Takeover | 2019 LCS Summer Semifinals Tease

Takeover | 2019 LCS Summer Semifinals Tease

It has been a long time comin’ but CLG are headed to the Semifinals. Last time we played in finals, I was there, and we won. We have all new players, we have all new coaches, and… I’m still standing here. Cloud9 hasn’t won a title in… five years. This split is the split we’re gonna win it all. No one’s really thought anything much of me but if I’m able to first take down Bjergsen,
and then take down Jensen, that’s a legacy that I’ll be able to carry for the rest of my career. Kill ’em all, let’s go! TSM is Cody done! Everyone knows that we have the best roster. If we were to lose, it would be probably the biggest upset that’s ever happened in the LCS. It’s… it’s just not acceptable. Team Liquid remain supreme. Team Liquid. It’s three LCS titles in a row.

100 thoughts on “Takeover | 2019 LCS Summer Semifinals Tease

  1. I really think Riot should have showed off the better parts of Detroit than what was in this video… Oh wait, it's Detroit… that is one of the better parts.

  2. TSM: sad we didnt make it in the semifinals. Wait wait are those doublelift,svenskeren, and biofrost that we kick???

  3. vid itself was cool and filmed well but song was actual dogshit and didnt match the background music other than that good teaser

  4. Morpheus, Dorpheus, Orpheus

    Go eat some walruses

    Orifices, Porridges

    Morpheus, Morpheus

    Going to the Buffet and Walruses

    Confidence, Corpseses

    Worcestershire sauce

    Go into your orifices

    Red pill, blue pill

    Morpheus, Walruses

    Seashells by the Seashorpheus

    Morpheus drinking a forty in a death basket!

  5. Also I love the vibe from the NF songs. I think the songs should stay in that tone. Ofc not always NF, but similar music

  6. For a second there I thought it was Eminem singing since the city is Detroit and Eminem is from Detroit.. Would be sick if they got Eminem singing in the finals!!!

  7. LoL eSports continuing to introduce me to really good music. Imagine Dragons (Warriors), Cyrus Reynolds(Worlds 2016 Semifinals Tease), UPPM (LCK 2018 Spring Op, EULCS 2018 Spring Moments), G-Idle's Soyeon and Miyeon(K/DA), iKoN's Bobby (Rise Remix) and now NF. Thanks for pretty much expanding my playlist Riot ^_^

  8. From Reddit user u/Dexmicksinc

    "Rap God" with Captain Flowers

    "All they ever is do is doubting me now everyone's proud of me" with Cody Sun

    "Look around" with Sven looking at the crowd followed by "We got a lot of fans out there" with the fans doing a Viking Clap

    "Couple hundred thousand" with our boy Liquid $teve

    "Trying to kill our fear" with Damonte looking like he's doing exactly that

    "We 'bout to shatter the critics" with Huni

    "We're only 3 records in and this is just the beginnig" showing Liquid

    Comment what was missed.

    Really amazing editing.

  9. when they ganna give Doublelift a shot with all his trophies in front of him like they did Bjergsen a few years ago.

  10. People saying when NF said rap god they showed flowers but nobody talking about when NF said trash they showed doublelift

  11. I really like Sven but I think that Sneaky should have done the C9 part since, like Stixxay, he is the only team member on c9 to have won the lcs title

  12. Tbh I'm still rewatching these 2 NF playoff teases to hype myself up for the finals. C9 vs TL the rematch of summer 2018 ?

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