Talking About Your Hometown – Spoken English Lesson

Talking About Your Hometown – Spoken English Lesson

Hi, I’m Gina. Welcome to Oxford Online English! Where do you live?
Do you live in a small town, a big city, or a remote village? What’s it like? In this lesson, you can learn how to describe
your hometown in English. Let’s start with some basic English vocabulary
You can use to talk about your hometown. Part one: introducing your hometown. Let’s start with a simple sentence. “I live in a ________.” What could you say? You could say something like: “I live in a city”; “I live in a town”; “I live in a village.” That’s a good start, but it’s very basic.
Let’s add a bit more detail. What’s it called? How big is it? “I live in Paris. It’s the capital city”;
“I live in Shanghai. It’s a huge city”; “I live in a small town. It’s called Banbury”;
“I live in Manarola, which is a tiny village by the sea.” Better! You should always try to add more details
when you speak. What about you? Where do you live?
Can you make one or two sentences like this? Pause the video and practice! Okay, let’s move on.
We need to make ouranswers more detailed and interesting. Part two: adding background and details. Think about these questions: What’s your hometown famous for?
Can you think of some words you could use to describe your hometown? How long have you lived there? Add these ideas to your answer to make it
longer and more detailed. For example: “I live in Paris, the capital city.
It’s famous for its landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral or the Louvre.
It’s also well-known for its food, of course!” “I live in Shanghai. It’s a huge, bustling, international city. People from all over the world live and work there.” “I live in a small town called Banbury.
I’ve been living there for about five years, since I finished university. It’s a pretty sleepy place, to be honest.” Let’s look at some useful vocabulary from these examples: Which you can use when you speak. We said: Paris is famous for its landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower. Landmarks are famous places or buildings,
like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Sydney Opera House or Christ the Redeemer in Rio. Does your hometown have any famous landmarks?
What are they called in English? Next, we said: “Shanghai is a bustling city.” Do you know what this means? It means there’s a lot of activity. There are lots of people, lots of traffic, lots of life and energy. Is your city bustling or sleepy?
If a town is sleepy there’s not much activity and things are quiet. What about your hometown.
Look at our questions again: What’s your hometown famous for?
Can you think of some words you could use to describe your hometown? How long have you lived there? What could you say about your hometown?
Pause the video and try to make 2-3 sentences. Okay? Let’s look at our next point. Part three: Saying what you like about your hometown. What’s good about your hometown?
What do you like most about it? Different people like different things in a city or town. Let’s look at some example sentences which express positive feelings: “I love living in Paris. It’s got such a rich culture and there’s always something interesting going on.” “Shanghai’s a great place to live.
It’s a real 24-hour city and you can meet people from all over the world.” “Living in Banbury suits me.
It’s a quiet place and it’s small enough that you can get to know your neighbours and have a sense of community.” What’s important for you? Do you want to live somewhere with a rich culture and a sense of history, or do you prefer more modern, international cities? Would you rather live somewhere larger and more energetic, or somewhere smaller and more peaceful? Think about these ideas. You’ll need them in a minute! Let’s look at some useful language from our examples: “I love living in _______”; “_______’s a great place to live”; “Living in _______ suits me.” Of course, you can change these to say what you want to: “I quite like living in _______”; “I really like living in ________”; “I suppose I don’t mind living in ________.” We also saw some useful phrases in our examples: “It’s got such a rich culture”;
“There’s always something interesting going on”; “It’s a real 24-hour city”;
“You can meet people from all over the world”; “It’s small enough that you can get to know your neighbours” and have a sense of community What does that last phrase mean? If you have a sense of community, it means people know their neighbours
and feel like they belong to a wider community. Smaller towns and villages often have a better sense of community, perhaps because people have more time to talk to each other and do things together. What about your hometown?
Could you use any of these phrases to describe where you live? Next, what if you don’t like something about your hometown? Part four: saying what you dislike. Let’s look at some examples which express
negative feelings: “Paris is great, but the cost of living is really high.
That can be quite stressful because you’re always thinking about money
and how to make ends meet.” “Shanghai’s an exciting place,
but it’s really crowded and it can be exhausting to live there. Air quality can be an issue, particularly in the summer.” “Banbury’s nice, but sometimes I find it a bit boring. There’s not much nightlife and sometimes it feels a bit cut off from the wider world.” When talking about things you don’t like
about your hometown. You can use adjectives like, ‘stressful’, ‘crowded’, ‘boring’. You can make your answer more interesting by using phrases. We saw some useful ones in our examples: “The cost of living is really high”; ” You’re always thinking about how to make ends meet.” Meaning: you’re always thinking about how to pay for your basic living costs. “It can be exhausting to live there”; “Air quality can be an issue”; ” There’s not much nightlife”; ” It feels a bit cut off from the wider world.” Meaning: you feel like you’re far away from people, culture and activity. Could you use any of these phrases to describe
your hometown? Remember that you can also change the phrases
to fit your ideas. For example: “Traffic can be an issue”; “There’s not much for young people to do”; “It can be very stressful to live here.” Okay, what about you? Try to make 3-4 sentences.
Say what you like and dislike about your hometown. Use the key words and phrases from parts 3 and 4. Go on, pause the video and practice! Okay? We have one more thing to do: Part five: describing how it’s changed over time. What was your hometown like ten, twenty or fifty years ago? How has it changed? How has it changed over time? Some places change very fast; other places never seem to change at all! Talking about changes can add interesting and useful information to your description. Let’s look: “Paris has changed a lot in the last twenty years. It’s much more international and much more expensive than it used to be. However, the soul of the city is still there. Paris will always be Paris!” “Shanghai is almost unrecognisable compared to twenty or thirty years ago. The city has expanded so much, both physically and economically. It’s amazing when you see old photos of the city; things are so different now!” “Banbury hasn’t changed much as a place in the last twenty years, but the mix of people is a bit different nowadays. The population used to be older and mostly English, whereas now there are more young people living here,
including many people from other parts of Europe.” Again, these examples contain a lot of useful
language you can use to talk about your hometown. For example: “________ has changed a lot in the last twenty years”; “________ is almost unrecognisable compared to twenty years ago” ; ________ hasn’t changed much as a place in the last twenty years.” Which of these sentences is true for your hometown? Can you add details to explain why? For example: “It’s much more ________ than it used to
be”; “The city has ________ so much”; ” The________ is a bit different nowadays.” Now, you’ve seen a lot of useful language
you can use to talk about your hometown. Let’s put everything together and practice making a longer answer. Part six: review. Do you remember all the points we talked about?
We covered: Introducing your hometown, adding background and details, talking about what you like or dislike about it, talking about how it’s changed over time. Follow these points and you can make a long,
detailed answer to describe your hometown. For example: “I live in St Petersburg. It’s the second largest city in Russia, and it’s a beautiful place to live. I’ve lived here all my life
and I can’t imagine living anywhere else! It has such a rich culture, I think partly because the city’s history is a mix of European and Russian influences. I think that’s why I like it here—it’s a unique place. Traffic can be an issue in the city centre, but public transport is very good. The city hasn’t changed much in the last twenty years, although there are certainly more and more tourists these days!” Could you make an answer like this? Let’s do one more example first. I’ll tell you about my hometown: “I’m from Denver, the capital of Colorado. It’s near the Rocky Mountains, so the surrounding area is quite beautiful. I’ve been living here for about three years. I really like Denver because it’s a young city with lots of energy, but if you need a break it’s easy to drive to the mountains and find a quiet place to relax. The only real disadvantage is that winter can be seriously cold! Denver’s changed quite a lot in the last twenty years Many people are moving here to work. Unfortunately, the cost of living has also gone up quite a lot.” Okay, now it’s definitely your turn! Talk
about your hometown. Make a longer answer like these ones. If you want, you can post your answer in the
video comments. We’ll give you feedback on your English. That’s the end of the lesson. I hope you
learned something useful! If you want to see more of our free English
lessons, check out our website: Oxford Online English dot com. Thanks for watching, and see you next time!

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    But about Lima, I really dislike the way that governments don't pay attention to good conditions on roads. Actually, overpopulation and the rising rate of vehicles become this in a crowded city where drivers try to avoid the road rules all the time and authorities act like blind. it doesn't have sense but it really happens. Some native people behave badly in throwing rubbish on the streets, but others try to change people's point of view in environmental conservation.
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  44. I live in Techiman. I love living in Techiman and nice. But sometimes l find it is a bit boring. There is not much night life and some times lt feel a bit cut off from the wider world

  45. I live in a small town called Canlaon. It is known as the summer capital of Central Visayas and it's home to one of the most active volcanoes in the Philippines, the Mt. Canlaon Volcano. It's a sleepy town to be honest but living there suits me. It is surrounded with picturesque views of rolling hills and mountains and we get fresh supplies of fruits and vegetables daily. What I don't like about my hometown is the lack of job opportunities. Youngsters really need to take-off after high school graduation to study and work in big cities. I did after finishing high school but I came back eventually after college. My parents told me that there's no place like home and they're right!

  46. I live in Abuja. It is the capital of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It is one of the North Central states in the country. It is a relatively big city and the home to famous land marks like the Zuma Rock which is located outskirts the city, the Central Mosque and the Ecumenical Centre. It is also quite known for its favourite Northern snack called the Kilishi. It holds conservative norms and cultures stemming the Northern and Islamic Influence on which the city is founded. I have lived here for more than 12 years and i absolutely love it here because it is not as fast paced as other cities i have visited. Abuja has not changed significantly over the last twenty years although it is becoming more international and more populated. It can be quite a sleepy city on weekends and public holidays.

  47. I'm empressed… Exellent. Clear speach, rithm – high level, … cut a long story short …:) I'd love to be your student. No words, no words… Wow – in one word! :))

  48. I live in Cairo it's capital of Egypt it's the largest city ,it's landmark, like museum hotels but I dislike terrific, crowd street and noisy

  49. i live in a kalvoy village, it's got two canal and one river and full farming's near archaeology site of tamilnadu. i have been living there for since i finished's small enough that you get to know your neighbors and have a sense of community.the only real disadvantage is the summer can be more hot.

  50. i live in beijing which is the capital city of China. it's famous for its long history and the old interesting landmarks, such as the forbidden city, the Great wall, the temple of heaven, etc.
    i quite like living here, it's got such a rich culture and i can meet different people from all over the world, it's amazing.
    but you have to undertake the high cost of living here, also the air quality can be an issue for you especially in winter.
    my city has changed a lot in the past 20 years, it becomes more international and expensive than it used to be.
    anyway Beijing is my hometown , i love it and warmly welcome your guys having a visit here.

  51. I live in Karachi, Karachi is the diverse city where you can find various people from the various culture, cast, and religions, although it's also financial hub of Pakistan, I born in Karachi and raised here, Karachi is a bustling city, Moreover Karachi is also known by their food dishes called Biryani, Nihari, Chicken tikkas and etc. It's has got some eminent beaches such as Sea view, Charna Island etc, the adverse side about my city has their traffic issue and roads.

  52. I live in Mogadishu which is the capital of Somalia ?? ,it’s a big city they live there around 3 million peoples.Mogadishu is an interesting city there are a lots of ancient forts , mosques and other monuments .

  53. Thank you so much ma'am to provide us this sort of video that gonna help and show us the way of speaking english. Ma'am I'm very keen to learn this language but because english is not my first language so I'm getting problem to speak this amazing and interesting language. Ma'am I appreciate your great work and hope you will always give us your brilliant and easy tips so that we could make us a well educated guys.

  54. I live in tittagudi that belong to a Cuddalore District, I live in the town from my childhood to till today of my life, I can't imagine living anywhere because I love being with my parents and children's, and also its a quiet place to live, I will never find any events that are hurt people living.

  55. I lived in Gresik, it's a religion city in Indonesia. Semen Gresik is one of the big factories in my country. I'm already 20 years live in there. Its also has some religious place where it always crowded with many people need to pray with god. My home town has a lot of food material, so any person is living here never enough food to eat. Place of the hometown has a long-distance with the capital city,

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