Take RV To Truck Wash? Lake Camping & Upgrades

Take RV To Truck Wash? Lake Camping & Upgrades

good morning everybody
I am boondocking here in Oklahoma well I’m definitely dry camping because
there’s no hookups here this is a Corps of engineer paid campground with no
hookups and I am the only RV here all day yesterday there’s a couple people
use the boat launch oh yeah did I mention I’m right on the lake camping
beautiful blue water out here nice little spot there’s the wind though it’s
still windy today yesterday we had 70 mile-an-hour gusts recorded 70 mile an
hour not sustained but still 74 miles per hour is a category 1 hurricane so it
was tricky it was tricky driving yesterday in the wind and I did film
some stuff and I lost that footage from this camera I still have not figured out
what has happened that I lost a lot like 20 gigs of good video from yesterday’s
trip it either happened when the camera fell because the wind knocked it over
during a time lapse then I lost everything or I may have pulled the card
out too early that’s what she said and I don’t know kind of sad about that but
we’re gonna start a new day Darry new clean-shaven Derek I had a little goatee
trimming accident actually and so I was gonna I was gonna leave that he called
the handlebars and I didn’t like that very much and then I left the mustache
and I started shaking my hand like you know I’m just gonna start over and I
feel like I’ve really regret that decision but I sense I cannot maintain a
trimmed neat goatee I just always mess it up so we’re gonna start from scratch
that kind of didn’t want a film I was like let’s just not film until it grows
back in a week and no film it’ll grow back no worries
yeah gonna get on the road and leave this spot I really liked it it was
really peaceful really pretty but yeah Oklahoma and you know Miranda is dirty I
am going to wash her today but I’m gonna do something totally different I’m
actually gonna try one of these truck washes he’s blue beacons that people
talk about a lot of people have had good success with bring into all sorts of
trucks and RVs there so I’m gonna try it and show you how it really goes we shall
see and I’m bypassing Oklahoma City because I’ve been there before and I
don’t like the big city and Oklahoma stole our basketball team boo Sonics hey
go Mariners they’re looking good this year looking really good this year so
yeah we’ll head west but slowly because of the wind oh I got a new coffeemaker
no more percolating coffee this is a k-cup Keurig knockoff type thing that I
got at Walmart cuz it was $20 just 20 bucks you know takes these little cake
up and I got the Starbucks Pike Place flavor that I like you can also do
brewed coffee if you want to 20 bucks I mean I just I couldn’t resist
plus it’s 1,100 watts it can easily run it off of my solar and my batteries in
the morning instead of having to run a generator so I might as well right I’ve
still got my french fries I’ve still got my drip coffee but you know I figured
for the convenience factor of this how could I not okay so what do you get for
twenty bucks really cheap chintzy plastic oh my gosh I can’t believe that
anyway we’ll just kind of set that there like that and it’ll stay also you don’t
have a reservoir that stores a bunch of water
you got a reservoir for well it’s per cup so I put my 11 ounces of water in
there and spill it all over the stove too and then I make that one cup of
coffee that’s all that holds I think actually 16 ounce as Max put in my k-cup
we are plugged into power which is actually battery inverted solar power
there’s your capsule button there’s a ground button will hit the capsule
button and we’ll get this going takes about 90 seconds for it to get to
heat and start pouring in a two minutes from the time you press Start you have
coffee and there goes starting to gave us
coffee just like that mmm it smells good coming when it’s done
you’ll probably notice my pac-man graphics start to light up once the
liquid is hot in there it shows up all the characters and everything so got
that breeze coming across here is intense wind not bad
all right let me jacks up but slides in put everything away and we’ll get on the
road try to go get the RV wash today I am so happy to be getting off the
highway right now the wind is insane not the worst I’ve ever driven in this is
ridiculous it’s almost hard to keep the RV in
between the lines almost that might be a little too dramatic but it is a lot of
work just to keep the smurfy between the lines right now with this wind all right
this Blue Beacon Truck Wash off to the right that turquoise building that
that’s it that’s the exit so I got to figure out how to get there and how I
pay and who I talk to you since I’ve never done this before we’ll figure it
out here it says height 14 foot width 13 foot that works for me this is a very
strange place to put huge rocks and boulders where the semi trucks have to
turn they really don’t want your wheels to hit the grass I guess and I have no
idea how long this will take this line looks to be about six semi trucks long
so I’ll let you know I know one of the questions some of the RV people might
ask is about the price and the on line it says that it’s $30 for an RV up to 30
feet I’m 32 so I guess I fall into the category of motorhomes over 30 foot is
37 50 so seven dollars and fifty cents more
I’m guessing whether you’re thirty or fifty it’s gonna be thirty seven fifty I
believe is the cost and you know factored that in with the fact that most
RV parks don’t allow you to physically wash your RV by hand or how long it
takes how strenuous it is how much you’re gonna sweat in the summer time so
I’m gonna try it we’ll just see what happens I’ll let you know exactly how
much time it took from the time I parked over there by the rocks to the time I
get out and everything so off camera they’re an employee just came out
because I am next here and walked me through I told them it’s my first time
and everything so they have some options they have a rain-x protectant they can
put on it the RV is five dollars extra for a brush wash that means no pressure
washing and soap and stuff but actually hand brush wash to the RV I think that’s
worth the $5 extra right there they have a bunch of other stuff they
they don’t really scrub the roof but they have overhead sprayers that that
clean the roof if that makes sense so it gets the dust and grime and stuff off
but it’s not pressure washing the solar panels or the
seals around the holes of the roof and stuff like that so once we get parked in
they’ll bring me in there I get out of the RV I go to the lobby I pay I wait
and then I get back in the RV and come back so as soon as this tow trucks done
we’re gonna be heading on in I’m impressed I think they did a really
good work there one of the things that some people worry about is the seals on
the RV because if that pressure washer hits some of the places that have
silicone or seals around the window or something then you could have a problem
so I would opt to be mindful and tell them you know I want the hand wash I
want the brush don’t put that pressure washer rinser
you know so close to the RV but you know I got to get a new wheel simulator I
found them it’s the ten lug nineteen point five inch Ford dually rear wheel
simulators they are $98 for a pair of them so I will get a pair and have an
extra one and I will probably make it a point to check the lugs for now I’ll do
the other side real quick so in case you don’t know the way these are attached
and I think these are called Pacific duelist as the brand the way they are
attached is at twelve o’clock and six o’clock and don’t know which one exactly
but there’s one right there to see how that’s hand tight that is not
good that’s what attaches darn it okay so I will get my big wrench and put that
one on tighter and this one down here that’s what secures these on there the
rest of them are all fake just for looking but the twelve o’clock and six
o’clock one is what keeps this mounted because these are not snap-on once these
are meant to never come off while you’re driving but no I am really really happy
with the job they did I will go back to blue beacon again although I also like
doing it myself it’s just there’s so many places they don’t allow you to so
that that’s tough on the road I am back here at the Corps of Engineers
campground there is two people over there it looks like they’re using that
for day use camping or just day use area picnic but yeah
off camera hi I’m going to definitely put my feet in the water over here
because it looks really inviting to me but I’m I’m in no rush to get to where
I’m going but I do have a friend who’s kind of come in the opposite way
and I really want to see some friends Creina so I am making a little bit of an
adjustment as I head west here but definitely still dig in the the back
roads so do a little bit of editing while the sun’s still out and I got all
this solar right yeah so I may be using this canon camera a
little more because of its dependability I know it has terrible stabilization and
the stuff in the background is gonna be blurred while only my fitting people
hate that from this channel but you know it’s as a better camera it’s a more
reliable camera I’m probably gonna stick with it a little more after the snafu
problems with GoPro I mean I lost a lot of footage and that hurt I have made
some changes to the bedroom area so I wanted to point that out to you I let
you know a couple videos ago that I had no bedding so I have now picked a bed in
the box that kind of matches the brown themes in here and everything has some
matching pillowcases and some other sheets and stuff
I also added this lamp and yes I screwed it into the countertop just like I did
the leg lamp it is permanent they can stay there it has a switch button
because I actually have a hard time reaching these switches when I’m in bed
so I don’t really have a reading light you know so yeah that kind of helps I
also do have a fan that is plugged into the outlet there for night just to give
me a little bit of air because remember this window only cracks open and then
storage this is the big change is that I am no longer folding my shirts but I’m
hanging up my shirts I don’t know that’s really big news but it does make it
easier for me to see what shirt I’m going to wear and it just looks better
it’s a better space I’ll always keep my pants and shorts and my cat in there
okay hi buddy you comfy yeah and then I got this one
that I’m starting to fill I got my guitar and mandolin in there and have
more shirts hanging up and stuff in there so yeah just trying to make it
make it work a little better here in the bedroom airy and functional for fermion
jacks oh and I almost forgot on Jack’s the side of the bed he now has the
fleece Mariner blanket under there on his half of the bed remember that is the
blanket he was born in I was gonna say he’s had that for nine years and then I
remembered he’s got a birthday coming up he will be nine here I didn’t miss it
yeah buddy whoops it’s coming though so he loves
that police blanket and he’ll lay right there next to me all night long under
the covers he’ll need it for a little bit before he goes to sleep and it’s
nice for us so take care guys Jax and I will see you very soon you

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