Talking Tom and Friends – Blanket Fort (Season 1 Episode 21)

Strength and honor, King Ginger. Strength and honor, Hank — King Hank. Right. How fare our defenses? Strongly! I just re-watched season two of
A Game For Kings, and I realized when the dragons from the east do attack, they’re going to come from the sky. Great thinking! I was just in the dungeon,
and you know what I found? More prisoners we forgot about? Uh-huh! Most awesome, fellow king! We can use them
as dragon bait! Aww! Hank and Ginger are so cute in that
fort. It’s always great when they get along, and the fort’s definitely bringing them
closer. I think this is really constructive. Oops! You’ve done an excellent job dragon-proofing
the pillow wall. Many thanks! I say we’ve earned a reward,
fellow king. Indeed! Tom! Yeah? Oh hey, you guys added to that castle
you built. That’s adorable! And awesome! Silence, peasant! I command you to fetch us
a draft of sweet and bubbly elixir… …from the larder. You guys know what a larder is? Soda you fool! Fetch us soda! I’m the king of soda! No, I am! Ginger’s also the king of soda! Ooh, yeah, gotcha! Please, pardon me, m’lords! I’ll have your
refreshments presently, I will. Man, Hank and Ginger are really committed
to that fort. Yes, and for such primitive artisans, I’ve
got to say I’m impressed. It seems like they may have actually done some real research. And besides, if their silly game keeps them from bothering me, then I’m all for it. Plus, you’re scared of them. Oh Tom! The kings of soda require your servitude
again! Yes! Bring us soda, peasant! Right, gotta run, duty calls. Coming, m’lords. Huh? Huh? Ugh, are you kidding me? Hey, Ginger! By the fires of Poodoo, what have we here! Hank! I’m trying to get to the kitchen. A troll! Looking to plunder our stores, no
doubt! State your business, beast! Guys, I’m in the middle of a project. I’m
taking a lunch break. But we’re in the middle of ruling a kingdom. I’m a king. Yeah, we’re kings. I do believe we could grant you passage to
the kitchen if you paid us tribute, you land-lubber. Wait, landlubber? Yes That’s a pirate expression! I know. Give us your gold! Ginger, don’t be ridiculous! Ah! Stayest thine hand, King Ginger.
We shall settle for cake, foul creature. For I’m a cake king! Right? Yeah, Hank’s a cake king. This is idiotic! I am not taking part in your
dumb game! Oh, you watch your tongue, vile beast! I’m not a beast, I’m an adult, who’s
trying to take a break from working very hard. Now if you won’t move your stupid gate… Ahem…portcullis! I know what it’s called! Now out of my way! Soil my smallclothes! King Ginger, the troll
is attacking our keep! I see it, King Hank! Fire at will! We’re just making it angrier! Pour the oil! Pouring! Olive oil?! That’s expensive! I have had it with this stupid fort! Hahaha! Strength and honor! Alright, enough’s enough. The fort has to
come down. Calm down, calm down. I’ll go talk to them. Bad idea! Hey, Hank? Ginger? Listen guys. We– Fire in the hole! Direct hit! Yea, verily! Whoa. Ben, you were not kidding. I told you, they’re relentless. They are really into their roles. Ahoy, Captain King Ginger! You need to see
this! Why do three peasants seek an audience with
King Ginger, boss of everything, and Hank, king of cakes and master of televised lore? Guys, this has gone far enough, all right?
The castle needs to come down. Methinks that King Ginger can decide when
their own castle comes down. Wouldn’t you agree, Cake King? Yes, King Ginger, and I choose… …never!!! You guys! Oiling Ben up wasn’t cool… Ooh, does anyone else want pasta? Behold! The castle has a moat– Yeah! You guys are in the moat and
you’re drowning, and you’re dead! So bye! Yeah! You guys are blocking off the kitchen!
We actually need to eat. These scabrous upstarts remain determined
to overthrow our rule. Attack! Run away! This is insane! Ginger and Hank’s stupid
game has taken over the whole garage. I can’t work, and I’ve completely burned through
the energy bars I keep in a drawer as an emergency backup! I’m sick of being treated like
a serf in my own house! But what can we do? They won’t acknowledge
anything that isn’t part of their stupid pretend game! So… we’ll have to defeat them at their
own game. You don’t mean…? Prepare for battle! They’re charging right at us! Very slowly… One of us should say “Halt!”. Do you wanna
say it or should I say it? Halt! Why, pray tell, do you approach the fortress
with this foreign thingy? And why are you armed? Purely ceremonial, m’lords, I assure you! Jousting, turkey leg, medieval…British! Yes, your highnesses! We come to beg thine–
Thou? Or thine? Uuuh… To beg your forgiveness for our earlier disrespect. And where is the gross and stupid energy bar-guzzler troll Ben? Alas, he could not be swayed to show you the
proper respect, so he shall remain a hostage in my quarters in the land of…Um, the realm,
uh… upstairs! A rightful fate for one so disgusting and
dishonorable! And what is in that chest there? A giant cake, King Ginger, as a token of our
fealty. Ginger! I’m a cake king! You are, King Hank! We shall accept this gift at the gate. It’s a portcullis! It’s working! That’s far enough. Strength and honor! Gasp! What devilry be this?! Now, Tom! Now! British! British! Thou are going down! I got you! Got you with a pillow! Nuh-UH! I’m wearing magic armor! Magic armor? Yeah, I remember that trick from
when I was a kid. That’s tough to beat. Oh, no, you don’t! Curse you, troll! Haha, you fool! Closing that gate…uh…portcullis!
Has only bought you time. Seems like you’re out of time, Hank. You
guys said the rug was a moat, remember? Ah! The moat! Why did we say the rug was a
moat? Have a nice swim! Take that! No! Ben! You’ve been cut down by a poison
shot! No! Breathe, Ben! Stay away from the light! I am slain! Ha-ha! You’ll never get– Oh, man! I’m totally dead! Good shot, Tom! Ex-King Ginger and Ex-King Hank. I strip you
both of all ranks and titles and fake royalty, and forthwith banish you from this fort! Ahhhhh!!! Ginger, wait. They’ve won. I have naught left
but the stale crumbs of my cakey crown. And and this has gone on long enough. Let’s be mature
about this. Plus, we have jet-packs! Oh yeah! Space! Whew! Angela, your strategy worked perfectly! Yes, excellent work. Aw, thanks, guys! I just figured the only
thing they respected was their game, so if we played along, they’d go with it. Haha, yeah and to be honest it was actually
pretty fun… Well, I guess it’s time to take this thing
apart. Yeah. I guess so. Unless, uh…what if I go up to the wall to
watch for dragons first? Good idea, Queen Angela! I’m headed to the
larder to prepare us a victory feast. I’ll go tend my wounds, and make preparations
in case there’s another attack. To the castle!

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