Taking You on a Picnic! *nature, food, sass* (ASMR)

Taking You on a Picnic! *nature, food, sass* (ASMR)

*birds chirping* *frogs croaking* Hi there. Hey. I’m glad you could join me on my picnic. Well, what are you waiting for? Do you wanna get started? Okay. Cool. Well, first off, I have my lovely picnic basket here. With a bunch of goodies and treats that we can eat and feast upon. What? You didn’t bring the grill? That’s okay, you know me, I always bring a grill. So we are going to have some grilled hot dogs today. Mm, mm, mmmm ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) The perfect meal for lunchtime on a picnic outside in nature. admiring the beauty and the scene. So, let me show you what I brought, okay? Of course, you didn’t bring anything, but that’s okay. I got you covered, just like Statefarm [not a sponsor!!] or was that Allstate [also not a sponsor!!]? I don’t know I don’t watch T.V. I got some Lay’s Barbecue chips I know how much we both love these chips and how much it speaks to us. So of course we had to have them. And potato chips in general. I mean,who doesn’t love potato chips, right? If you don’t love potato chips, you’re probably not a human. Okay so I brought some Hersey’s chocolate. yes Yass yass yasssss We’re gonna feast on some Hershey’s today for sure Uhh I’m dying to eat So I can just barf down some chocolate Okay. Calm down Tony, calm down I brought fun-sized franks so we are going to eat some sausages today YUS I got dat provoLONE cheese some provolone always good in a sandwich I have that smoked white turkey, okay some mustard you have to have mustard ketchup – I don’t like ketchup, but you can have it (invisible) pickles! you have to have pickles with a sandwich! And wholewheat bread We’re gonna move the basket aside And can I start you off with a drink? Honestly, I mean, it’s a hot day, so… okay. You want lemonade? Okay, okay. I can give it to you good like Beyoncé Get that cup [intense sloshing] You always have to mix that lemonade. And, tons of ice cubes Alright, so, how many ice cubes would you prefer? Five? Okay, that’s specific. Five and a half? Okay well, that’s not happening. I know you’re joking. [whispered] five, okay. Yeah, I love the sound of ice cubes too. Alright. Just tell me when to stop. Okay, I can stop. [intensely puts on lid] Ugh, these lids are never good. Okay. Finally. So, just kidding, there’s your beverage. Yeah, enjoy, you need this. It’s roasting outside. Alright so, I’m going to start off by making a quick sandwich I have my plate here Let’s start off with the bread You just want one sandwich? Okay. I’ll get two slices gotta seal the bread, don’t want it to expire faster than it needs to especially because I just bought this Alright, and, do you want your sandwich grilled? No? Okay. It’s okay. We’re gonna have grilled sausages right now so, looking forward to that. How many slices of turkey do you want? Just one? Okay. That’s fine I got that provolone cheese Yeah ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) FRESH How many slices of cheese do you want? Two? That’s exactly how I like it too Pickles? Okay. How many? One? Okay. Now that’s a crunchy pickle Ketchup? No? Okay Mustard? alright Just tell me when to stop Okay. You like extra mustard like me, I see. Alright, alriiiight Do you want some chips to go with that? I knew you were gonna say yes Wait, hold on, let me close your sandwich first! Don’t want any bugs getting all over it There you go! Alright, tell me when to stop Okay. Thought you’d never say stop well there’s your sandwich, lemonade, and chips, served Enjoy And I’m gonna steal one of your chips because I can That gave a good zest. Here’s my electric grill! You know what, I’m gonna use this box to mount it up. there we go Now that it’s safe and sturdy, I’m gonna plug this in and it’s going to start heating up I love this grill, it’s a portable, electric grill, and it starts warming up really fast. Ooh!! I’m already burning my fingers, see how fast that was? Alright so we’re gonna get our sausages, MMM I can’t wait for this Bowls and bowls of chips a day These chips give good [lip smack] you know that food when after you chew it and then you go [lip smack] it gives cheese piea good [lip smack] pop? I love it. Ahhh yassss these smell so good there’s one I’m gonna put them diagonal from the strip cos the strip is going this way so i want them to have a good burn mark how many sausages do you want three, okay I can do three they’re already sizzling this is gonna be good okay, perfect I have my tongs here and I’m gonna start grilling alright do this and make ’em sizzle even faster but we’re not in a rush, right? but you get the point So tell me, are you enjoying your time? Yeah? I see, I see such a beautiful day I just gotta admire nature and all its beauty, right? It’s so wonderful I’m so glad you’re here with me doing a picnic This is my first picnic in a long time Might as well be my first picnic it’s been that long Yeah, do you hear that? I think someone’s playing music in the background but it’s okay People like to blast their music when they’re on a picnic I know It’s so nice to hear from you again We’re having such a great time, right? well I can show you How they look They’re almost done quite striped, actually sure I can grill it faster Yeah, I’m starving too You can go ahead and eat your sandwich You want me to grab some chips? These are almost done Yeah, the grill got so quiet now So anything new in your life? No, not really? Too soon? Okay Yeah, we see eachother weekly, so Not that much can happen in a week These are about to explode They are pretty much done Oh, it’s okay, I’ll make my food later alright your hotdogs are ready Let me unplug the grill for my safety 3 hot dogs

100 thoughts on “Taking You on a Picnic! *nature, food, sass* (ASMR)

  1. That backdrop is priceless! I swear I was expecting the teletubbies to show up. You nailed it Tony. Loved this one😍.

  2. I thought the frogs croaking was always tony swallowing and it made a weird noise in his throat😭😂👏🏽

  3. u have very soft voice! it’s a pleasure to hear ya ;D u should try some ketchup mixed 1:1 with mayonnaise! it’s really good

  4. I just love this video . I don't mind if I don't fall asleep. I just get entertained by it. It's amazing in lots of ways . Keep it up Tony!


  6. Me: I didn't bring the grill. Tony: What? You didn't bring the grill! Tony, seconds later: You know me I always bring a grill. Me: Couldn't you have told me in the beginning that u had a grill before I said I didn't bring a grill!

  7. I'm on an intermittent fasting diet and omg this makes me so damn hungry. Yet I keep watching his mukban videos. Why must I torture myself

  8. ok so everyone’s talking about the jar of grass but is nobody gonna mention the floating letters on the pack of provolone cheese

  9. tony: how many ice cubes would you prefer?
    me, hating ice in my drinks: five cause why not 🤷🏾‍♀️.
    tony: five? okay, thats specific

  10. Tony: I don’t like ketchup but you can have ketchup
    Me: Bish I can see the little top part of the ketchup bottle don’t play me smh 🤦‍♀️ 😂

  11. È molto rilassante, l'ho sto ascoltando ancora dopo 1 anno, poi ti trucchi benissimo!!!🔥💖😍😘💛 I love you🔥💛

  12. Your videos doesn’t make me sleepy but it’s relaxing me and it’s like your my gay/straight best friend I’ve never had and you make my day❤️

  13. I can sum up this comment section ready

    (Insert question from video)
    Me: (Insert response relevant to question)
    (Insert other quote from video)
    Me: (insert unfunny response relevant to 2nd quote)

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