Taljai Tekdi | places to visit in Pune | Pune tourism

Taljai Tekdi | places to visit in Pune | Pune tourism

Hello friends, we are at Taljai Tekdi There are lots of hills around pune. Out of which this is beautiful and green hill top, taljai in center of city. Let’s go to explore Taljai Now we are at Taljai Mata temple This is beautiful temple Lets to have darshan of Taljai Mata then we will proceed to explore taljai tekdi no need to pay for GYM. Visit taljai for FREE workout for FREE workout in center of Pune city such a peace beautiful voice of birds and such a beautiful greenery Surprising. This place is safe These hills are nessary for us then only we will get oxygen this beautiful nature a place to play for kids home of birds will be safe guarded People come here daily for jogging there is absolute no noice of a single vehicle. My voice is the reason of sound polution here only bird’s sound This is refreshing I should come here daily moring If you are in Pune, then you must visit this hill Share if you like this video.

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  1. Chowpatty…lol…Tumi punekR kashala pan chowpatty bolta…Chowpatty ahe ti mumbai mdhe…I invite u nitin…Nice video making nd editing…Do visit mumbai nd the REAL chowpatty..haha

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