room first. (relaxed, funky music) This has got to be one
of my favorite rooms from a design perspective. I love that it’s got this just beautiful white and black palate. However, I will say
practically, we don’t spend a lot of time in here
because you don’t want to get red wine all over these couches. My husband and I are
really into photography and this is a photograph
by Edward Burtynsky that we bought right after we met and I love the way that
it sort of picks up a lot of the hues in the room and it looks like sort of
like an abstract painting but it’s actually a photograph of a bunch of oil lands in Texas. These are my favorite chairs in the house. I found them at Brimfield Flea Market with a friend right after we had bought the house four years ago. But they were deemed
un-sittable by my husband, so they’ve been relinquished to a corner just to be viewed and not sat upon. And they just really have that kind of county glam vibe that I love. This is where we spend all of our time, on the side porch overlooking
these beautiful rolling hills. And these two Adirondack chairs actually are really special to me, we picked them up on the side of the road for like 20 bucks each, the
day after we bought this house. And it’s actually where
Jeremy proposed to me, so it’s very sentimental. (relaxed, funky music) So this is our sunroom, and the room where I had
a lot of fun with color. I love, as a fashion
editor, I love prints, so I love my rainbow ekat
pillows, my butterfly pillow. This is where my Goldendoodle
Isla likes to watch for her squirrels and her
birds, am I right, yes. We have this really beautiful
ceiling moment in here that kind of threw us for a design loop when we first moved in, we
weren’t sure if we should paint it white or make it
look a little bit more sleek. But ultimately we ended up
leaving it exactly as it was and juxtaposing this antler
chandelier to kind of give it a little bit of that modern touch that we’re looking for. (relaxed, groovy music) So instead of doing another dining room, we were like, we don’t
need four kitchen tables, we decided to make a
bar room where we could put our feet up, watch TV,
read a book, enjoy the view. And what’s cool about this room actually is the artwork in it. My husband’s uncle is a
relatively famous wildlife artist and all of these are his
paintings which are so beautiful. And so I sort of took a cue from Pinterest and put them all into this sort of statement gallery wall where
we can enjoy them all together. These leather chairs are
from Restoration Hardware. They’re supposed to look like they’re from Paris in the 1850’s but they’re not. We give them a lot of love,
we let our dog sit in them, we spend a lot of hours in here, so they’re been very good to us. (relaxed, groovy music) This is our dining room that we renovated two years
after buying the house. We replaced some of the small windows with these huge picturesque windows so that we could really enjoy the view. We got this really beautiful,
handmade dining room table actually from a local
woodworker in Rhinebeck. I love the brass inlays, sort of back to my country glam style. These Biedermeier candles are
actually like sort of famous in the design world,
and I borrowed them for my tabletop during my wedding, and I was so obsessed with them that I begged my husband
for our first anniversary to buy them for me so that
I could have them forever. The kitchen is where we
spend all of our time. We actually gut renovated it two years ago because it’s where everybody
gathers the entire weekend. I love these French bistro dining chairs that just remind me of
an evening in Paris. And I really wanted the
lighting to have a nod to rustic modern throughout
the rest of the house. (relaxed, groovy music) This is our master bedroom. I mentioned before that I love prints and I this is sort of like a
culmination of my obsession. I think the trick with
working with lots of different fabrics is to really
stick to a color palate. So in here it’s really about
the black and the cream and then this sort of
burst of burnt orange. And if you stick to that
you can kind of have a lot of variety in the
prints that you choose. This is such a sexy chair, and it’s called a papa bear chair. We recovered it in kind
of this cozy, modern, light gray flannel and it’s
one of my favorite places to kick my feet up and read a book. This is my daughter Sienna’s nursery. She’s 10 months old, so
we just did this room and I did this very mural,
whimsical, wallpaper on all four walls that really
sparks the imagination. Every time I put her into her crib, a Restoration Hardware baby
find that’s like my favorite, she’s just always staring at the wallpaper and is totally entranced. (relaxing music) And welcome to my bathroom. This is where I come to relax
and just take some me time. My husband and I have
his and her bathrooms which at first I was like
really, you don’t want to share a bathroom with me? But now I totally get
it, his is very masculine and clean and I really wanted
to go super girly in here with a lot of green and pinks and florals. These are a little bit
of boho glam chandeliers, they’re made of like white beads. They have a bit of a 70’s disco vibe, or maybe Paris in the 30’s. And I cannot remember where I found them, it must have been on some deep eBay dive. But I think they really
bring the room together. (calm music) So now we’re on the third floor, which has some of my favorite rooms. All of my friends fight over
the black and white toile room when they come to stay with us. The third floor had pretty low ceilings and I knew I wanted to do something that was like very graphically impactful. So I really looked for
like statement wallpaper that could cover all the
walls and all of the ceiling. This is actually one of my
favorite pieces in the room. It’s a vintage trunk that I found at the Paris flea market
in between fashion shows the September after we
moved into the house. So it’s a really special piece for me, and I just feel like it has
that very historical vibe that I was going for up here. (relaxing synth music) I feel like a four poster bed is a must in like a country house. I found this on sale, I was so
worried when it got delivered but it ended up being one of our like favorite beds in the house. I love this room, I call it the star room because of the wallpaper. And we’ve got a little red theme going on. My husband and I had just gotten engaged when we moved into this
house, so we each brought all of these like random
knickknacks and sort of sentimental things to the mix, so I’ve been trying to find
a place for all of them. I love dogs, and my first dog actually was a King Charles Cavalier
and they make these amazing collectable statues, they’re
actually really hard to find, and my mom gave me one
of these for Christmas and I just love the little
pop of orange in the corner. And lastly this is our
pool and our side porch where we hang out and
go swimming with Sienna and have friends over and do pool parties. And this is where our
Goldendoodle likes to swim all summer long, and I like
to sort of stay out of the sun and just hang out on the
couch reading and napping with my daughter and just sort of enjoying being out in nature. (relaxing synth music) Thanks for coming home with me.

100 thoughts on “Take A Tour Of This Upstate New York Dream Home | At Home With Joyann King | Harper’s BAZAAR

  1. I LOVE that kitchen! The darker cabinets, with the cool colored backsplash, and the gold/brass fixtures offers the perfect pops of color, and contrast. I also adore the green bathroom. Very girly/feminine indeed! Green is such an underrated design color, and is such a great compliment, and offers such a contrast to the surrounding areas of a space. Overall, great tour!

  2. Some things I don't like, the cow chair in the corner is horrible taste, the wood ceiling moment is too big for that low ceiling feels heavy, her bthroom seems dark with all that green. Also wallpaper almost in all rooms meh.

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