Talking Winter Camping Part 2

Talking Winter Camping Part 2

thinking more of those winter thoughts
okay this is part two of talking about winter camping the first thing I want to
say is this is really geared toward people that are wanting to go camping
maybe below freezing 20 degrees possibly the high teens if we start getting to
zero degrees that opens up a whole new level of winter camping gear wise
preparedness wise stove wise a lot of different factors come into play there
so bear in mind that this video we’re really talking about people that have
been camping and maybe 40 degrees now and they want to get down to freezing 32
maybe they want to get down to 25 21 or the high teens so just going through
some things to think about if you want to go camping in this weather so at
least if you think about going out for a winter camping you’ve got a couple ideas
in your head of how to make it a bit more of a success for you now
temperature-wise it’s just a few degrees colder than it was yesterday when I was
shooting this but it feels a lot more cold today you know and bear that in
mind what what you read temperature-wise and
what you’re going to experience in the woods are two different things there can
just be a breeze coming through camp the whole time and that changes things
sometimes it’s just the moisture in the air there’ll be days when it’s sunny and
super cold and there’s days where it’s overcast and not as cold with that
overcast day is damp so take that into consideration when you plan your trip
look at the weather do the best you can to prepare and then be ready to
improvise now it’s talking yesterday about clothes and keeping you know your
neck your head your wrists your feet warm and I wanted to visit back I dug
out another pair these are those wrists T’s all right and it’s a company that
makes a thing because you can’t find these ones unless you want to make them
yourself like this and I showed you a short pair yesterday and the pair I wear
they extend up your arm like this so keeping this area warm is just just try
it if you don’t believe me cut an old sock off and make one if you don’t want
to invest just cut a thumb hole in it so it won’t slide down try an old wool sock
or the warmer sock you have watch it first if you would but the wrist he’s
just got a finger hole and this is the long one and
just goes like this and that’s what it looks like and then you just bring your
jacket and everything down over it right and then when you want to add your first
layer of gloves which I’ve got my opossum down gloves and I wear these a
lot I cut my fingers out so I can use my fingers we’re gonna cover gloves in a
little bit but your glove will go right over your wrist II and then you’ve just
you’ve got no gaps between your glove and your jacket and you stay real warm
right there cuz your hands are down and snow they’re doing a lot that my friends
is a tip that’s probably worth you painful heat going through this video
watching a lot of me okay I’m layering my hands I’m layering my torso I’m
layering my legs and I wanted to say if you’re hiking in your boots and you’re
afraid that’s your only pair of boots even though your foots gonna get wet
maybe try putting that baggy now you know that bread bag type thing inside
your boot your foot will get wet going out but when you get to camp your boot
will be dry alright so they’re gonna take that wet foot out put on dry socks
and your boots dry because when I hike in my whenever I backpack in my Keene
boots now they don’t have a liner in them they just have an insole all right
and I’ll hiking one and I change it out but man I have hiked before in cold
winter hiking out pretty hard in that boot I mean my sock was soaked and that
boot is wet and then my boot freezes up I just spread it wide open so I can get
my foot in do the best I can had I worn a vapor barrier in there it
probably wouldn’t happen it’s just something to think about
so in this twenty three twenty five degree temperature right here I’m pretty
comfortable I probably would have my balaclava on I just don’t have it right
now but a balaclava which I wear all the time which is basically just sort of a
little hat that goes over your head in your neck so now I’ve slipped my
balaclava on and you can see that whole thing back my neck is warm and by the
time you put you but you beanie on this beanie I’ve had for like seventeen years
which says Eddie Bauer on it but I’ve never been able to find one exactly like
it and balaclavas are nice you can pull them up you know if it’s just getting
too cold and when you’re sleeping at night if you have to like I can
like that but often what I do and if you battle of club is moist in the morning
just take it off put it in your pocket a while it’ll believe me it’ll kind of dry
it up and I often do this I’ll layer my head I’ll wear this knit hat my daughter
made me out of the finest Icelandic wool and having two hats on and if I had a
balaclava my head is instantly warmer this is why instead of a balaclava today
I’m using this the neck warmer my daughter made this too but you can buy
one at any camping store they’re usually made of fleece just call it a neck
warmer it’s just a tube of fabric you can pull it up over if you get cold what
I like to do a lot let me take this one hat off if I’m at camp the back of my
neck there is just a little exposed neck warmer and I tuck it up into my hat like
that hope you see that it’s just tucked in there and it keeps that little breeze
off the back of my neck and it makes a huge huge difference or I just pull it
up like that I have and I’ve never been able to find another one but my I have a
a felt facemask and I often sleep in that in cold weather and I liked it it’s
got the gaps and pull that down over my eyes and when I’m sleeping like that if
I feel yeah now you got to keep your water from freezing so the trick here in
Minnesota is not having more water than you’re going to drink in a certain
amount of time I make cozies from a water bottles out of reflective and that
works really good you’re gonna have to see it aren’t you
let me go get it alright so here’s my Camelback book basically a Nalgene size
water bottle so there’s one piece of reflectix right there cut large enough
to go over another piece and then a bottle fits pretty snugly down into this
one and that even a severe cold keeps my water from freezing for a long time so
I’ll melt some snow for water it might be boiling or it might just be
very hot and if it’s boiling I keep a cop just a little bit loose put the
whole thing just down on the snow until that code cools off just a little bit so
that pressures not building up then I tighten it and you know put that over
there and with that hot water in there man that will stay hot for a long time
or at least not freeze I mean I’ve left him sitting for hours and gone over and
it was not really hot anymore but not even frozen and at night when I sleep
with it I don’t sleep with it in these I take these out and put them in my pack I
take my bottle I put it in a two gallon baggie and I wrap it and I sleep in my
hammock with it and it rests right up here by my hand and never had it you
know always just always check your bottles for leaks every year and make
sure it’s not leaking that you trust it and your top is clean nothing’s
malformed from hot water that way you know I don’t need the reflectix on there
and I can feel that hot water is against my wrist and getting warm water or hot
water right there on your wrists is a beautiful thing man so that’s what I do
you might be a winner that’s not so severe you can just have your water
before you go to sleep you know hot water didn’t really need to be boiling
put it in there put it down in your pack wrap some extra clothes around under
something just put it down in your pack or bury it in the snow and you’ll have
water to the next day guarantee I want it have for the water to these
insulated water bottles they make nowadays with some warm water or some
hot water in there it also lasts a long time and I’m gonna start carrying that
one I got it last year after winter and I’m gonna start carrying that this year
along with me I’ve tested it outside and your cap can kind of freeze on sometimes
but anytime that happens you just got to use some hand friction and just get on
there and rub that hand a little bit or just you know get that thing friction
dup and then you can usually crack that top but these are another great item but
I’m seeing more and more people bringing those with them winter camp and have
your hot cocoa or whatever you got whatever you want there you could have a
toady if you’d like if that’s your thing

29 thoughts on “Talking Winter Camping Part 2

  1. Hey there Shug, any chance you can show us your techniques on breath condensation management for when we're sleeping? I am still wetting out the tops of my TQs during the colder months here in NY. Other than fashioning a "frost bib", are there any other tips you can provide?

  2. I read a good tip some where about keeping your water bottles upside down so the ice forms on the bottom rather than freezing your lid closed. Like you, I'm in a northern climate (Canada) and nothing worse than hiking all day and finding the lid on your nalgene has frozen.

  3. Question. I have a mt washington 3 20 degree uq which is fine for spring and fall seasons here in NC. Winter is a little past the confort zone and it’s a little warm for summer. Considering a 3/4 uq to pair with it in really cold weather and use alone in summer. I was thinking 40 degree. Thinking that would pair well with the mt washington 3 for cold nights and be good alone for summer. Your thoughts oh wizzard of hangville? Good move or not?

  4. It's hard enough for me to get folks to come when it's 35ish…great video and topic SHUG…you make a good argument for me with this vid… the temperature change thing in the mountains is the biggest, everybody looks at the forecast and gets their mind made up..but it could be less or more snow ,wind or temp change up in them there never know

  5. Noob at hammock camping here. Question about camp clothes. I hear you mention you change to fresh clothes at the campsite to ensure dry clothes while sleeping. However hammocks don’t offer the privacy like a tent to change in. Do you change under the tarp? In the hammock itself? Or right there in the open? Solo is not a big deal but when with a few other friends how do you accomplish this noble task? Cheers from north west Indiana!

  6. As always love your videos Shug, I’m in Gastonia, looking to camp up around Grandfather Mountian in the spring, what under quilt would you go with for a Warbonnet Blackbird?

  7. Awesome tips and reminders…. So true on the difference of the woods temps and variations. Folks don't think about humidity in the winter, it can go from fun to flackery REAL quick!.. Back when I tent camped, I'd boil some water snow if there was any for at least 3 Nalgenes and sleep with them, Oh Yah!..
    I've also used a turned inside-out stuff sac, through in a couple of hand warmers in my boots, toasty pigles.. Socks for gloves, you bet ya! Warshed of course..

  8. Great videos on winter camping preparedness! I want to add my caution on the aspect of walking in shallow snow: If you are walking in snow depth that is a few inches or less, and you come to a spot that is absolutely flat — It is ice!. If do not adjust your stride, you will probably slip and fall. I learned that lesson by twisting the ligaments in my ankle — Ouch!

  9. I notice you don't carry a lot of camera gear or you hide it good .what type of camera do you use for your Videos .yes you do have a lot of great info in all your Videos thank you Sir .

  10. Shug, as always, you are an excellent teacher. I find so many videos and tutorials on YT and other places that just don't have the quality of "why" and "how" that are second nature to yours.

    For those of you just starting out, Shug's pointers are hard won from experience, not just a regurgitation of spec's and things heard from other videos.

    Why does my opinion matter? Life-long hiker/camper and multiple years of living and teaching military cold weather skills.

    Thank you, Shug.

  11. hi Shug i make my own wristies out of fleece from watching you they truly make a difference and i wear them in the house even
    have them on now as i type

  12. Hey Shug another great video. Lots of good tips. But your such a tease with that Maple King sticker. Please make those available. Gotta have some!

  13. Hi again, Shug, it's not quite the same but I found one that might be pretty close to your facemask @ about the 4:35 mark. Here's a link to campmor:

    Saw you had a good time at the Wisconsin hang. Is there a Minnesota Frozen Butt Hang in the works for 2019?

    Enjoy your time in the woods!!

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