Talking Tom and Friends – Mission: Delete | Season 3 Episode 3

Talking Tom and Friends – Mission: Delete | Season 3 Episode 3

[laughter] -Angela!
-Hey, guys. -I mean… Hello.
-What’s so funny? Are you watching that video
with the golfing babies again? Uh, sure. That’s exactly what we’re doing.
Boy, can those infants putt! That video never gets old– Wait a minute! Those babies have a terrible short game. Ah! Ben, she’s on to us.
Quick, we have to destroy the computer! -Ha-ha!
-Don’t– Uh. [gasps] Uh, Tom? -What’s going on here?
-Okay, fine. -Ben found your old MyFace page.
-What? Me? You’re the one who came and said, “Check out all these hilarious videos
Angela used to post.” -I didn’t make hilarious videos.
-Well, you weren’t trying to, but you did. Hey world, it’s Ang. I was gonna tell you
why I hate the system, but I’d rather let my flute
do the talking. [tuneless squeaking] [screams] Oh, come on. It’s not “screaming” bad. It’s simply a relic from your past
that only the three of us will ever see. [laughing] Tom, those embarrassing videos
you sent of Angela are so embarrassing! -[Ginger] She’s gonna be embarrassed.
-If I were her, I’d be embarrassed. -How embarrassing!
-Yeah! Angela, how do you feel about this? -Uh… I mean…
-Aagh! ♪ Wa-oah! ♪ Today’s tutorial is how to cut the fingers
off your gloves. -[laughter]
-Warning, take your gloves off first. I don’t believe this,
I thought this site was part of my past, buried forever, like my baby teeth
and that lamp I broke. Nothing’s buried forever
on the internet. That’s what makes it such a marvelous
cornucopia of knowledge! -Statement made.
-That’s it. I’m deleting this now! -Angela, come on. It’s not that bad.
-Really? Let’s show everyone your page
and see how you like it! Go ahead. I was as cool then as I am now. [beatboxing] [rapping] My name is Tom
and I’m here to say That I’d rather spit rhymes
than write my history essay! Oh, yeah, boy! [laughter] See, Angela? If you can’t laugh
at yourself once in a while– [teen Tom] Hey, now let me show you
how good I got at practice kissing. [laughter] We don’t need to watch the rest. -[laughter]
-Oh. I’m going to start crying again. And lately I cry so much. We’ve got to delete these profiles. [alarm] I can’t remember the last time
I logged into this thing. [computer] Please answer the following
security question. What is your favorite berry
from seven years ago? What? I don’t remember that! Profile locked. Page cannot be deleted. Ah! This is terrible.
What if my fans find this? What if they already have? And if people find Tom’s page,
he’ll have to stop being mayor. He’ll have to shut down his company. He’ll have to live in a cabin
in the desert filled with splinters. No! You’ve got to help us, Ben. Isn’t there some kind of nerd magic
you can use to delete these pages? No, what do you want me to do, break into MyFace headquarters
and delete them manually? Yeah! Let’s do that! Good thinking, Ben. I wasn’t being serious.
Besides, MyFace is owned by… …the CEO? Whoa! I was really in suspense about who
it was going to be when we walked here. Ugh, the CEO is the worst. I know! It would be impossible
to break in there. -Come on, Ben. Anything is possible.
-[scoffs] Not this anything. The MyFace servers
have three layers of security. One! Cameras over every entrance,
watched by a security guard. Nobody gets in without being seen. Two! His trusty secretary, Pilar.
No one gets past her. Three! A triple-locked,
steel-plated security door that leads to the MyFace server room. A complete dead end. So, that’s what we’re up against.
Let’s just go home. Sorry, guys. Sure wish this could be like that scene
in the movie, Casino Heist 2: Double Down, where a group of five friends
break into their enemy’s building and pull off an epic heist. An epic heist? How’d they do it? -Simple! With an elaborate scheme!
-Huh. We’re good at elaborate schemes.
Let’s do this! -Yeah!
-[sighs] I’ll clear my schedule. Yeah! [cool guitar riff] It’s not too late, guys.
We can still back out of this crazy plan. -Hey, I like our plan.
-Yeah, Ben, don’t knock the plan. All right, fine.
Let’s just get this over with. Initiating phase one, security guard
distraction. Let’s hope he takes the bait. Whoa. Are those pretzels?
This is my lucky day. Huh, it worked! Proceed to phase two. [humming] May I help you? [clears throat] Happy birthday! I am a birthday-gram,
here to serenade you on your special day. -My birthday was five months ago.
-Oh, uh, uh-oh. I mean, five months after your birthday
can be the most special time of all. And that is what my song is all about. [tuning note] ♪ It’s your birthday, not today
But don’t forget you were born! ♪ ♪ Everybody has a birthday
How many years ago was yours? ♪ 40! Oh, uh… -30?
-[Angela] Okay. She can’t see us. Let’s roll. Ooh, look, balloons! Do you like them? Should I be jealous, balloon kisser? -[Ben] This crazy plan might really work.
-Hm. I feel so alive, guys! Plus, I’m making some sweet
pretzel bucks on the side. Next customer, pl– -Hello, Benjamin.
-Oooh! ♪ There’s lots of days in a year ♪ Let’s count them all, shall we? One!
♪ January 1st ♪ Two!
♪ January 2nd ♪ Three!
♪ January– ♪ -Ahem.
-Uh, hi, Mr. CEO. Want a balloon? [evil laugh] -[Tom] Come on, run faster!
-[Angela panting] Hey there… Moose. Ha-ha. Hi. We’re just two average
computer technicians here to fix some average computers! So if you could please let us into
that room, we’ll be in and out in a jiff. [alarm blares] And so the final piece of the puzzle
falls into place. Tom and Angela, skulking around
my building like thieves in the night. Well, bad news – it’s day. Fine. You’ve caught us.
We’ll just have to… Run! Oh, come on, Moose! We trusted you. I want to know exactly
what you’re trying to pull here. Let me guess, trying to delete
your embarrassing old MyFace pages? -Yup. You hit the nail right on the head.
-Hank! Well, he figured everything else out.
He was going to get there. Oh, this is perfect. I’m going to share your humiliating
MyFace pages with the entire world! [evil laugh] You monster! Huh? Put this cart back.
It’s a tripping hazard! -But boss…
-I said it’s a tripping hazard! And as for you… -Whoa!
-Ow! -Hm, I think he bought it!
-Oh, he bought it, all right. Let’s move to phase three! [banging] [Ben] Okay, Ginger, there should be
an emergency exit on the northwest side of the room. Ben, I just crawled out of a tiny box
into a dark room. How am I supposed to know which way–
[gasps] Oh, is it the door that says “exit?” -Hey, guys!
-Whoa! -Even I didn’t see this plot twist coming.
-You were there for the planning. I didn’t want to spoil it for myself,
so I didn’t listen. All right. Let’s do this. [Ben] I’ve got it. Tom, Angela,
your pages are ready for deletion. I’ve got three words for you, page. You are… Hm? Huh. This next song is called “You Don’t
Know Me, Mom!” Three-four! ♪ You don’t know me, Mom
You don’t understand ♪ ♪ Let me stay out after ten
After ten! ♪ -[laughing]
-Go ahead, Angela. Delete it. Guys, this was my first show ever.
I totally forgot about this! I shouldn’t be embarrassed. If I never wrote bad songs, I would have
never learned to write good songs. This is who I was. I don’t care
if the CEO shows it to the world. I’m not deleting it. You know what? Angela’s right.
I’m gonna keep my page, too. Good news, internet! I got
to the next level of practice kissing. No more crying for Tom! [boing] -[birds tweeting]
-Uh… [sobbing] [chuckles] Ah. Come on, Angela. Let’s go! Hey, guys! Look! I’ve been thinking a lot about money.
Like, what’s it even for? -What if money was peace?
-[laughter] I really got those losers this time! -[ding]
-Huh? What’s this, an email? ♪ Peace and love, love and peace ♪ -Aaagh!
-♪ Love and peace, peace and love ♪

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  2. 10:12
    Tom's expression is highly offensive and should be censored imediatley.

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  3. "You Don't Know Me, Mom!"
    You don't know me, Mom,
    You don't understand
    Let me stay out after 10
    After 10!

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  6. 2:16
    Tom: [beatboxing] [rapping] “My name is Tom and I’m here to say that I’d rather spit rhymes than write my history essay! Oh, yeah, boy!”

  7. 4:28 Casino Heist 2: Double Down = Fast Five (Fast and Furious Five), a 2011 movie. A heist scene is in the movie, is what Hank actually described…

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