Talking Tom and Friends – Pirates of Love | Season 3 Episode 1

Talking Tom and Friends –  Pirates of Love | Season 3 Episode 1

[Tom] Whoa, whoa, whoa, Angela. I do not understand
why you’re still mad at me! Really, Tom?
Well, let’s run through what you did. First you read my diary. Then you made things worse by snooping
through my email and phone! Finally, you ruined mystery game night by
melting down in front of all our friends! I was trying to surprise you with news that I’m doing a music video
with the incredible Ricky de Luna. But you turned my nice surprise
into a disaster! Okay, that’s all fair,
but in my defense, how can you stay mad
at a face like this? Huh? Ugh! -Hello there, Angela.
-[gasps] I’m looking forward to creating
something beautiful with you. Eeeee! ♪ Wa-oah! ♪ [on TV] Susanna, do not leave me. I beg of you! I beg on my knees in the pouring rain– -Guys!
-[Hank] Hey! -Come on!
– I need to show Angela how much she means to me, so I got her… Drumroll, please. …a gift basket! Pfft. Forget her, man. TV says the best way to make a girl
forgive you is to run to her in the rain. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Tom’s right! Listen to the dating expert! This device magnifies the romantic
feelings in whoever it’s pointed at. If Angela’s like-levels for you
are too low, this baby will put things right! Ugh. -Aaah!
-Hank? Aah! Ew! Yuck! Gross! You guys are all gross! Huh? See? Like Cupid’s arrow! Just never set it to “reverse” or it will
wipe out any romantic feelings, leaving its target as emotionless
as a broken robot. Uh. Trust me,
what Angela needs is an apology. And this sweet basket! [Latin guitar playing] Wow! Let’s try it one more– Tom? Hey! That is a passionate dance. Yeah. All Ricky de Luna dances
are full of passion. -The world needs passion.
-That’s what dancing is all about. Wha…? Uh…? You know what? You’re right.
I don’t want to get in the way. I’m just here
to give you this nice gift basket. What? It’s distracting! I’m at work!
You didn’t do anything else, did you? Uh, no! No! Obviously not!
I mean I would… [horn blasts] ♪ He’s sorry, he’s so sorry
He hopes you won’t stay mad ♪ ♪ He admits the things he did
Were really very bad ♪ Just go home, Tom. Ah. Such a shame to cover one
of my beautiful eyes for a costume. Hello, Ricky. -We need to have a little chat.
-What can I do for you? I get that you’re all about
passionate dancing. That’s fine, but while you’re doing it, don’t let her forget what a good thing
she has with me. -Just be like, “I am so impressed…”
-[tango music] “…with your cool boyfriend. “I cannot believe he gave you that basket,
which was really something.” I understand. To see Angela dancing with me
must be difficult. -I should help you.
-Yes! Thanks, man. -I knew you were cool.
-I said I should help you. But I will not, because I would rather
steal Angela away from you. -What? I don’t think so, bud!
-All women fall for Ricky de Luna. -Angela will be no different.
– No. You’re wrong! Whoa! -[crash]
-Ha! [PA] Ricky de Luna to the dance floor. Angela wants to rehearse
the super-romantic part of the dance. Ah. The lady calls.
Soon, Angela will choose between us. And who will she pick? Tom, who hides in my costumes? Or Ricky, the irresistible dancer with the breath as fresh
as a herd of roses? No, she’ll pick me, Ricky,
no matter how fantastic your breath is! Okay! We need this dance to be perfect. Action! [Latin guitar playing] This is going really well. -There is undeniable chemistry between us.
-Yeah. I agree! Sorry about my boyfriend, though.
We’re going through something. I’m sure he’ll leave us alone now. I can’t believe you, Tom!
You are ruining my video! Look, I know you told me to leave,
but I have to warn you about Ricky. -He wants to break us up!
-Oh, Tom! This is not a good look on you.
You should get out of here. Oh, I will, but not until I prove
that you’re not so special, DeLuna! [all gasp] -Yah!
-Hah! Say you dance-surrender! Never! Ha-ha! -Oh!
-Ha-ha-ha-ha! You lose, Richard! What is wrong with you? Uh, you seem very angry. I mean– You sabotaged the biggest shot
in my video! Have you gone nuts? No! No, I’m trying to warn you about him,
and to get you to forgive me. Well, that backfired. [sighs] I think we need to spend
some time apart. What? But I… I understand. I shouldn’t have… Goodbye, ex-boyfriend Tom. [slurp] Wow. So you’re telling me that Angela’s
going to wind up with Ricky de Luna? International superstar and pop idol?
Ah, lucky her. I mean, that’s terrible for you,
but wow, Ricky de Luna? Quite a catch! I should have given her space.
I feel horrible. Ooh, yeah. Breaking up is tough.
No way to change that. Unless you use Ben’s machine, I guess,
but that’s crazy. [piano playing melancholic melody] [Angela] “I could count a million things
I like about you. The way you think,
the cute things you do.” Oh, Tom! You seem distracted
by your dramatic breakup. I hope I can help you
find some peace. I can’t believe Tom did that.
He’s so infuriating! He does not understand you. Those who are not superstar entertainers
cannot know our minds. You think I’m a superstar? You are going to be
a very big deal, Angela. Along with your superstar boyfriend. Uh… My superstar boyfriend? Yes. You have ditched the zero. -So now you can be with the hero.
-What? No! This is a professional
dance relationship. Oh, Angela. Don’t play hard to get. Like I told Thomas,
the women always fall for Ricky. Oh. You really said that to Tom? He was telling the truth! Who cares about him? He’s gone.
Now, give your new boyfriend a kiss. Agh! Ugh! I… I feel pain! Angela! Angela! [banging] Tom! Don’t do it! -Please!
-Stop! -[banging continues]
-[Ginger] No, Tom! If you lose your emotions, the only things you’ll care about
are work and bills and stuff! Ginger, don’t make it sound
like a good thing. -[ringtone]
-Oh, Tom, Angela’s calling! She might have something
important to say! Hey, Angela! Tom’s a little busy now.
He’s wiping out all his emotions. What? No! Don’t let him! He was right! -This was a big mistake!
-Could you come here? -Like, in the next two seconds?
-No! I’m on the other side of town! -[gasps] That’s bad.
-No! Listen closely.
Plug your phone into the TV. Hurry! -All right.
-Hank? -Tom!
-No! [Angela giggling] -[both sigh]
-I’m in love. [thunder rumbles] Tom? -No, Tom!
-Stop! -Angela!
-[screams] -[banging]
-Tom, no! -What are we going to do?
-[Hank] Ben! What are you doing? [crash of thunder] Ah! I’m slipping! Agh! [screams] -Huh? What?
-[guitar strumming] Angela? ♪ I could count a million things
I like about you ♪ ♪ The way you think
The cute things you do ♪ ♪ We’ve had our ups
and we’ve had our downs ♪ ♪ Our belly laughs
and our sad-face frowns ♪ ♪ But in the end we always see ♪ ♪ I’m right for you ♪ ♪ And you are right for me ♪ [sniffing] So, you made the video without Ricky, huh? Yep, but the video I did make
is more important to me. -It’s about something I care about… us.
-Oh! Uh, Angela, I am sorry about the increasingly unfortunate
series of things that I did. [chuckles] I know you are, Tom. I know.

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  2. The song used on the scene is so beautiful, they cannot use a better song than that one!

  3. Okay why is nobody talking about the part where Tom tries to race his emotions come on guys I honestly think that if you were to replace it with a knife it would be way more sadder like suicide that's my opinion I just want to have Tom stabbing himself and going to the hospital like I just have this whole sad plot planned up and I just can't wait to make it all come to life when I draw it

  4. A man that looks like Luis Fonsi freaking despacito wants to hook up with a damn cat that can somehow talk and make a black cat jealous

  5. I wish they were in a just-talking-animals world and used their animals abilities (like scratch something with their claws) I don’t like this idea where they’re the only animals and LITERALLY EVERYONE PRETENDS THEY’RE NOT, INCLUDING THEIRSELVES!

  6. I thought it was funny when they had a sword fight and it looked cool but then I realised that it was purple glitter swords

  7. Hank: Oh hi Angela Tom's a little busy right now whipping out his memory.
    Me: Yep, that's not a big deal at all, nooope

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    شــبــاب?‍♂️ لاحــظــت? كـثـيـر كـومـنـتـات عــن تـكـبـيـر الــقــضــيــب وضــعــف الانــتــصــاب وسـرعـة الــقــذف
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    8:08 Tom say’s I'm sorry guys but I have to do it but I’m switching to heartless mode you know what I am talking about right the small black creature know as heartless from game that it is called kingdom
    hearts HD 1.5 reMIX 8:44 hank to the rescue 8:50 fire 10:19 normal Tom return's

  10. Hot man: Hello Angela I’m looking forward to creating something beautiful with you

    Me: … Wtf? Are they gonna fu-

  11. Have anyone notice from all this episodes Angela NEVER EVER apologized when it's her fault she just try not to apologize just waiting until tom apologizes

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    (FYI: it’s a joke so it does not mean I’m naughty ALL year.

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